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august15: does your gym offer any group strength training classes?  Mine offers Body Pump, which is a 60 minute class using barbells and dumbbells– it’s such a great workout, and really helps keep me motivated.  Or, basically any group classes might help– it’s not like you’re going to walk out 20 minutes in, so it would keep you in the gym for a bit longer each session, and offer a little more variety.  Maybe try something out of your comfort zone, like a dance class, kickboxing, yoga, cardio funk, etc.

Or, you could sign up for a few personal training sessions, four weeks apart, and have her set some fitness goals for you to reach– like shaving xx minutes off your mile run, or lifting 25% more weight during your strength circuits.

Does your gym have a bulletin board?  You could post for a "workout buddy" so that you have someone to help keep you accountable.



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Go try the classes if they offer them. I get pushed more to try harder and not give up when I am in a class setting. 

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I forgot where I found this at, but I saved it on ww blog.  At any rate its a cardio routine and it is different each day, so that should help with boredom.


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Have you considered incorporating strength and cardio intervals into your routine? Some people tend to see results quicker by varying the intensity throughout their workout. For example, for a one-hour workout, you could try something like this:

5:00 warmup — walk on the treadmill or go easy on the elliptical.

3 sets of 10 bicep curls w/barbell or dumbbells — choose a weight heavy enough that you work your muscles to failure at the end of each set; take a quick break in between sets but no more than one minute.

8:00 intense cardio — you could run on the treadmill, or try the elliptical or cross trainer. Focus on really getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat.

3 sets of 10 tricep dips off the bench (have somebody at the gym show you how to do these or do a Google search). Again, no more than a 1:00 break between sets.

8:00 intense cardio — try something different from your previous cardio interval.

3 sets of 10 squats w/barbell or dumbbells — again, pick a challenging weight and have somebody at the gym help you with the form so you don’t injure your knees.

8:00 intense cardio

3 sets of 10 lunges — if you’ve never done these before, try them without weights until you’re comfortable with the form. Again, have somebody at the gym help you with the form.

5:00 moderate cardio, followed by 3:00 cooldown

Finish off with some ab work (lots of ideas online) and stretching.

You could do this once or twice a week and vary the strength segments — try shoulder presses, lateral raises, push-ups, overhead tricep extensions, and also try using the weight machines in addition to the free weights.

It could be really helpful to hire a personal trainer for just one session to coach you on form and give you ideas for different exercises. The main idea, though, is that you need to keep changing up your routine to keep your muscles and your mind from getting bored! Don’t get stuck in a rut or you’ll just hate going to the gym.


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also, have you checked out http://www.sparkpeople.com yet?  There are some great demos there that can help you build a workout– this page is an example: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/exercise_demos.asp?exercise_type=upper There are also tons of message boards on that site where you can get ideas and feedback.

The treadmill can be so boring, even when you’re doing hills and intervals and trying to mix it up.  My boredom limit on each machine is 20 minutes, so I’ll do 20 minutes each on the bike, elliptical and treadmill (or other machines), to build a longer 60 minute workout.

Good luck!

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I’ve been reading the boards for ages and actually created an account just so I could comment on a workout that’s made such a difference for me.  I bought a book called "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" by Lou Schuler, and it’s all about lifting weights to actually make a difference in the way you look.  I’ve been following the program in the book for about a month and a half, and i’ve lost 6 pounds and can actually tell a difference in the way I look.  I’m more toned, and I can see it in my arms, my stomach, even my face.  I’ve done lots of different kinds of workouts and this is the first one that’s made such a difference so quickly.

 Anyway, theres lot of ideas here, hope you find something that works! 

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