(Closed) Help! How do you stay under 1500 calories a day?!

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Helper bee
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@MrsRevolutionize:  Hi! I lost 70 pounds last year to get in shape for my wedding, and I did it largely by eating 1500 calories a day, and working out a few days a week. But for me, the key was switching from processed diet food to real food – and focusing much more on healthy fat and protein, and limiting refined carbs/sugar. Think turkey burgers (skip the bun) with sweet potatoes and a vegetable for dinner. Eggs for breakfast. Big, voluminous salads with vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for lunch.


The film “Hungry for Change” really opened by eyes. I also read “It Starts With Food” and did a Whole30 – absolutely changed my life. I said goodbye forever to artificial sweeteners. I was completely addicted to diet soda and Splenda. It’s now been almost 5 months since I’ve had either.


Good luck!

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Honey bee
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I eat 1380. Cut out things you don’t need, like that cream in the coffee, that snack in the afternoon, etc. Cut the bread in half instead if having the whole slice. Cut your meat in half. Use less salad dressing. Use the lower calorie option. Also I am just plain hungry fairly often. Plan out your day before hand.. measure and weigh eevverryythiinngg that goes in your mouth and drink obscene amounts of water. Apples and peanut butter works for me (but measure that PB) and also celery and hummus are my go to snacks. 

ETA: I also do not eat gluten, dairy or yeast. Which instantly makes the diet very low in anything processed or refined. So yeah, that too. 

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Bumble bee
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I find a mix of almonds and raisins to be an awesome sweet snack

And eat a lot of grilled chicken and fish for lunch and dinner. 

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Bee Keeper
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I exercise so I can eat more than that!! My Fitness Pal app is great too.

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Helper bee
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@MrsRevolutionize:  My husband is Italian – I feel you on the pasta. One thing I have done is cut my pasta portion in half, but throw some steamed broccoli in my bowl to fill up the volume. Do this, and gradually lower the amount of pasta until it’s just sauce, broccoli and protein (meatballs, ground meat, chicken, etc.) Throw some parmesan on top and you’ll never notice the difference. πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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I am not on a diet now…because I lost some weight without trying..because of the wedding planning stress….However, I used to be on many diets before..counting calories..

First of..you should never be hungry..because you will eat something nasty..and your diet will go down the drain…so, you should always have low calorie snacks with you ..baby carrots, salry sticks…low fat cheese (not much), some nuts are good, for example almonds..however, pecans and macademia nuts are not a diet type..there are also low calorie crackers that are not bad…to substitute bread..

Now…my secret of keeping calories low..is ..eating soup…No bisques…cream soups etc…Nice light vegetable soups thats what you need…cup of soup can have between 100-200 calories..if there are not many potatoes or other stratchy veggies..you can keep it low to a hundred…

Also, no drinking calories allowed…water and unsweetened tea..are the best friends for you…

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Sugar bee
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@MrsRevolutionize:  I lost 40lbs and I think the coffee and cream was a big help. I would eat breakfast and sip on coffee with 2 tbsp of half and half all morning. It helped to keep me full and gave me a little extra energy.

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Busy bee
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@MrsRevolutionize:  try to eat foods that are filling and avoid calorie dense foods that don’t fill you (eg refined carbs, candy, sugary drinks, chips, alcohol etc.)

I like eating overnight oats for breakfast- they’re really filling, hearty chilli with lean beef or chicken with beans. Fish veggies, quinoa for dinner etc.

Protein and fibre help you feel full so I’d look for foods that are high in those, but relatively low in calories, and even more importantly low in sugar

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Busy bee
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@MrsRevolutionize:  beans and lentils are high in both protein and fibre, so is edamame.

oats (large flake or steel cut are best) are high in fibre, whole grains,  and so are most orchard fruits (apples/ pears).

for high protein snacks I like greek yogurt, cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs. Nuts are also great in moderation

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Blushing bee
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Do you like greek yogurt? My favorite breakfast/snack is plain greek yogurt with frozen berries.  Once the berries defrost, it’s so delicious and so much healthier than flavored yogurts from the store. 

Have you thought about weight watchers? I’ve never actually enrolled, but I keep track of points and it is super helpful. So many of my friends/family have lost weight on it without feeling starved. You don’t have to worry about calories at all and I guarantee you eat more than 1500/day. Plus there’s lots of room for indulgences like alcohol and desserts.

My favorite website is skinnytaste.com   She has so many good recipes that are really healthy.

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Honey bee
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@MrsRevolutionize:  I am in the same boat as you. You can do it!! I lost 17 lbs but it took a reall ylong time (over a yer) because I did it the right way- made small, easy changes I could stick to and exercised more. Here’s what worked for me:

I use myfitnesspal.com. All day every day. I love it. 

I also do cardio (run, elliptical, swim or spin), weights (full body workout, and hike with my dogs almost every day. Once you burn 400-500 calories a workout, 1500 is easy!

I also cut processed foods out of my diet- I eat foods that have under 10 ingredients listed. So much of the American food we consume is toxic. Literally, poisonous amount of complete shit that throws wreaks havoc on our bodies. 

I eat full fat everything. See above- the low-cal, “diet” foods are horrible for you as they contain so many additives, fillers, and sugars to make up for flavor. Full fat satiates me and usually has more protein.

I made eating healthy and exercising an enormously important part of my life. Next to my family, my husband and my dogs it is the most important thing in my life. 


Sorry for the lengthy response, just wanted to say it is possible to make changes and feel great! The food industry does not make it easy for us to be healthy. 

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