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For right beside the door I would just do a very small console table – like a taller nightstand. I actually have an antique table Im using as a side table that would be great in that small space. You could put a vase with a few flowers, maybe a little bowl for keys/wallet/sunglasses….you could put candles or pictures too.

For your fridge sitaution – have you thought about doing an organized dry erase/corkboard combination? You should start using Pinterest – there are TONS of home decor ideas on there and thats where Ive been getting some of mine. If you havent checked it out you should. Definitely some DIY solutions for an organizing board – with pretty fabrics that you can pin stuff onto.

In your living room – the space behind the couch is kind of empty. I would almost add more frames to that wall. Instead of using darker frames you might want to use lighter ones – maybe like the color of the coffee table to tie things in? The black frame is just really dark. For your bedroom – the wall color is very dark so I would go with lighter curtains. Also a lighter bedspread if possible?

Sorry I dont have more suggestions – I work better with pictures but cant access them right now!  PS – if you want an invitation to Pinterest, PM me your email address and Ill send you one

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Front entry- I would suggest a narrow console table with a mirror above- everyone needs a place to check their look on the way out the door.

To replace the fridge- use the inside of your cupboard door.

For seating at the table try a bench that could be tucked under the table when not in use.

Living room- generally things (other than the furniture) are too small and too high,

When placing pictures etc, the center of the picture or the center of a grouping of objects should be at eye level.

Take out the small rug under the coffee table. It serves no purpose. If you want an area rug it should be large enough so that at least the front legs of the furniture are on the rug.

Take the small prints on the wall above the tv down. Lower the two sets of pics in the black frames so they are on either side of the tv.

Bedroom- again accessories are too small and too high.

  1. Paint all the walls the same color. After you paint the walls add something to the wall for a headboard. A beachmat framed with moulding would go with your look

Or, you could buy inexpensive sheer curtain panels to do a look like the pic above.

Or, you could move the curtains from both your windows to cover the wall behind the ned and get new longer curtains for your window.

If you leave the curtains where they are, they are too short- Add a band of fabric at the bottom(but not just a narrow strip-overlap the main fabric if necessary)

Switch the side tables. You seem to have more room on the other side of the bed. The chest of drawers looks cramped where it is.

Get a taller lamp to go on the side table or install wall sconces at the same height that are swing arm so you can adjust them for reading.

Get a slipcover for the loveseat(is that the plaid ?) you can get stretchy slipcovers at Target or K Mart for a very reasonable cost. If you can’t do that find a throw and cover the majority of the chair.

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First off, I absolutely love your kitchen! The layout, is amazing, and if we were to move anytime soon, I would want a kitchen like yours, just different materials. I do love your colors, they just aren’t my taste. Secondly, I would like to say, you have an awesome space to work with, and with a little extra money ( not sure if you have it) and/or time and effort, your place will look even better.

I agree with the PP, she had great suggestions, area rug, headboard, slipcover, table at entry way. Even if you had all these pieces I think you would bemissing out on a huge factor, in the whole decorating scheme. Inspiration! Your house reminds me alot of what ours use to look like, just a lot of random, nice stuff, kinda tossed together, trying to fill in the blanks. But I have since then, matured, if you will, in my decorating tastes, and know exactly what I like right now. I recently spent some time in the “country”, and am inspired by the old country cottage look. So I combining beach cottage, and country cottage, and redecorating our house in those types of themes, think, rustic wood banister, alot of whites, blues, browns, claw foot tub, white kitchen, repainted older furnishings, etc, etc.

Once you find your inspiration, everything will fall into place. What kind of homes do you like, what makes you feel most comfortable? What kind of homes did you like as a kid? That sounds silly, but I am really trying to create an atmosphere I longer for as a child. I know I didn’t give you a whole lot of tips, as I said the PP had so many, but I hope I helped! Goodluck!

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Bee Keeper

I agree that a nice entry table would look great, tho you don’t have much space. Look around your house and find something that may work. Playing around with existing items is often the best way to get a unique look, plus it’s free!

The rug in your LR is way too small (I’d get rid of it), and the coffee table is in the middle of nowhere. It should be in front of the couch if you’re going to keep it in that room. The lamps on the sides of the couch are also way too small. Grab some books and stack them and put the lamps on top…it will give you some reading light temporarily until you can replace them. I’d also remove the valance on the window.You do also need to lower just about everything on your walls. My husband always hangs everything at nosebleed height too, but if hanging things on the wall, they need to tie into whatever is below them to make a more cohesive look.

Can your bed be placed and centered on that accent wall instead of where it is now? If you try it that way, it will give you some other possibilities on where to place the other pieces. Most of it is trial and error anyway, so what do you have to lose?

I like many of the other suggestions as well. Experiment!

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For the entrance, I’m guessing the space between the edge of the door and the start of the carpet is about  24-30″ based on the tiles on the floor, you could use a shelf like this in lieu of a table:

or a half round table like this

Foyer Table

With your husband being so tall and you being, shall we say “height-challenged”, I suggest you split the differnce. If you lower the things on the wall so the center is about 5’6″ to 5’8″, they will look more connected to the furniture pieces.

Try just moving the things you have around a bit and see if you like the look.

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You are right- you don’t want it to stick out too far. Even 6″ -8″is enough to give you a place to put keys and have a mirror above. I notice you do have an electric outlet on that wall so you could fund a buffet lamp to put on the shelf. They are tall and narrow.

I have seen those kind of shelves and half round tables at Target. You could even find an antique or vintage table and cut it in half. You can use a couple of  L brackets to bolt it to the wall.

I really like your bedding and the wall colors are perfect so I would definitely keep that and just try  a few of the other ideas.

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Bee Keeper



Here are some pictures for ideas for you. Not everyone knows what to do or how to make the best use of the space they have, so it’s always good to see some other designs and decide what kinds of things you like and that may work for you.

The curtain/drape thing always makes me a little crazy, since many people hang them wrong. In your BR, it looks like all you have to do is lower the rods and if possible, extend them beyond the window frame. If you widen the rods, you can then leave the curtains hanging straight down(get rid of the valances if they aren’t attached to the panels),framing the windows and making them appear larger. Center your bed between them and make that the focal point of your BR. Hang the things you have over your bed now, but lower them and keep them closer together instead of spreading them out so much. If you do that, the absence of a headboard won’t even be noticed. You can then probably move one of the dressers to hold the TV and play with the rest.

Only you know best how your family lives, and you do have to make some concessions for that. While I do like the rug, it really is too small. Any chance you can get the same thing but larger? Then you can put it in front of the couch with the table in front of it….

How wide and tall is that table in front of your kitchen island? Have you ever considered putting it behind the couch and placing those lamps on either side? It would push your couch out a bit farther in the room, but it would lighten that area by bringing the light higher up in the room.

I hope you try a few different things out and live with them for a few days before deciding. What you have now may work the best, but there may be a way to make it work much better too. Never know until you try!

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Sugar bee
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Your idea about the living room isn’t crazy at all.  I think it would look nice if you moved the couch in toward the TV more, and then put the console table on the wall where it used to be. 

Watch HGTV and see what they do–you’ll get lots of ideas!

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I was going to suggest using that door beside your refrigerator to hold a corkboard or something for all your notes!

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