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try the clinique 3 step acne system! So far I LOVE IT! really helping my face. At first it made me dry but now it’s okay and really helping my poor skin out 🙂


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Ugh i totally feel you on this. What helps me is water, green tea face scrub from st ives, josi maran argan oil and the pill ( ive been off for a bit but will probanly go back) hope this helps.

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I am completely in the same boat.  I, like you, was interested in Clinique and tried their three step method.  This made things worse.  My face broke out in areas that I had never broken out before.  While on Clinique my acne was more constant and stayed longer than the just the week before my cycle.

From my experience, I highly recommend avoiding the Clinique counter. Unfortunately I don’t have a recommendation on ridding your acne (I sure am interested in a cure too!)

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I’ve battled acne for what feels like my entire life.  I’ve been on antibiotics and pretty much every cream the dermatologist could think of.  It’s strange, but I’ve found that what really works best for me is cetaphil face wash (2x a day) and 10% benzoyl peroxide cream (also 2x a day).  I have pretty oily skin, but this combination really seems to keep everything under control.  I’ve also found that I always think my skin looks horrible, but it really isn’t.  I think after focusing on it for most of my life, I see imperfections that aren’t really there. 

What kind of makeup do you use?  That can make a huge difference, too. 

ETA: Check out acne.org sometime.  I tried Dan’s regime for awhile a few years ago, and that really seemed to help me out a lot.

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for those big painful ones, you might want to try the zeno. it doesn’t dry out your skin like most things (i have dry skin that gets greasy, a wonderful combination! lol). it’s kind of annoying to have to go use it a few times a day & if you have more than one it can take a while, but it works! my Fiance thought i was playing videos games in the bathroom because i was in there so long and there was beeping, lol!

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Buzzing bee

This may seem harsh but Accutane is amazing! I suffered from mild/moderate acne all my life then when I turned thirty…. wham… big cystic, painful ones.  I couldn’t take it anymore and after putting it off for a long time (my Derm was recommending it)

One thing that I did, that worked was a low dose treatment.  Half of the usual dose for a woman my size.  After a few weeks I noticed a huge change.  After a month?  Gone.  I had perfectly smooth skin all over my face.  And the oil?  Gone. 

Since the dose was lower, my side effects stayed to just dry lips and sometimes eyes.  (high doses, the side effects can be brutal!)

Years have gone by (5+) and I now get the odd bump or little pimple or black head but I have not gotten even 1 cystic one.  And while the oil has increased again, its nothing like it was before.

Good luck!

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@Oneeleven: Are you still on Accutane? Or is it a one time thing that losts a long time?

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Gosh no.  I think I did it for 4 or 6 months (can’t remember).  I know it was a little longer since they had me on the low dose therapy.  (than if on regular strength).

Accutane shrinks or dries up your oil glands.  I don’t know if its consider perm, but the effects are very long lasting.

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I have hormonal acne as well. I’m currently trying to get rid of the freaking terrible scarring I got the last time I had a really bad flair up.

In order of what I think works best:

Are you on birth control? Generally formulas with high estrogen work best. That has had the biggest impact for me.

Have you tried Spironolactone? It can take several months to really work, but I definitely think I’ve seen some improvement with it.

There’s also Zinc. I’m trying this right now as well. Not sure if it’s doing anything or if it’s the other stuff I’m on, but it was cheap and gets really good reviews online.

As Oneeleven said, Accutane can also work wonders. I’m not on this right now (did it as a teenager and it didn’t really work for me), but it most definitely helps some people. It’s the only thing that worked for my father.

Oral stuff is really the only thing that works for hormonal. You can definitely use topical stuff to treat what you currently have but it’s not preventive with our type of acne.

I use Retina, mostly for the scarring. And Clindimycin and Benzoyl Peroxide for spot treatment. Good quality washes and moisturizers also help.

As sorens recommended, check out acne.org for rec’s about all of this stuff. It’s a great resource.

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I tried Clinique one time and it made my skin worse than ever.  I couldn’t even finish using it.  I learned I have very sensitive skin and started using Dove soap and that worked way better than Proactiv or Clinique.  But, everyone’s skin is different.  I still have breakouts, but I’ve learned to be gentle with my skin for it to behave.  Months ago, Mrs. Seashell recommended the Jason Super C Cleanser and I’ve been using that–it is so nice!  http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Cosmetics-Super-C-Cleanser-Gentle/dp/B0000535UZ

In addition, I use a little tea tree oil mixed with water and that seems to help a lot.  Look for gentle cosmetics and use moisturizer.  Again, everyone’s skin is different but this has really helped me. 

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I have hormonal acne as well. And yes my acne did flare up for a little bit with the Clinique as it was trying to bring all the impurities to the surface,but the key is to be consastant and keep with it. If you do, you will see results. Well that is just in my case. I also have a prescription from the derm for minocycline but I am trying to come off of it slowly as I dont want to be on antibiotics forever :*(

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Like @Oneeleven, I did a low dose Accutane therapy years ago. It did work, and as she said since it was a low dose, the symptoms were minimal. It’s been over ten years and my skin is just starting to get a little oily again. I get an occasional pimple here and there, but it’s nothing like I had before. I used to get big cystic pimples on my cheeks.

My only caution about Accutane is that if you are considering having kids anytime at all in the near future, like the next couple of years, don’t go on it. You absolutely cannot be on it while pregant, or for 6 months before becoming pregnant. I would caution even longer than 6 months though. At least a year. Obviously talk to your doctor if that is a concern. I just know pregnancy and Accutane are a big no-no. They make you take a pregnancy test every month when you are on it. Along with other blood work. It’s hard on your liver. It is basically a high dose of vitamin A. It dries up your bodies oil production which is how it eliminates acne.

Other options that may help, if you have not tried them. Is a prescription retinol (another vitamin A derivitive) like Retin A, or Renova. Using a pharmaceutical grade product line with acids in it. Which will help resurface your skin and keep your pores from becoming more clogged. Consider possibly a chemical peel. Like at a medical spa or drs office, where they do the real thing. A series of good peels could really get your acne under control. And they don’t have to be so strong that you would have any down time. Just a couple of days of light peeling. If you were interested in something like that a lot of places do consults for free,

Good luck!  🙂


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