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I am so sorry for all the losses you have endured!  You have certianly had your share of losses.  Do you think perhaps there is some Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or perhaps grief counseling?  Loosing a son has to be the most painful loss.

Has your family counseling addressed any of this?

As for the puppy, that is wonderful that you chose to adopt in honor of your beloved lab who passsed.  I’m an avid animal rescue volunteer.  I raised a puppy (my current dog) and was a foster mom to puppies (puppy boot camp I called it!).  Puppies are HARD wirj.  In fact I don’t ever want a puppy again!  But stick to it and the trouble months will go away.  Are you gone longer than you should be while having a puppy? With the job and all?

I have a little superwoman syndrome.  At one point, I was working full time, pursuing a Master’s in engineering (a subject I had no background in), supporting myself, keeping up a house and a dog alone, volunteering as the email answerer for the resuce, and dating a great guy.  I think you could say I could have been a funny farm candidate!

However, I realized that all those things are CHOICES that I made for myself.  If something wasn’t working, you’re in control to change things – things that work better for you.  Or realize that things won’t always be this hard and soon things will change once again for you.  Realizing that I won’t always be in that hectic every-waking-hour-has-to-be-productive mode, but at the same time realize that you can change things to help get unstuck.

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I think Sienna makes a great point about acknowledging that all of the things on your “to-do” list are choices, and are things that you have control over. You can delegate things, decide to skip them, re-arrange their order/priority level, etc. It is you life; take full control of it to make it work for you.

Also, and this may sound simplistic, but regularly practicing yoga and meditation really helps me when I reach the OMFG stressed level. When I was running, my long and slow Saturday morning run was a good time for contemplation, and my speedwork/hillwork days were really good for just not thinking about anything other than what my body was doing at that instant. Sometimes it helps to get out of your own head. It’s a nice mental vacation. So yeah, exercise, yoga, and meditation work for me. (Note to self: Then why are you not doing ANY of those things lately? You need to get on that.)

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I would like to suggest medication (anti-depressants). Since my teenage years I have struggled with depression and it all came to ahead a few years ago when I had a breakdown at work – I just started crying uncontrollably and couldnt stop. I was put on forced leave for three weeks. I was at my lowest point. I couldnt concentrate. I couldnt do anything. I thought I would have to quit my job. I went to a psychiatrist who prescribed anti-depressants. They took a while to work (about two weeks) but I slowly started to have clearer thoughts and by the end of the three weeks I felt strong enough to break off a destructive 2 year relationship. I took the meds for about a year I think and I have not been on them for at least 3 years and I am so much better. I didnt have to quit my job and have even improved my performance. i do not have depressive episodes and am not as easily overwhelmed. 

Also anothe family member suffers from sever chronic anxiety with depression. She also takes medication prescribed by a psychiatrist and has compelted 2 degrees and is about to get married as well. 

I definately encourage you (as someone who has been through a similar thing) to see a doctor who can prescribe anti-depressants. 

Best wishes!


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OK that’s good there is someone with the puppy!  I envisioned you working 14 hours days and a lonely puppy sitting at home.


I also had a motto during grad school.  It irked me to hell that I only had 3 hours to put into a homework assignment that needed like 10, but the motto was,

“I’m doing the best I can with what I have!”  (feel free to shake fist in air when you say this)

I had to be OK with the result of stuff if I knew I gave it my all.  B grades or not.  I often say that to myself when life gets stressful. 

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Yoga has been really helpful for me this year- I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger after it.

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I have the same mood issues. Just not feeling right sometimes, upset crying to much or just real pissed! I have to work hard at keeping balanced.

Please dont go on drugs. They are hard to adjust to and hard to get off. I tried zoloft and it made me have sucidal thoughts to the point where it really scared me.  And i gained 10 lbs. Ick.

Try to keep balanced naturally. Eat seratonin boosting foods.

And exercise. Go for a walk and lift weights regularily. Pick up the phone and call a friend. Just talking about whatever helps alot to boost your mood!

see link


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