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Quick note, diet wise: Please try a low carb diet if you want to lose weight. Done properly it’s safe and quick and you don’t feel hungry and miserable, and it’s OK if you don’t work out much. You’ll lose fat regardless. Biggest two tips: write down everything you eat, and make sure you get a lot of dietary fat. It sounds backwards but getting good fats (especially animal fats) can really help your low-carb diet to succeed better.

That said, don’t let anyone pressure you into losing weight if you don’t feel like it.

Skirt wise: You look like you have nice legs. Try highlighting them with a skirt that’s a bit above the knee, and if you feel self-conscious about your butt, you can always wear a tailored blazer. Cardigans are OK too, but a few things will highlight your best parts like a blazer that fits really well. Don’t try to COVER your butt with it, get a length that brushes it instead. It’ll flatter your butt instead of trying to hide it.

A-line is always good

Nude pumps are an obvious pick, but anything in the same color as your favorite tights is also awesome and has the same effect. (A few good pairs of black tights can turn an otherwise wardrobe amazing as they support  and slim the whole thigh/stomach/leg region.)

Take a whole day and go jean shopping. It will be exhausting, but you have to find 3-4 pairs that fit and make you look great. Splurge on them. It’s beyond worth it when you don’t feel like the effort of putting together an outfit and you can go jeans, heels, almost any shirt, done. 

One more tip: Get a professional to fit you for a bra if you haven’t yet. A bra that fits vs. one that doesn’t can shave the appearance of many pounds off your torso.

Definitely ask a stylist about the hair thing, I’m no expert, but I know the magic an awesome haircut can do.

FWIW I find clutches annoying, but that’s just me. Haha.

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@KellyLouise:  Hey!! first off i am also horrible at fashion so I am not gonna give any advice there but I am in my internship to become a Registered Dietitian so I can help with the diet! ๐Ÿ™‚

To start I disagree with the low carb diet. Your brain runs off of carbs and you need them to function. Do I think you should go carb crazy? no, but dont cut them out completely either. The first thing you should do is get yourself a nice diary and write down everything you eat. (This may help you stop eating something you know isnt good for you bc you dont want to put it in the book) Also no food is bad, everything is okay in moderation. If you would like help pm me and I can help you calculate an appopriate amount of calories you should consume each day to loose weight. For starters tho, I would try to make all of your grains whole grain, ie whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta etc. This will help you feel full longer and will also add fiber to your diet. Make sure you eat 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits. Try to add at least one fruit and one veggie at each meal and as snack and you will find you wont be hungry and craving those food you know arent the greatest. It also helps to drink A LOT of water throughout the day, not only will you stay hydrated but you may find all those times you were hungry your body actually was thirsty.

In general I would recommend and high fiber, low to moderate fat diet with adequate fluids. A way to achieve this is lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and trying to reduce your milk and dairy product to low fat/ fat free.

I hope this helps, Im kinda all over the place- sorry 3 hours of sleep can do that lol

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What hair color do you have now and what length? Do you have a recent picture (I’m sort of obsessed with hair)? 

I would try a jean that is straight all the way down, not a skinny jean. You want to appear taller and skinny jeans will NOT do that. You want a straight legged jean. I agree with the nude pumps, but EVERY lady needs a pair of black pumps as well. I’m a big fan of splashes of color and I like to get that in my shoes. So if you wear something simple like a straight jean and subtly colored shirt you can add pops of color with jewelry and shoes. 

Also shirts with patterns help slim and a jacket with a great waist line. 

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@bella731:  Not true, or at least not ALL true. Your brain runs on glucose, which is usually converted from carbs by your body, because that’s what’s available, but if you make it use fats instead of carbs to make fuel, you end up with a better fuel that actually “burns” more steadily.  

A low fat diet WILL increase hunger and cravings, and can sometimes cause depression and inability to focus.  

There’s a lot of shifting in this information right now — I know you’re around experts but I’ve gotten a lot of awful advice from experts before… so I think it’s worth looking at some of this stuff. I know higher fat/lower GI has done WONDERS for everyone I know that’s tried it. My mom went from obese with horrible blood numbers, no energy, and massive mood swings, to only slightly overweight with perfect numbers, boundless energy, and much more stability. But that’s just anecdotal. I have some sources.

Coastal Virginia



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I highly recommend Asos.com ๐Ÿ™‚

I work in fashion advertising, and we have to dress “fashion-professional.” When I started a year ago, I felt so frumpy/unglamorous when I went out with my colleagues. Nevermind the fact that I have extra curves and they’re all in fantastic shape, of course. It was hard to find something that made good use of my limited wardrobe budget.

I used to shop at Forever 21 a lot, and I still go there if I need cheap basics or quick fixes and don’t care as much about long-lasting wear. Their stuff is hit or miss, very trendy, but doesn’t last more than a few months.

But Asos has fantastic quality and unique styles. They have a nice mix of classic, professional and fun/flirty/special pieces. When you catch stuff on sale, it’s SO worth it. The cuts have all been very flattering on my frame and the shipping is always free. I know it can be scary to order online, but their return/exchange shipping is also free, so you really can’t lose.

Hope this helps!!

P.S.: I adore your dress. Lovely!

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One more thing! (sorry for multiple responses..hehe) One of my coworkers has a similar complexion as yours. She recently dyed her hair this color and it looks really great. Maybe something you could consider!


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A low carbohydrate, high fat diet restricts carbohydrates to less than 20% of calories, maybe even as low as 10% in the beginning, which fat being 55-65% of calories and the remaining protein. Protein that is obtained from animal sources means that fat, saturated fat and cholesterol intakes are all high. Although these diets feature high ketone production they suppress appetite to only a MINOR degree. Not only can these fad diets lead to nutrient deficiencies the initial rapid weight loss from dieresis is secondary to the carbohydrate restriction. Diets such as The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution and South Beach Diet all restrict carb intake to less than 40% total calorie intake. This diet claims to keep insulin in check, which is blamed for fat storage. Weight loss is caused not because insulin is kept in a normal range but because calories are restricted. The Evidence Analysis Library examined 14 studies on the effectiveness of the low carb diet. Consuming a low carbohydrate diet compared to a reduced calorie diet proved no difference; both lowered the total caloric intake.

Also animal sources are not good fat sources!!

High polyunsaturated fatty acid and monounsaturated fatty acid intake can lower triglycerides, raise HDL cholesterol and lower LDL. Your diet should be lower in saturated fatty acids as well as trans fats. Animal fats provide 2/3 of the saturated fatty acids in the American diet, these foods should be LIMITED. High fat choices should be omitted and low fat included. Healthy fat sources include fish, especially oily fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, such as olive oil.  Trans fats should be AVOIDED! They are produced in the hydrogenation process used in the food industry to increase the shelf life of foods- these include margarines, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (most of your baked goods) You really should not consume more than 1-3gms of trans fat per day.

Mahan K, Escott S. Krause’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process. 13th ed. St Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders; 2012.



**also about your mother, that may be true but if she has an underlying condition such as Diabetes (which is sounds like-having high blood sugar levels) then yes a carbohydrate consistent diet is appropriate for her to control the amount of glucose in her blood. So hence once her blood sugar level was under control she was able to loose the weight. A normal person without diabetes does not need to restrict carbohydrates to loose weight, they need to restrict their total  caloric intake in general.

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@KellyLouise:  Since you asked for FASHION ADVICE, here’s my two cents:

Based on your body shape, I would look into colored toothpick-style denim with a little bit of stretch. Like PP said, it looks like you have nice legs and having a colored pant is fashion-forward and will draw attention to your legs rather than your tummy/hip region.

Whenever I gain weight around my midsection, I like to camouflage it with a thin, drapey sweater in a neutral color (black, camel, charcoal). The drape ensures that your top doesn’t cling to any lumps or bumps and it looks intentional.

Also, see if you can find any statement necklaces to draw attention to your face. You have a cute smile and great hair color, so you should really try to highlight that. If you want to change your hair color, I think a dark auburn would look amazing on you: 

As for clutches, this gold pouch (http://www.target.com/p/marc-jacobs-pouch-gold/-/A-14210325#prodSlot=medium_1_24) will do the trick. It has a subtle designer logo and pouches like these are all the rage. Plus, it’s 50% off!

For work, I suggest pencil skirts. Christina Hendricks totally pulls them off in Mad Men and that woman is all hips! Just make sure to size up if you see any pulling across the hips.

I really have to commend you for saving for your house, but I’m glad you are splurging to give yourself a confidence boost. Best of luck to you!

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Not actually helpful, but you look gorgeous in your photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Blazers & skirts. When I was an EA that was my uniform, can’t imagine living without those staples now.

Things I love right now are Banana Republic and sequins.

I did just recently buy one sweater to keep at work which I could throw over anything and everything when I get cold. I think it was this one and would probably look really flattering on anyone.

Updating a wardrobe on $700 when you’re not a big “shopping” person sounds really tough. One piece of advice I can give is to wait until January. January is cheeeeeeeap. Also, identify a few stores you want to shop at and sign up for emails from them. You’ll get offers in emails you won’t see in stores.

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Helper bee

Girl, you are cute as hell.

I don’t have a whole lot of advise. Some people are saying stay away from skinny jeans but I think they are generally attractive on all women. The only time they’re horrible is when a size 14 girl is in size 6. Aeeee!

An idea: go to Target or Forever 21 where there is a lot of trendy, cheap clothing for sale. Try a bunch of stuff on. You’ll get an idea of at least what sort of vibe you like. And at $12-20 a top, it’s easy to try fresh, trendy things without blowing the whole wad. 


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Hi, I love shopping at Forever 21 (idk if they have that in Australia though). I can get some great stuff (not everything is trendy) at a great price so as you lose weight (if you choose to) you won’t have spent a lot of money of things that no longer fit; tailoring in my experience can get expensive. Target and Kohl’s also have some great stuff to choose from.

Regarding jeans it does take time, but find something that fits. I love a dark wash jean. I try to have different styles from boot cut to skinnys so I can have different looks. Look for a jean specialty shop like a levi’s as I find that they really can help you find the best fit for your body. If you don’t already have one, get a WRAP dress. They are flattering on everybody shape, and will fit your body for years since the tie is adjustable. These also work well from day to night!

Also, I recently got a fitbit and it has been the BEST gift I’ve gotten in a long time. It pushes me to be more active everyday and I think (especially having a desk job) that is the best thing to make yourself look and feel better without taking on a drastic diet.

Regarding hair and makeup: try a little more than just a little foundation and mascara. I love the one sweep eyeshadow and blush by l’oreal. Putting a little more effort in can really make you feel great without spending a lot of time on the new look. You can try different colors without breaking the bank too! I liked another bee’s suggestion of Emma Stone’s hair color a sweep bang would look great on your face shape imo.

Good Luck!

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Busy bee

I like the picture of Emma Stone that somethingaquamarine posted. I think that the dark auburn would be really beautiful on you, and for haircut, I think you could definitely pull off bangs!

You could do the side bang, layered look like these pictures of Christina Hendricks and Sara Rue:

Or the full front bang look! (I think you look like Sara Rue, so I’m providing you with pictures of her so you can better imagine what the hairstyle would look like on you Smile)

Like this:

But with fuller bangs like this:

I don’t think you need to invest in a lot of make-up just to look good. You should focus on taking care of your skin. Make-up is great, and there are some really cool things that you can do with it, but when I’m looking at women on the street, I find that I’m more drawn to admiring women with great skin. I’ll be like oh gosh! I wonder what her secret to beautiful skin is! There’s nothing like a natural, fresh faced look (like how you look in your wedding pic!) so if you’re tired, staying up late, etc … I would just get a little under eye concealer and dab it under the eyes to hide any dark shadows, and dot a little highlighter on the inner corner of your eye, next to your tear duct, and line just a little on your bottom lash line close to the outer corner of your eye. It’ll brighten and open up your eyes on a day when you may not be feeling so fresh. And a great “lazy” trick is to invest in a bright lipstick. When you have to go out with your friends, just slick on the bright lipstick. It’ll give you the little edge you need, without the effort (look back @ Christina Hendricks, she’s a great example of someone who uses a bright bold lipstick color)

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First of all, you look beautiful just as you are!  If you’re looking to switch things up, though, I like the other posters’ ideas about bangs.  Just be sure to take into consideration your hair type.  Is your hair naturally curly or wavy?  You might have to put in a little extra effort “taming” your bangs if that’s the case.


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