(Closed) Help me choose: G/SI2 0.49ct or H/SI1 0.46ct

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dojowedding :  Are we looking at the same setting? You selected a winner in my eyes.

This is a prong setting for the shank/shoulder. No pave. The stones only are set about 1/2 down the band. Width of the band is 1.8-2.0.

Details to check:

  1. Decide if you want the center diamond high or low in the halo. See below. If not low as possible, then find a picture that looks like what you want and send to them. I recommend a low set stone, but that is my preference.
  2. Ask if for your selected diamond, will there by an ‘airline’. If so, make sure you like that look. If not, see what they can do. I can’t tell in the videos.
  3. Ask if they can make sure the diamonds on the two rings do not project beyond the band edge, so there is no rubbing of diamonds on metal or diamonds. The video suggests this is not an issue, but ask.
  4. Tell them that you’d like all the melee to be “eye-clean” with excellent/ideal cut. The melee will be F/G, so keep your center within 2 colors (H/I) to keep the contrast down. In platinum, I’d only go below I if the gemologist says it will not contrast. JA has them on staff, so don’t hesitate to have them review your stones.
  5. Once you select a few potential diamonds, as the JA gemologist to review them and tell you if they are eye-clean (SI or below), have any issues from fluorescence or clouds, etc. If you can find a SI1 that is eye-clean, that can be a real cost savings.But, don’t have JA select your stone from the pool. Get PS members to help. They are pretty amazing.

If all that checks out, this is winner and you get a gold star for taking advice from a bossy bee!


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dojowedding :  A jeweler should be able to tell you whether the stone you are buying has strong fluorescence or not as it directly affects the price! I would maybe try looking around elsewhere if the person you are dealing with doesn’t have answers to standard questions! The stronger the fluorescence the more is taken off the price BUT I have read that some people find the blue in the fluorescence can offset the yellow of a diamond in a lower color category so sometimes it can actually aid your stone in appearing more white. One thing to note is that strong fluor can usually be linked to hazy or cloudy diamonds so be aware of that when looking.

Also like others have said: more sparkle can also indicate a high grade cut of the diamond which is super important because an execllent cut will help the diamond shine and show off it’s beuaty! 🙂

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dojowedding :  Well, you’ve caught me being imprecise. Pave really just refers to the diamond placement that results in “paving” the surface with closely placed diamonds showing little metal.  How each diamond is held is the setting-type (bead, prong, fishtail, etc.). So, JA is accurate in saying they are pave-set, but the setting type for your selected setting is fishtail/shared prongs for the side-stones. That is good!

If the setting diamonds will be F/G, you can safely choose a D, E, F, G, H, I  (with gemologist input on color) for the main stone. Unless you want a contrast (some do), you are looking to stay within a color range that does not contrast with the other diamonds. There are J that can face-up white, but then I’d ask for a G/H melee.

One more point about the setting, platinum is the best choice with pave of any type In My Humble Opinion. But, just be aware that platinum does not want to stay shiny. It is a dense but squishy metal. That squishiness is why it is great for pave…it is easier to work and will hold the stone better if damaged (bends not breaks). But, that squishy metal will not hold a high-shine for long. So, think of your aesthetic.

If you really want a shiny setting that will stay shiny, then white gold is a better choice (although it will require re-plating [email protected]$100-200/time). Most US white gold contains nickel, which can be an issue for some. For platinum, confirm they use 95plat/5ruthenium, or 90plat/10iridium (I think they do). These are the hardest of the platinum alloys.You can help with any reaction to any ring by drying thoroughly under it and don’t wear it to bed. Give you finger a chance to dry out (and clean it frequently!).

I personally love the patina that platinum develops and actually ask for a very fine brush finish on the large metal surfaces (inside and under the hand) (not prongs) on most of my platinum jewelry just to get the process started and evenly! 

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dojowedding :  Great news.

The way I’d post for input is my ‘all in’ price for diamond + setting + taxes/fees (put wedding ring aside for now). Find a few diamonds on JA that you can post that you think meet your criteria.  There are lurkers that will snatch stones. So, be clear on your budget and act fast once you find some good options.  

Keep being open to ideas if they recommend other settings in your price range. They may have seen a particular setting IRL and can give you that perspective.  Just ask them the same questions you ask me…make sure you understand their suggestions or why they don’t recommend a setting (opinion, aesthetic, durability, IRL experience, unhappy poster) so you know what is best for you. 

In any case, I’ll lurk over there and see what the Prosumers have to say. I’m always learning myself 😉

Please post your final ring over here 🙂


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dojowedding :  I’m lurking on PS. Keep hanging out and see if you get advice from Gypsy, Diamondseeker2006, tyty333, Yssie, or msop04. They are the frequent posters and top folks for finding wonderful stones. 

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