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Honey bee
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Protein definitely helps. How about protein milkshakes if you don’t like meat?

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Honey bee
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I would say to add “good” fats and proteins like nuts, avocados, eggs, etc. And maybe some ice cream, milkshakes…

Also, maybe cut down the walk a little?  I’m not even pregnant and I don’t walk that much everyday!  (And I live in Manhattan and don’t have a car!)

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Bumble bee
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I took a sports nutrition class way back and I recall the prof saying the best way to put on weight is to drink lots of juices…you can aim for the healthy ones with natural sugars but don’t go for the diet ones.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Hm. I have a friend who had to gain weight and it was really tough for her–to do it healthfully, anyways. Made me think about the other spectrum, ya know? She said she ate a lot of full fat, full sugar foods (switching from things like Splenda to regular sugar in her ice teas and stuff) and tried to make sure she always had some carbs in her meals. As women I think we shy away from carbs in general, but shoot, I’d use this as an excuse to have some french bread with pesto (olive oil is good for you!), a baked potato, etc with your dinner. A fully rounded dinner–salad, starch, vegetable, protein, some bread. I’d use a calculator to determine how many calories you need to eat per day and then add in, say, an extra 500 calories if that’s what it is. 500 always seems reasonable w/o stuffing yourself. Two snacks or a bowl of ice cream in the evening. My friend switched from working out to JUST yoga. Which I’d imagine would be super good for you, since you’re pregnant. I’d start having an extra glass or two of milk a day, too, if it doesn’t make you sick.

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Bumble bee

Hmm, I second avacado and juices.  Also pasta, cheeses, potatoes, pancakes.  For snacks try less dried fruit and more waffles.  Also maybe cut down on the walking (just for now, you could resume a little later in the pregnancy). 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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LOL Oh I can help you gain weight. Think donuts :D… and cookies!! All the yummy foods you have never really eaten.  You maybe should increase your portion size as well. 

Eating sweets and satisfying my cravings for everything and not being modest on ANYTHING helped me gain a lb a month since M and I started dating… oh yeah I don’t do any exercise at all. (Yeah all this has to change).

eta congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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Bee Keeper
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I pretty much second everyone else…eat a little more of the good fats and proteins and walk a little bit less. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee

Stew!  And if meat is hard to keep down try a different way of preparing meat?  Something that will camouflage the taste?  Meat is good for you in moderation and would probably help with the weight.

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Sugar bee
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My girlfriend had the same issue in her pregnancy, she was able to increase her weight gain by eating lots of avocados (she became a guacamole junkie), and keeping ziplock bags of almonds to snack on all the time, she also switched to drinking fruit smoothies, and fruit juices instead of water and iced tea.

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Buzzing bee
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How about:

Boiled eggs for a snack (if you don’t especially like eggs, maybe try getting farm fresh eggs, we just got some and OMG they are WAY better than store eggs, even organic store eggs).

Fruit smoothies – low fat yogurt and fresh fruit (maybe w/ a scoop of icecream as a splurge)

Avocados – plain or as guacamole or in any number of tacos combinations, also good in salads

Nuts – plain for snacking, or peanut butter on toast.

If you don’t want to be particularly healthy, my favorite indulgences (and guaranteed to pack on some pounds!):

GRAVY (real gravy)
Mashed potatoes
Risotto (made with butter)
Fresh made bread with butter

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Helper bee
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Think larger portions and well-balanced meals. Protein and healthy fats are great, if you can’t keep down meat try eggs (best protein there is!), nuts, avocados, etc. Complex carbs are good too, and a great reason to indulge! While sugars are calorie rich, they aren’t that great as they produce insulin spikes and increase the risk of gestational diabetes. Keep something you like around at all times to snack on, and good luck!

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Bumble bee

Butter in everything!  Makes it taste better.  Milk and half and half in your tea/potatoes/coffee.  This is fun… (Sorry, I know this is a not so fun issue for you in real life, but it is fun to come up with suggestions).

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Honey bee
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Don’t! My Dr told me the same thing while i was pregnant, and it ended up biting me in my HUGE ass at the end! I didn’t gain any weight until the end, when i ballooned!!!! You may just not be gaining a lot right now, but you will start. I have had a couple girlfriends too whose wieghts were way low but ended up being perfect at the end.

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