(Closed) Help how do I "getting fit enough" for Pole Dancing

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If you have a CrossFit gym near you – I bet you can get fit very quickly!  It’s the quickest way I have gained strength ever (and I’m not talking bulky muscles).  I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 years and I probably am not ready to do some of those pole moves either, not that I have tried.

I doubt height has anything to do with it really.  Weight doesn’t really have that much importance either as muscle weighs more than fat, so if you do get stronger and leaner, you could even weight more. 

I think pole dancing requires a great amount of strength and core stability, it seems very hard!  I saw a video of some pole dancing championship, and I have to say those ladies are probably the fittest women ever. 


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First off, how rude of them to say something like that! Pole dancing doesn’t necessarily require a ton of strength- it’s all dependent on the types of moves you do. And a fireman spin is pretty difficult to someone that has never even touched a pole before! Pole can be a great way to get & stay fit and toned- I’ve been doing it for 2-3 years now & love it! It’s one sport that does have a steep learning curve & is extremely difficult if you don’t have alot of core or arm strength. I worked out before I started & it was still a bit slow but nothing that bad. 

I would recommend starting with more sexy/sensual floor work to work your arms & core before trying to lift yourself. Just put on some sexy music & bump & grind away- as long as you keep your abs engaged it’s a great workout for them! Put on some heels to really tune into to those calfs & butt if you want. There’s a few DVD’s out there for this- Alethea Austin’s video is pretty popular. And for your arms I would keep on the pole ups (I still do those before every workout) as they help both your strength, grip, and form. Also, alot of pole dancers have never learned floorwork (mostly b/c alot of instructors consider it too closely related to the club type of pole dancing)- so its great to have that solid foundation to start with & useful when trying to link together moves & routines. 

Once or twice a week I also do a power yoga flow workout (a faster form of yoga aimed at keepiing your heart rate high & the transitions between the moves). Found the video on youtube & I find it’s been great working the areas I need for poling. My arms are always shakin by the time I’m finished! http://youtu.be/_LUn2MGp9a4

If you want to try at home take a peek at StudioVeena.com <– its a great online pole community (free to join but with a subscription fee you get a years access to all her videos). She has a ton of pole tutorials as well as non-pole workouts to get you fit & ready. The gals there are sooo supportive of each other- like the bee but for polers!

Feel free to msg me if you want any tips or videos – I’ve got a ton saved from youtube & other places. Wishing you luck!

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Are there any “beginner” classes in your area? Or was the one that you went to listed as beginner?

If you can’t try a lower level class, you would probably benefit most from doing weight exercises with your arms (doesn’t have to be just benchpressing/bicep curls; you can also use the machines that use your arm & shoulder muscles), and core exercises (sit-ups/crunches/pilates). Yoga might be good too, to improve your balance & core.

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also- if Lulu can do it on America’s Got Talent (http://youtu.be/ZSFVl-w6n7U) I think you’re gonna make it in no time!! 

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While I’m not skinny/thin I am most definitely fit and healthy and pole dancing was beyond my level of abilities. I told my Darling Husband that it wasn’t something we could “fall back on” in hard times because I frankly sucked at it…and gosh was it painful! I had bruises all over my legs from the spins.

I would recommend trying a lower level class as mentioned by the PP. Also, it requires a greater amount of upper body strength than more sports. If you want to advance your abilities I would recommend push-ups and weight training to condition your arms.

Best of luck!

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pushups, shoulder presses, lateral lifts. google those (proper form is key) that’s all upper body strength which pole dancing is a lot of. of course any and all excercise will help, as will losing a bit of weight if only- for your arms to have less to lift.

it’s nice to hear someone who didn’t do so well the first time but is open to working up to trying it again. goodluck.

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That was not very cool of them at all. I have a friend who’s trying to trim down. She started edging her way into the Army PT stuff and doing yoga. On her lazy days, she plays kinect or go for walks.

It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m sure they were awful their first times too!

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Oh wow,  that’s horrible.  I’m sorry they treated you that way.

I would say some good cardio, calorie burning would be a good start.

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That is complete BS. The place I go to has several different woman who range from 90lbs to close to 300lbs. That is completely rude and not true. It is about strength training. Once you build up the strength to hold up your own body weight then you will be more able to do things. ALSO many of those “fit” girls probably go to that studio every day or have a pole in their home. Therefore, they practice non-stop and make it look easy.

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I have also been taking pole classes for about 2 years. Those people are wrong. Just plain rude and very very wrong. I have seen many women who are not skinny or even fit start taking pole classes and become very strong with continued practice. In my advanced class there are people of “your size” who became fit by doing pole classes (I am also 5’10” and was about 165lbs when I started). It takes patience (from the instructor!) to guide you, and you also need to be patient with yourself as your body becomes used to the moves. Some moves are always going to be harder than others…I can do complicated inverted moves and transitions and there is still a basic spin that I just can’t seem to master!

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MissFireFlower:  I teach pole dancing classes locally in a studio and online and I can tell you that you experienced something normal and it’s not fair.

I have had many woman who are full figured come into my pole dancing classes and feel out of place because they weren’t strong enough as compared to others.  On the flip side, I have had a few of my full figured girls so strong as a beginner that they could invert right away and the “skinny girls” couldn’t even do that.

There are skinny girls who can’t do one pull up as well and it is normal to feel like you aren’t strong enough in the beginning. It’s all relative to how each girl holds her own body weight, no matter what her pant size its.  But remember, that’s what pole dancing for fitness is for, to make you stronger, in your body and attitude.

In my classes it was a bonding experience and all the girls help each other progress together as a loving team.  If they couldn’t do that or made anyone feel out of place I wouldn’t let them back in class. 

I just don’t want you to get discouraged, pole dancing is the best way for a woman to get in shape and there are heavier girls everyday who start pole dancing for fitness and enjoyment with success. You can too!  Don’t give up, you just need to find the right fit for you and your fitness level.

Sometimes finding that right fit is diffucult due to the lack of local studios, so online pole dancing classes is a good alternative, here is a helpful link about how to get started pole dancing at home: http://polefitnessdancing.com/learn-how-to-pole-dance-home/

Keep going and I wish you the very best!!

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This is complete BS. I would go to a different studio if I were you! I’m pretty much exactly the same size and height as you and I pole dances for years! At advanced levels too ( invests, twisted grips, areal combos..I can climb a pole in seconds!) all it takes it practice practice practice and start at your level. It’s VERY discouraging when you’re in a class full of people at a higher level than you. I would check an intro class at a new studio. 

The owner of the studio I go to is one of my best friends (and bridesmaid) she’s 6 feet tall and probably 200 pounds. And she can do as much as our 5 foot tall 100 pounds friend. She’s super fit and strong. 

Heres a pole pic… You can see that I’m no skinny mini but I do workout and lift heavy weights. Also, That’s what helps me the most for pole I find ๐Ÿ™‚

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P-S- Sorry for the typos… I’m on my phone and it won’t let me edit! 

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