(Closed) Help! I need to lose 60 pounds in 11 months!

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You could always try Tony Horton’s 10 minute trainer and work your way up to p90x? I’ve been using 10 minute trainer and it’s been yeilding great results. And my Fiance has been using p90x and lost about 20 lbs in 3 months. Of cousre you know, muscle weighs more than fat, so even ify ou don’t lost 60lbs like you want, you will definitely slim down and be trimmed.

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I totally know how you feel about looking great for dress shopping…I’m in the middle of losing inches myself.  I’m working with the Eat Clean Diet (really a lifestyle change rather than a diet, which sounds like what you’re looking for).  It’s a whole system of nutrition, workouts, & support/advice, based on the lifestyle that the author, Tosca Reno, implemented.  Check it out at http://www.eatcleandiet.com.  I’m working at it; it’s HARD, but so worth it & totally works.


Good Luck & keep us all posted on your progress!

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one of my firends lost 60 lbs pretty quickly on Weight Watchers. I’m not sure if it’s your thing or not, but it could be helpful to go to a few meetings and learn about whatever it is they teach you about food.

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I have just heard time and time again that one the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is Weight Watchers, since it helps you to eat healthy, and you have the comradery of the other people that are at the meetings…you have an accountability factor, which can motivate you to keep to the diet.  I went on the program with my mother for moral support one time, and I did like that it allowed you to eat normal things, it just makes you more aware of the foods that you are putting in to your body and how many "points" they have…they even allow you a splurge day (or days) of like, 30 extra points, so that you can have some extra wiggle room to enjoy a night out at a restaurant or something.  Veggies are pretty much all 0 points, so I was loving that I could eat as much of them as I wanted…it wasn’t making you feel like you had to starve yourself.


Good luck! 

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8lbs is great!!!  

i’m doing weight watchers like some of you who responded. The weight is not coming off as fast as i’d like (14 lbs in 4 months) but I know I am on the right track. My habits are better, I feel better, I may not reach my goal (30 more lbs) by the time I try on dresses in October but I know that these changes are not just for that day.. they are for the rest of my life!! I fall off the wagon here and there but get right back on. My advice to you is to continue to lose by making better choices, eating better and exercise. Be proud of what comes off by the time your wedding comes around. You will look gorgeous no matter what!

if you have the time to cook meals Weight watchers has great recipes. I cook alot and use the cook books to come up with weekly meals and I don’t feel like I am dieting at all. Good luck and continued success!

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Congratulations, that’s an awesome start!!

I don’t have any magic solutions, but what’s worked for me is drinking lots of water – thats the thing I focused on first. If you think you’re hungry, but you’re stomachs not growling, have a glass of water before you have a snack.

I used Bob Greene’s best life diet as a sort of guideline for my weight loss. He offers small steps, and emotional support and I think there’s an online community that you can use but you have to pay for it. Or sparkpeople.com is great too and its free!!

Also, get a workout buddy!!! If you can’t find one, tell your Fiance about your goals, and that you need his emotional support if nothing else. So if you say "Hey I lost a pound!" he should say "Wow honey that’s awesome! You look  better every day!" but not that cheesy lol.

Most importantly, remember that you lost 8 pounds, you can lost another one!! You can do it!!

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I understand your plight. I tipped the scales last October at 291 pounds. I was so miserable and overwhelmed. I have shed 94 pounds since I began dieting back in the fall, and I haven’t looked back since. I made a lot of changes in my diet (cut out sweets entirely, increased my lean protein intake, drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily, and work out 3x a week. Seriously, this is the best thing I have ever done and I feel so much better about myself. I still have 32 pounds to go before I reach my target weight, and I know that I will lose most of that weight before the wedding! If you want the details of my regimen, PM me. If you stick to this, it will definitely work. I don’t take diet pills and I still eat foods that I like. Good luck! You can do it–to motivate myself, I envision how I want to look in my dress on the days I don’t want to work out or when I want to cheat and have double fudge chocolate cake. It seriously helps!

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My mom and grandmother both lost lots of weight on the Nutrisystem diet plan.  It’s on the expensive side, but according to them, the food was actually really good.  And they both look amazing!  

Along with doing Nutrisystem, they both stepped up their exercise.  My mom started swimming a few times a week and walking on the treadmill up toe 4 miles per day.  I am so proud of both of them!  

Good luck with your weight loss plan!  

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First off, kudos on your very realistic goal! Being only a little taller than you, I can tell you that the 160-170 range is a nice, healthy range for someone your height.

I second weight watchers. I’ve used the point system, and I find that it’s an excellent way to educate on portion control and what’s good and bad. Do your research–read EVERY box in the store. I was shocked to see the calorie counts on macaroni and cheese, etc. My first few "healthy" grocery trips took hours. I finally learned to stay away from the middle boxes (except soups) and had to learn to cook everything on my own.

Consider hiring a trainer. Maybe it’s too expensive, but if you can afford it, you might feel more motivated BECAUSE you spent money on it. Or, if your gym is like mine, i get a free training session once a month and they measure my body fat, etc, however often i like. I end up chatting with the guy, too, so he’ll make healthy suggestions (who knew plain oatmeal was such a good for you pre-work out snack?) AND seeing REAL progress in my measurements and body fat numbers. Or, a good realization that i need to work harder. 

No more margaritas =]….stick to wine and single liquor mixers with diet sodas if you MUST have a drink. If i’m really watching my weight, i do michelob ultras or waters with twists of lime and lemon. aw , it looks like vodka! sneaky sneaky.

Watch your calories and go to the gym. Lots of cardio to burn off the fat, then weight training to tone up. When i lost a bunch of weight, my trainer told me this schedule:

3 days a week of circuit training weights (so basically it was 50 minutes of weights) with 25 miinutes of interval training (which is awesome at burning fat but so evil….5 minutes warm up, 30 seconds sprint, 60 seconds cool down, repeat, last 5 minutes cool down). it’s rough, but over quick. 

On the other days, do 60 minutes of long, slow cardio while watching tv. take one day off recovery and alternate your weight training with long cardio days (which help loosen up your muscles). 

Also, i’m sure you know this, but nix any "extras" like soda or chjips that contribute zero nutritional value. Find a calorie count you’re happy with (maybe start with 2000 a day, work down the 1700 a day, maybe 1500 a day for crunch time. i always try to stick to 1500-1700 a day..it forces you to eat healthy snacks like fruit or yogurt) and stick with it! Good luck! 


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best of luck, just remember everyhting in moderation, including the weight loss!  put pictures of your inspiration dress of your fridge/pantry to keep yourself from snacking!

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I recommend Weight Watchers! YOu could def lose the weight.

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Definitely take ‘before’ pictures of yourself and continue with diet and exercise-keep taking update pictures every 2-4 weeks…depending on how strenuous your regime is 🙂  When you start to see the changes, it will be a great motivation!  Consider even taking measurements along with the photos! :))  You can DEFINITELY do this!!  Keep us posted on your progress-that in itself helps me to get my booty in gear-I want to be able to post with pride in my accomplishments!

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Mmm-sorry, this was an afterthought;

I personally keep a small planner where I record how much I exercise daily-it makes me feel better to see all that I’ve done as time passes and I know that if I’ve done that much, it would be a waste to not keep it up!

Hope this all helps!

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Congrats on your 8lbs loss! It is a start!

There is no magic way to lose weight it takes eating right and cardiovascular exercise! (sorry) A realistic weight loss goal in 2lbs per week – this is healthy weight loss and it allows your skin to shrink with your shrinking body so that you don’t have excess skin!

I am on weight watchers as many have also said above – what is great about it is that you are eating real foods that you normally eat and so you wont feel as deprived as you do on other diets and another thing is that it helps with portion control – this is huge – people can eat healthy foods but they still eat TOO MUCH of that healthy food and so they still gain weight – It is all about calories in vs. calories out!!!!!!

I also suggest to only weigh yourself once a week! If you weigh yourself more often you may get frustrated as we know our weight fluctuates throughout the day and it fluctuates day by day – if you weight yourself first thing in the morning monday mornings after you go to the bathroom every week you will have the best representation of weight loss (If you are bad on weekends choose another day)

The more calories you burn the better – so do some cardio cardio cardio (this will also allow you to eat more points on weight watchers). Weight lifting burns calories also but not to the same extent so cardio should be your main exercise focus! Weights can be good as they will help to tone you up and they actually make the fat on your body sit a little better so it helps with overall esthetics – if you want to incorporate a weight fitness program with your cardio do a circuit type program – the higher your heart rate is while doing anything the more calories you are burning! There are 3500 calories per pound so every little bit of calorie burning helps!!!!

I wish you all the best of luck – and the hive is a great place to come for motivation! 

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