Help me get my baby in his bassinet

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Helper bee

hmm every baby is SO different so I cant really say what worked for us… 

– Do you swaddle?

– Do you put him to sleep first, then lay down? or awake?

– Does he take to a soother?


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Does he have to sleep in the bassinet? My son slept in his rock n play til he was like two months old and then we transitioned him to the crib (in a swaddle)

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Buzzing bee
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Our daughter loved staring at anything that rotated through different colors.  When she was about 3 months old, my great aunt gave her this little snowman from the drug store that lit up and cycled through different colors.  (Kind of a weird thing to give a baby- it was not made for babies at all)  But we set it outside her bassinet one night where she could see it, and she was mesmerized.  She also liked staring at a color changing plastic ice cube that came in a cocktail I got in Disney World.  (I know, also weird!)

We also used a little sound machine that played a heartbeat noise whenever she was falling asleep.

If all else failed, we let her fall asleep on our bed and then transferred her into the bassinet.  Sometimes she would wake up again but most often she would not.  


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We had a little box that vibrated the mattress and played music. They also have sound and light machines that you can put in there. Try all kinds of different things. Is the bassinet in your room? Can you put it next to your bed for now?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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BeeinBlush :  does your bassinet have a vibrate option (like the halo?) if so my daughter loved that! I would also swaddle and use a fan/noise machine. Oddly enough my daughter refused to sleep without socks at that age lol. Unfortunately at this age you just need to keep trying everything until something works. Do you have a swing? We had a lot of swing naps around that age…

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My second baby was a terrible sleeper.  He really preferred to sleep on top of me.  He wouldn’t take a pacifier, hated the swaddle, hated everything really (rock n play, swing, car seat, bouncer).  I did let him sleep on me part of the time so I don’t know if that helps but every time I could I would try to transfer him to his crib (we went straight to a crib).  I used blackout curtains and noise machine from day one (we started with crib in our room and then I ended up moving his around 8mo).  Eventually he accepted it more and would at least sleep in there some. I would NOT let a 5 week old cry so you might just have to keep picking up/putting down for now until he gets it. 

I also did the same with my first- pick up/put down, although she was an easier baby.  Eventually they get it. At 5 weeks, I nursed them to sleep and tried to transfer when they were asleep.

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Echoing L Genz: Both of my babies slept in their rock n plays mostly until we transitioned to the crib.

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Sugar bee
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I just want to note that sleeping in rock n plays is not recommended, because being at an incline increases the risk of SIDS.  Sleeping in rock n plays can contribute to the flat head syndrome where they have to eventually wear a helmet for a while to correct it.  I’m not here to argue about it but just wanted to note those points.

Echoing others: have you tried swaddling?  White noise?  A vibrating bassinet?  Patting and shushing while he’s still lying in there?  

Apparently they get peak-level fussy at 6 weeks and then it gets better… :/

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Bumble bee
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My son had reflux and couldn’t get comfortable sleeping flat, so he slept in his swing for the first while until we transitioned him to his crib.

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Busy bee
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Agree with previous posts- my kids hated laying flat- both were reflux kids.  We had them sleeping in bouncy seats, rock and plays, and even propped up on a boppy situation- essentially breaking all of the “safe sleep” rules (and my husband is a pediarician!) but we needed to get some sleep.  We’re currently transitioning my youngest to a crib- and sort of struggling.  I think you’re in good company with a kiddo who doesn’t like their bassinet 🙂

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Helper bee
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Have you tried a sleepyhead or a babymoov sleep positioner? My son definitely settled much more easily in ours. Though, I admit that he spent many nights sleeping on my chest because sometimes it was the only way for us both to get some rest. 

Also, another vote for white noise. It really helped settle my son. We had to experiment with a few different sounds though, my son preferred a hairdryer noise. 

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Aw I’m sorry bee that sounds super hard.

I know nothing but the fact he is 5 weeks jumped out at me.. I know wonder weeks marks 5 weeks as a fussy time due to baby’s first developmental leap. I haven’t actually read the chapter yet so I have no clue if it’s related or not, but I thought I’d throw it out there?

Good luck!

Oh! And there are weighed swaddles/skeep sacks some ppl swear by. Some babies are very soothed by the 1-2 oz of weight on their chest that feels like Mama’s hand.  The brand is Nested Bean.  No personal experience obviously but i’ll try it out if my baby has similar issues.

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amanda1988 :  we used nested bean swaddles and I really liked them 

We also used a magic Merlin suit and a dockatot at other times, we tried anything and everything. My son is 2 now and I still swear by the white noise machine. Ironically our very expensive halo bassinet got like two uses.

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Bumble Beekeeper

swaddling is magic. there are lots of different kinds. We have a routine of swaddle, then breastfeed, and then she’s sound asleep. I’ll admit it’s harder when it comes to naps during the day though. 

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