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HopefulCatlover:  I think you need to go with your gut on this one. If this is what will bring you the most joy, then do it. Will it be economically feasible for you? Money isn’t the most important thing, but it is something to consider.

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I have never understood why there is this idea teachers aren’t important or valuable. If we don’t have smart people teaching our children how are they going to learn?? It’s like this idea of “why “waste” our best and brightest on doing stuff like….. I don’t know,  read?  One of the most important school learning things to function in developed society??” I say do it!

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Coming from a fellow molecular biologist, if you know in your heart this isn’t what would make you the happiest then you must follow your heart!! I have bad days and want to quit sometimes – but this is my passion so I get over it and go in the next day. I would hate for you to live with a bad day over and over. Best of luck!

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Why not try to see if you could do work experience in a daycare and to see what the work really is about? I’m originally from your neighbouring country and I don’t see why this would be a problem, I did 2 weeks in a daycare when I was about 15 as a part of school so daycares should be quite used to that.

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Do it! Life is too short to be unhappy or have regrets. You will always be a molecular biologist just one that happens to teach children. If I had children I would rather send them to the Biologist rather than the career teacher. Having a background in science gives you a different perspective.  And young girls especially need more female role models telling then that they can excel in science.

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Put aside the prestigious part. You wouldn’t worry what people think of you if you knew how little they did, as the TV shrink Dr. Phil says.

Nevertheless before you dump one successful career take some more time to consider what you would be getting into.

I also love kids and after some volunteer work in the schools considered a career change to elementary school teacher.

Now, for reasons too complicated to explain here, but some of them health-related, I did not become an elementary school teacher. Looking back now, I wonder if I would have really been happy. Yeah, I loved kids, but here in the United States, teachers can be under a lot of pressure. In the state where I would have taught, there is a standardized test given at set grade levels, and schools are punished in various ways for not meeting the goals. There is little freedom around the curriculum as it is designed around the test materials.

Some parents can be very difficult to deal with, and there are serious behavior problems sometimes even among the little kids. (A girl in my daughter’s third grade class started swearing and overturning desks and the other students had to clear the room while someone calmed her down.)

I am not saying there aren’t a lot of rewards from teaching. Just don’t romanticize the profession you always wanted to do. Look at it realistically.

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I have a career that is not prestigious, even though I’ve always gotten good grades, and I have a Master’s degree.  I don’t make much money, but I’m able to live comfortably with it.  Sometimes I feel I could have done something more prestigious and definitely higher paying, and I had the opportunity for something like that when I was deciding which Master’s program to pursue.  But, I’m very happy in my job, I’m good at it, and it challenges me.  I guess I don’t care enough about what people think.  Most people have no idea a career like mine exists or what it entails.  My parents don’t even know what I do.  But I’m happy!

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Maybe try to get an evening/weekend job at an after school/daycare type of place that encourages learning and work there for a few months before making a decision? You may love it and decide to change your career but it’s a big step if you end up not liking it at this point in your life. Good luck!

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HopefulCatlover:  I was in your shoes a few years ago. I had a career that I despised but it was prestigious, I wore fancy suit everyday, drove a nice car and it paid really well. But the opportunity came along to start over in career I’ve wanted since I can remember but it is not in anyway glamourous or well paid. It was really hard because it meant putting a wedding/house buying/starting a family/taking amazing holidays all on hold. I took a huge loss financially but at the time I felt it was worth the sacrifice for my own personal happiness. I didn’t want to spend the next 35 years of my working life hating every single moment wishing I took a different path. Who cares what anyone else thinks, you are the one who has to go to work everyday, so you better be the one who likes it πŸ™‚ I wish you well!

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As an elementary principal, I can’t say a negative thing about the world I work in.  It is so refreshing seeing my little kindergartners’ faces each day.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few challenges.  However, for the most part, it is a fulfilling way to make a living.  That being said, take some time to really think about your career change decision.  Talk to teachers you know or maybe try to conduct an informational interview with a teacher in your area.  This will really give you a better idea of the positives and negatives of the job.

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I’m actually leaving the teaching profession lol. Definitely talk to other teachers first like Teacher’s Blueprint suggested. Being a teacher is rewarding, but it’s one of the most challenging careers out there. 

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