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@Seashells7:  Try picturing yourself in your wedding dress NOT fit and healthy and happy.  Perhaps the shock of realizing that those will be the pictures you look at for the rest of your life if you don’t get a move on will help.

Personally, I think weight loss is 75% diet and 25% working out and I’m sure some people will disagree with me, but I find that to be accurate for me and for a lot of people I know, especially women.  You need to find a diet – that is a lifestyle for you – that works for you that you can stick with that is easy to follow, etc.  I always suggest the South Beach diet because it’s easy, you barely limit yourself from most foods, and you see great results. 

You’re already doing hot yoga so that is one (amazing) step there, but working out tends to make you hungrier so if you’re not watching what you eat, then you’re going to overcompensate for the calories lost – so you might be building muscle, but you won’t be losing any fat. 

I just joined MFP, too, looking for motivation and support. Have you tried dieting with your FI?  A friend?  A lot of people find it easier to stick to a routine when they have someone to do it with.

Also, you have to hold yourself accountable.  Perhaps announce it to a lot of people (or facebook) that you’re dieting/exercising.  Update with how much weight you’ve lost, how much you’ve got to go, etc.  This way, if you don’t keep up with it, EVERYONE will know – and you won’t want to disappoint all your friends and family and be embarrassed that you can’t keep up with it, right? 

Another thing is to set mini goals.  You’re looking at the big picture right now and that’s why it’s so daunting.  Set yourself a seires of realistic, achievable goals and prizes for them.  Your goals shouldn’t be like “lose weight” – they should be more concrete.  Like, “No fast food for a month (or on only on Sundays or something – or no dessert – or whatever your vice is)” or “Hot Yoga 4x a week for a month” etc.  Perhaps start off with 1 week at a time and then build up to a month.  Then, give yourself a prize every time you’ve achieved one of those goals.  Slowly, make the goals harder and harder to achieve until your final goal is reached.

I also find reading other people’s success stories and seeing before and afters help.

Good luck!

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You might just have to force yourself to go in the beginning, until you get used to going and actually enjoying it.  Then it will be easier to go on your own. 

It really does need to be a lifestyle change.  It shouldn’t be something you only do for the next year for the wedding, you should really focus on changing your outlook on life and health so that health and fitness is a priority to you. 

I would literally write it into your calendar/planner.  Decide how many days you want to go a week and for how long (say 30 min at first) and PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR!! MAKE the time for it and make it a priority and put it in there just like you would a meeting or party.  Then follow through.  I beginning will be the hardest, but once you get used to it it will be much easier!  If you have to skip happy hour sometimes or a TV show…so be it.  You will begin to feel much better and it will be worth it.

And find something you like, or at least don’t hate!  I would think about a gym just because there is so much you can do there….running, walking, elliptical, stairs, weights, classes…etc.

I started working out again after my first 1.5 years in college (I probably had gained about 40 lbs) and after I got into a routine and noticed weight loss it made it much easier to keep going!  Now I feel lost if I don’t work out every week, and I’ve never stopped being active (it’s been 8 years for me) because I changed my lifestyle.

Good luck!

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Also, you will need to re-assess your diet.  I don’t think you should think of it completely as being ON a diet…but instead as making better choices so that you are eating HEALTHIER! 

Also, I agree with PP…set mini goals.  And allow yourself some rewards.  So after 5 lbs of weight loss, buy yourself some new nail polish or eat that extra piece of cake.  Whatever you want a reward to be.  Then set a new goal…


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I would try to find something you don’t hate doing, and start small. When I first started trying to lose weight, I would only do 15 minutes on the elliptical. That’s it. But there was absolutely no way I could make up excuses for myself not to do that small amount of exercise, and that was what I needed. Then over time I gradually increased the amount of time and difficulty.

If I had started out trying to do an hour right away, I would have been miserable and burned out so quick. By doing it in moderation I think I trained my body not to mind it so much (because I seriously hate exercising usually lol). As other posters said it’s about a lifestyle change, so you need to find something you can maintain. And diet is a big part too.

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@Seashells7:  Can I ask what you eat? I would say that it is mostly what you eat, and exercise just kind of helps move things along a little faster. I think (and this is just my opinion!) that you should use myfitnesspal to see how many calories a day you really need. If I were to eat the recommended 2000 calories a day I would be morbidly obese, because my body just doesn’t need it. After using myfitnesspal for a bit I figured that optimal for me was 1200-1400, though of course I do eat when I’m hungry or have had an intense workout or something. I don’t go on crazy diets or hugely restrict myself – mostly I just listen to my body and it works fine. I think restricting things is where the problem starts, but if you find good substitutes you don’t feel so bad and then its easier to stick to healthy habits.

I hope that helps!

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I just wanted to offer some support because you have essentially the exact same body size as me, I’m 22 years old, about 5’2 and before I started dieting and exercising I was about 165 (i’m down to 150 now!) I’ve been doing a diet called Medifast, and it works wonders and I recently started going to bootcamp 5 days a week thanks to groupon!  

Its definitely one of the hardest things to do. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, and while people always say “oh you look great/fine/not overweight” I totally understand not being able to see the changes in yourself because thats how I am as well and I know that I’m not where I want to be.  

I’m not engaged yet but I know its coming soon, and I’m also going to Hawaii in December which is my main motivator but what helps me the most is thinking about getting engaged and wanting to look awesome in our e-pics!

My two biggest problems are that I have a sweet tooth especially around the holidays! and that I have no intrinsic motivation to go to the gym.  As for the eating too many treats problem, I just dont buy them so that if I want to eat them I literally have to go to the store to do so, and by then I realize its not whats in my best interest.  The best thing for me for working out is to join a class, so that the time is set for me and I’m expected to be there rather than just going to the gym and doing whatever, whenever.

I guess I don’t have a ton of advice, but just wanted to let you know that you’ve got support and you can do it!! Good luck, and let me/us know about your progress!

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As a PP suggested, force yourself to do it. I hate going to the gym, I hate waiting to see results, I hate eating well (fast food forever!) but I really, really want my arms to look wonderful in my dress. So, I have it down in my planner that I am going to go to our apartment complex gym for 30 minutes 3x each week. I write it down, and force myself to go. I can’t do anything longer than that because I pass out when I get hot (lovely!) so I do what I can and then work on my arms.

I know it took great courage for you to ask for help, so hopefully you feel supported here!! 🙂

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I have to agree with others that I wonder about your diet.  I have a friend who is relatively fit, she runs in the mornings and plays hockey multiple times a week but because her diet isn’t the greatest so she doesn’t really lose much weight.

I find that I have to focus on how I feel being fit.  After forcing myself to exercise for a month or so, it becomes habit and you really can feel it if you don’t do it.

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Like some of the PP, I had a similar build when I started my weight loss journey; 5’3″ and 170’ish pounds.  Through many starts and stops and diets and workout plans, I’ve finally gotten to my goal weight and have a fitness/eating lifestyle that works for me.  You just have to find what’s workable for you, because if it doesn’t fit in with your goals and preferences and habits, then you won’t stick with it.  I’m now 117 pounds and feeling great, and here’s how I did/am doing it:


I’m now on a strict vegan/no-added fat diet, but that’s less for weight reasons and more for health reasons.  I was able to lose most of the weight while eating a fruit/veg heavy diet, filled with whole grains and occassional treats.  If you fill up on low-calorie, nutrient dense foods, you will eat less of the bad stuff and have more energy/be healthier in general.


I run 4 days a week and try to cross-train for 2.  With the running, start small with a walk-to-run program.  If you can run for 30 seconds straight, start with that.  Run 30 seconds, walk 2 minutes; repeat for 30 minutes and keep it up for a weeks worth of exercises.  The next week, up it to 45 seconds of running and decrease the walking a little.  Then 1 minute of running, 1 minute of walking, etc.  If you build slowly, you’ll increase your fitness level without risking injury or feeling like you’re going to pass out.  

Best of luck to you!  You know you can do it; you just have to stick with it and remember that you’re doing this for you and your health, not just to look pretty in a dress!

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I agree with PPs who said that losing weight is mostly diet and not so much exercise. I have been obese for my whole adult life, including a year where I worked out with a boyfriend’s rowing team three to four times a week for 2 1/2 hours each session. And it was a LOT of exercise – running, pushups, situps, drills, stairs and everything. I was incredibly fit in terms of being able to carry heavy things, going up stairs without getting winded and increasing my speed and endurance like whoa… but I lost maybe five pounds. Maybe ten.

The few times I’ve been able to lose weight has had a whole lot more to do with diet than exercise. Not that exercise isn’t important! It makes you healthier, it makes you feel good and it’s a great motivator to improve your diet in general. When I get home from a good workout, eating junk food or a large portion of anything sounds incredibly unappealing, so it’s a good way to get your endorphins going and break the junk food habit, if you have one. But I think finding an eating plan that works for you long term is probably the key to weight loss. 

(And when you find one, let me know!) 

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@Seashells7:  when I wanted to get REALLY serious about losing weight and getting healthy and fit I joined my local YMCA’s Half Marathon traning program. It was a fabulous group of amazing athletes and newbies like me and it was so supportive and wonderful for me to be able to meet up with these men & women 3x a week for workouts and then see them around the gym and on fb and have that accountability and friendship building…

It was also amazing to have the group support during the training as they are really uplifting and encouraging through the pain and workout soreness… everyone has been where you are and its normal to be sore, its just your body’s adjustment and is a great sign!

I would try to find a fitness group you can join to keep you accountable and motivated. Also a race like the 5K is a great goal and maybe get the “Couch to 5K” workout plan (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml) because its very doable!

Also, invest in some good shoes (try to go to a running store and have your stride analyzed so you have the proper fit) and get some great workout tunes for your ipod (even if you buy an ipod shuffle on ebay! I honestly could NOT do my workouts without the music to keep me pumped up).

If a fitness group isnt an option, I’d try to get your family involved.  Its pretty standard for family members to want to help each other and get fit themselves as well so just ask! It never hurts!


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@Seashells7:  I am NOT a fitness or nutrition expert but I will tell you what has worked for me.

First of all, I went a month solid with no weight loss. So depending on how long you have been on it, keep that in mind. 

I second what inspired creations said about exercise. Do not set the bar too high. set small goals, and alternate small spurts of jogging/running so you don’t get overwhelmed. i watch the tv on the treadmill and run during commercials! The rest of the time I keep my heart rate up by walking fast but with a higher incline, less impact on the joints. over time i walk faster and faster with more and more incline. i alternate this with doing the 30 day shred.

as far as diet goes… i have had a lot of success cutting out oil, even for cooking. when i stir fry i use water or olive oil spray only. if i make a salad dressing i don’t even use very much oil. i make it “creamy” by using hummus, it is much lower calories than oil or cream, or even better, dijon mustard. if i eat bread i used ezekial bread or those bagel thins. i only eat turkey or ground bison. i would cut out the crackers, they do nothing for you. this was really hard for me, i just dont have them in the house anymore. 

try sweet potatoes or yams instead of regular potatoes.

bananas have 200 calories apeice. unless they really keep you full for a long time i would stick to apples most of the time. part of my weigh loss stall was fruit smoothies with bananas! i am sure of it.i increased the vegetables and still eat fruit- but not bananas. i know they are good for you- im just saying if they dont REALLY fill you up its a lot of calories.

if you can cut out the beer, vodka with club soda or even a little tonic is way better than beer.

for desert, try those really good edy’s fruit bars. they are dairy free and very good. much lower cal than even low fat ice cream.

do you make your own cookies? i have been baking vegan and low fat and it is amazing how good they can taste with almost no oil or sugar, and it cuts out butter and eggs.


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I’m like 5’4 and some change and I was like 170lbs. Totally know where you’re coming from. A big deal is how many calories you eat and you have to find a way to keep track of it. You can do like Weight Watcher’s points, Medifast or other prepared meals, there are phone apps, or you can just check nutrition facts like crazy which was what did. I was able to keep track what I had every day. I ate veggie bowls from Chipotle, some Subay (but that wasn’t filling), and some other things like Morningstar chili bowls (SUPER FILLING and like 270 calories total, and good with some grated cheese and fat free sour cream or whatnot). You need to find out your BMR and RMR and go from there. 

I hated working out in public and stuff because I was self-conscious, but if joining a club works for you, it’s a great way to help keep you on it. If you’re doing it by yourself, it’s easy to quit or get busy or whatever.

I still hate exercising. Always have, every time. People say you start enjoying it, but I NEVER did. So don’t do it expecting that you’ll start to like it and get discouraged, because I certainly never got to that point and it was frustrating thinking how other people “enjoy” it.

DON’T drink sugar free drinks. There’s several reasons why, but really, it’s not a good substitute. If you can drink tea, use Stevia to sweeten your tea. It can be used in lieu of sugar, is natural, and your body doesn’t get “confused” with stevia like it does with artificial sweeteners. I use a lemonade/stevia water flavor that I’ve really liked. It’s called True Lemon and comes in box. I hate drinking water with food for some reason. If water works for you with food then go for it. 

Try to stay away from processed things as much as possible. Fat free/low calorie things are USUALLY worse just because they’re loaded with chemicals that will slow your process. Some dairy products aren’t too bad. Veggies are awesome, but it’s easy to get tons of calories if you add butter or dressings. Salt/pepper, herbs, some vinegar are good, or you can do some sour cream with taco seasonings or whatnot if you don’t go crazy with it. Fruits are also good, but they have a lot of sugar so keep that in mind. 


Try to stay away from white breads and simple carbs as much as possible. Their calories easily turn into fat if you’re not burning that quick energy off. Brown rice and complex carbs are better, but still keep an eye on the calories there.


Beans are very filling.


CHECK NUTRITION FACTS. And when you do, make sure you check the serving size at the top. VERY misleading sometimes. When all else fails with serving size comparisons, look at the grams to see where you get your most calories. 


Fiber is filling. Drink tons and tons of water. Get a glass container and try to refill itseveral times a day. 


Alcohol and coffee drinks (like frappuccinos) have a crazy high amount of calories in them, so keep an eye out. 


Invest in a rowing machine or check craigslist for ellipticals. We got a Schwinn 420, it’s compact and smooth and was like $250. Barey used. Or check amazon for some DVDs you can buy, or even like youtube. Or if you like running, that’s excellent. I hate running. Swimming and running are two of the best things you can do.  Whatever you do, you have to do it consistently.

Try to eventually start incorporating weight training into cardio. Just having muscle burns fat, and you’ll start ending up looking more toned and in shape rather than “skinny fat” 


Take a good multi. REALLY. It helps your body in many ways and will help you lose weight. Nature’s awy Alive are really good, but they’re nasty to take. I might’ve seen them in a gummy version at WalMart but I’m not sure. However, all multivitamins are NOT created equal, so you should check their content. 


I was a stable 118 for a while, and now I’m like 108, which isn’t the best… I need to get back some muscle = I lost 10lbs by a diet change. No gluten, sugar, white breads. I lost like 10lbs in 2 weeks without lifting a finger o_O But I also lost my appeitite and the food I COULD eat wasn’t appetizing. So sometimes I just went hungry because nothing sounded good. I wanted like pastas and stuff. If you cut out sugar and white breads and stuff, it’ll probably suck hard for like a week or a bit more, but you start adjusting to it and it’s not so bad after a while. It stabilizes your appetite. I’m eating smaller amounts as well too.


The big recommendation is to eat small meals throughout the day. I couldn’t do that. I ate one big meal and was satisfied. The other way I either was just hungry all the time which sucked, or I’d overeat. So… I had one meal that I’d fill up on, and usually just drank water or something throughout the day. But it’s not ideal. And my sleep schedule is whack, so my biggest meal was dinner, around 8pm. But I didn’t go to bed till 4am, and I exercised around 1 or 2am, so… a big dinner isn’t normally the best, because most people are quick to go to bed afterwards. And big meals just aren’t ideal. If you can do several smaller meals, like “graze” on food, you’ll lose weight faster.

But I’m still soft around the middle and stuff, so that’s why I say you need to weight train also. 

There’s tons of ways to do it, but you have to find out what you can do and what you can’t. I definitely suggest you analyze your calorie intake, and what kind of food. You might be surprised how quickly those calorie suckers add up. lol Feel free to pm me if you have any questions or anything ^_^

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