(Closed) HELP!! – How to deal with an Incompetent Wedding Planner and can we Sue Them?

posted 9 years ago in Toronto
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@duttydox:  ” Should we confront her, get another planner, do it ourselves, report her to the BBB and demand a refund?”


so you haven’t talked to her about these issues yet?  if not, i would say that is definitely the first step.  Does she know you’re unhappy?

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Ummm, you can sue anyone for just about anything, but if you expect to actually win in court, there has to be a tangible loss somewhere….and since the wedding date is so far out, can’t all of these errors be corrected?  The inability for her to “own” her errors is not an actionable reason to sue, nor is difference in taste or preference…if you signed a contract that states no refunds, that’s pretty much it, however that contract should outline what she is supposed to do for her money, and if you have evidence that she has failed beyond correction, ie booked a venue/vendor for the wrong date, maybe you can get her to refund the money since the contract has been voided…but it’s a pretty thin chance…call a lawyer and see, if you can’t come to some reasonable arragement with this woman.

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Wow, I feel sorry for you and your fiancee. I would say it’s really not worth sueing, you’re tying up negative energy in your wedding process when you can just easily move on, and concentrate on being happy and excited about your big day, and correcting the problems.

Likely you’re going to small claims court and after the court verdict, you still have to chase them for money. It’s not like the court takes the money out of their account for you or anything along those lines. It’s just more frustration for you at that point if they don’t pay up.

I would speak to her calmly (despite how you feel) and see if you can get them to give you back a refund. The contract doesn’t say they have to, so asking nicely is probably the best bet. If you get into a heated argument then she probably won’t agree to it. Gd luck!

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I would cut my losses and if she comes after you for money, I would invite her to sue. first,  Iwould type up a letter discharging her of her duties and that you are breakin the contract due t othe following: and outline what you wrote here.

She wont sue you…but in the small chance that she does, then you have evidence you have written to her the reasons why. Attach all evidence of the incorrect dates, etc and send it to her registered mail. I would actually also ask for some of my money back. It doesnt hurt.

If you have a lawyer friend or someone who can make it look incredibly official, that wouldnt hurt. We call them “shake down letters”. lol

Since you are so involved I would honestly just bunker down and help your Fiance plan your day…you guys know what is best for the two of you-all you truly need is a day of coordinator to make sure things go off flawless!!!

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I dunno,  If you hired her for the month of the wedding I wouldn’t expect much attention from her until the month before the wedding.  However, I would be persistent that she get our date correct.

Our wedding planner is through our venue and though she answers questions when we ask we aren’t even on her radar yet.  It’s still 2012 wedding season so she’s pretty busy.


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ps-I see you are in Toronto so if you need any advice from Toronto bees, maybe they could help! (Im in Burlington).

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As icetea said, you probably won’t get much attention until maybe 6 weeks or so leading up to the wedding. Color choices and vendor selections probably aren’t in her scope if she just does month-of services. I would try to express your concerns and make sure dates are corrected with vendors, then fire her and don’t pay the outstanding amount if she can’t resolve the issues. She should be providing more service but suing for $2000 probably isn’t worth it.

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@duttydox:  I would write a letter explaining your frustration and concern over the repeated use of the incorrect date, her incorrect timelines and the surplus over your budget.  Tell her that you understand that she has put some effort into what she has done (which she has, albeit not in keeping with your expectations of accuracy, or to your taste) but that you’re just not seeing a good fit here and ask her how she’d like to proceed.  Give her the option of improving the quality of her service, or asking for your money back so that you can find someone who will address your needs. Don’t go in with both barrels blazing right off the bat because that will just make her defensive and less likely to refund you any amount.

If that fails, call your local Legal Aid office and ask to speak with someone there about what your options may be. I’m not sure in Canada that she is in breach of contract if she’s legally contracted for the month before your wedding, which is in May.

Hope this helps 🙂

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I agree with all the PP’s! I had a great wedding planner that was good priced, easy to work with and very helpful when it came to vendors and such. If you need a recommendation, she works in Southern Ontario.

Legally, you need someone to look at your contract to see what kind of recourse you have. You CAN sue anyone for anything, but you cannot always WIN those lawsuits, making them frivilous and a waste of time and money.

As well, the BBB is BS! If you file a complaint about Sally the wedding coordinator, then the BBB contacts Sally. If Sally can prove she sent you a letter to apologize and try to make things right (even if she doesn’t follow through), then the BBB considers the matter resolved and her rating goes back to an A+.

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I just want to say – a friend of mine ran intot he same problems with her planner. She had a destiabntion wedding though. She fired the planner, did most of it herself and when she returned to toronto she filed a suit. She is also an articlign student. She won, settled, and got a huge settlement back. ie. brand new car.

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If you hired her for month-of-coordination, you’re expecting a whole lot from her six months out. Honestly, you should be doing most of the things you listed, and she should be following up with the vendors the month before the wedding….

But her errors are pretty serious, so I’d fire her. I’m not sure what grounds you’d really have to sue her on, but you really can sue for just about anything these days.

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