HELP! I have a bed-wetter!!! :(

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Have you talked to you pediatrician about this?  There are some issues that could be causing this.

Honestly I care for a boy that is 7 and still wears Pull-Ups every night and my Dirty Delete said one of her friends just admitted she wore them until she was 10.  Its more common than you think.  Your not alone!

My recommendations would be to treat it like potty training all over again.  If he goes to bed at 8 than cut off the liquids at 5 or 6.  Wake him up in the middle of the night to use the washroom.  He needs to learn to wake up when the urge comes.  I’m from the school of no pull ups.  To me its like a crutch.  Have him be responsible if he wets.  He has to strip his bed and put the sheets in the laundry.  You can make the bed and help him but give him some responsibility.  Sometimes kids need that little push of extra work to make them change.

But most of all be patient and know that this is a common problem.  GL!

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Aaww poor thing! I would cut off his liquids earlier like 530. I had a friend who’s son had the same issue at the same age. She would get him out of bed in the middle of the night & take him to the bathroom. She did it for about a month & after that he’d wake himself to go to the bathroom. If you are still concerned call his pediatrician. 

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@MommaJenn28:  My Fiance’s daughter is 9.5 years old and not only she wets the bed but has frequent accidents during the day on top of it.

After re-searching this I found that there are alarms out there that will wake the child up when they sense moisture. In my opinion waking a child up in the middle of the night doesn’t do anything as I think the underlaying issue is that the child doens’t get a strong enough signal that he/she needs to pee to wake up. The alarm however makes noise and vibrates so the child has to get up.

I believe pull ups have a lot to do with the issue…. they make them way too comfortable for the kids.

Unfortunatelly in my case we can’t use the alarm as the mother found out it’s my idea and doesn’t want to try it just because she is a very bitter woman and my Fiance has 50% custody and alarm would only work if used consistantly every day… not every other week.

I believe they are 100$. People swear by them. They take aprox 2-3 months to work.

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All the suggestions above are great in my opinion, especially baletrina. It doesn’t need to be a form of punishment that he helps you clean up, but just show him a little bit of responsibility at the same time will make it win win. Waking him in the night will train his body to wake up automatically at some point during the night.

I agree though that cutting off liquids only one hour before bed isn’t long enough.

Good luck!


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As a former bedwetter, let me tell you it sucks being that kid. I simply just had to grow out of it. I was around 12 I think when I finally grew out of it. I wore Goodnights to bed and when I went away for my first camp, I was prescribed a nose spray that prevented me wetting the bed. I don’t think it’s a permanent solution but for a time like being at camp (or sleepovers) it really helps with the embarassment!

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Just a suggestion that my cousin gave me after she took her 10 y/o to the doctor (they told her that there was nothing wrong physically with her, which you may want to check as well). They said that she should wake up every three hours and take the child to the bathroom. She did that for a week and her daughter started holding it and also going on her own.  I tried it with my little one (5 y/o) and she is doing much better. ITS NOT FUN FOR A WEEK but it worked. I still take my daughter to the bathroom before I go to bed around 10:30PM. Good Luck ((hugs))!

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@MommaJenn28:  Okay, this is a bit embarresing for me to share, but I was a bed wetter myself Embarassed….It def was rough on my parents and by the time I was 10 they had to buy me a new mattress cause that one i wet everynight was just gross.  They took me  to doctors but they never found anything wrong with me.  The weird and now funny thing is, that I knew when I was wetting my bed, I had a dream that I was going to the bathroom and that was time i would wet my bed.  My parents bought some sort of plastic thing that goes under the covers so my new mattress wouldnt get ruin.  My mom did wake me up everynight to go the bathroom.  I didnt think it was cruel.  Finally, if I went to bed by 9 they stopped giving me any liquids by 5sh and that eventually did the trick and I stopped wetting my bed.  GL hun and GL to your DS;))

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My Fiance has 10yr old girl that still wets the bed 8 out of 10 nights. Wears pull ups every night. We took her to the doctor and got referred to a specialist at children’s hospital. She has a hormonal imbalance. Her body produces too much urine at night and is a deep sleeper. They call this nocturnal enuresis. I’d take him in just to be safe.

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My daughter (almost 10) was a bed wetter for a long time.  We ended up cutting off all liquids like 2 hours before bed, peeing right before bed, and waking her up at like 1am  to go to the bathroom.  We no longer have to wake her in the middle of the night now.  I’d say she hasn’t had an accident in maybe 9 months now.

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I don’t have kids yet, so I’m confused as to how the alarm helps them stop wetting the bed.  If it doesn’t wake them up until after they’ve already peed, how does that solve the problem?  I mean, I know it prevents them from sleeping all night in soaked clothes and sheets, but isn’t the goal to get them to wake up and head to the bathroom before they pee?

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Take him to a Ped who may specialize in urology. I wet the bed for a long time because I had an undiagnosed kidney infection that stemmed from a UTI when I was a baby. It went undiagnosed for 5 years so that it stunted my kidney growth. Because no one figured out what it was, I have one good kidney and one that barely works (thank God they come in pairs!)

What I had was Kidney Reflux Disease where a little pee gets trapped in a tiny pocket by the kidneys. It made my kidneys weak and thus, my bladder was weak. This may not be “he shouldn’t have liquids”, but an actual physical problem that he will need to be on meds for.

Embarassingly enough, I wet the bed until I was about 14 which was when my kidneys finally caught up with my growth.


This could be a serious problem. Go take him in!

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1. Do not punish or yell at your child about this; it will only make it worse.  Talk to them about it calmly and let them know it’s something you are both going to figure out; like it’s a mystery to be solved and not your child being bad.

2. Make a doctor’s appointment to make sure it’s not something medical like a UTI.

3. Assess your home environment.  Have there been any major changes recently?  Moves?  New teacher?  Bullying at school?  Divorce or separation?  Divorced or separated parents dating someone new?  Any major changes to his daily routine can be stressful enough to cause him to start bedwetting.

And definitely cut off liquids by 5pm, 1 hour is too short.  I think PPs’ ideas regarding waking him up at least once during the night to use the bathroom may also help.  What time does he nromally wet the bed?  Does it wake him up?  Maybe plan to wake him up at 12 midnight so he can use the bathroom and then go back to bed.  It may just be as simple as retraining his bladder to recognize the need to pee in the middle of the night.

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