(Closed) help me stop puppy nipping/ mouthing please….

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chica95110:  What is nipping?  As far as the chew toy…she’s so little and if you’ve only had her for a few days it will take her time to get used to the toys.  It took our puppy a few weeks before she even knew what the toy was and then a few more weeks before she really started playing with her toys.  They have to adjust to them…she’ll get there though 🙂 We also bought probably 5 different toys for her, so she could figure out which one she liked.  Just remember…she’s a puppy..so you guys will kinda figure everything out together…I know thats what basically happened with us.

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chica95110:  The first thing I would do is get toys, lots of rubbery, textured toys and treats. Things that will keep them busy and focused. Our two Bostons are not innocent by any means, but we worked with them and made time to play with them to train them.

Don’t leave things laying around that you don’t want your puppy to get a hold of, and close doors where you know they can sneak off to. Our youngest Boston started chewing on our stair rails while we were at work. We did some research and saw a suggestion of mixing vinegar with water, putting it in a spray bottle and spraying the areas so they avoid them and it seemed to really work. If they are nipping at people, we would immediately put them in their kennel and tell them NO. I know it is hard to catch them when they chew on things, but when we would, we would do the same thing.

Really, it is just patience and consistency. They are smart and will figure it out over time.

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If you’ve had the puppy less than 72 hours, you need to give her time and patience. She isn’t just going to pick up on your training cues in a few days. I had a puppy that nipped and it took weeks, maybe even a month or two, before he started to understand. I understand the urgency becuase getting nipped sucks, but you need to be patient.

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I also had a VERY nippy puppy. She’s a herding breed so nipping came naturally. There are four things I found helpful

1) Spray bottle. If she nipped me, I sprayed her. I still use it now because she’s always jumping on people, puppies are a work in progress! 

2) Ignoring. If I was on the ground playing with her and she bit me, I stood up and turned away from her. All she wanted to do was play, so this was a punishment for her. 

3) Yelped. This is how puppies communicate that they’re playing too roughly. Even if you feel stupid, yelp loudly when your puppy bites! This was really effective for me. Your puppy doesn’t mean to hurt you she just doesn’t know her own strength. 

4) Time out room. This is if my puppy was REALLY bad. I used a bathroom, I’d put my puppy in and left her there for no more than 3 minutes. I only had to do this a couple times and she got the idea.

Don’t give up hope! My puppy was a real challenge and now she is the most wonderful, loyal, and intelligent dog at just one year old. 

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you could try using bitter apple spray to discourage her from chewing on shoes on such. i would even spray it on my hands/arms sometimes when i was playing with my puppies and it seemed to help (just make sure you wash your hands afterwards). you could also do the water and vinegar thing that someone suggested. my puppy hates the smell of vinegar. one time i had just finished cleaning her crate with water and vinegar and she ran in when i wasn’t looking and she totally freaked, haha. she couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

just remember that the destructive puppy phase doesn’t last forever. good luck!

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chica95110:  YOU NEED TO TIRE HER OUT!

My puppy was really bad with nipping us. She would not stop when she wanted to play. It stopped when we started taking her to the dog park 3-4 times a week. I am not sure if there are any off-leash parks for dogs near you – but they play with other dogs and can tire eachother out.

If not, go to a big field and throw around a ball, take her for long nice walks (or runs), make a friend with a puppy etc. 

You should emphasize “NO” whens he does it. I know it seems like they arent listening, but eventually they will pick it up. The best thing is to take a toy and try to get her to play with that instead of nipping you. 

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Why did you not buy a book on dog training before getting the dog? I hope the dog has been to the vet to be checked out now that’s it’s home. 

Nipping is normal baby dog behavior. It will learn how hard is too hard through normal play. When it bites a hand, yelp or say NO and turn your back to him/her. Anything it chews on that is not his/hers should have been removed from the area in the first place, but if he/she finds something,say NO, remove it and give him/her a toy and encourage play with that object. 

You should talk to your vet about a dog training program for consitency. You should do this while the dog is young to avoid issues later. 

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If she bites your hands while playing, give a stern NO, immediately stop playing, get up and leave. Ignore her for a few minutes. You can also try offering a chewable toy and see if she redirects to that. If she bites your feet while you’re walking, stop moving completely and be boring. If she doesn’t get the hint, a 5 minute time out worked amazingly for us. Heck my dogs are 4 and 5 and we can still threaten them with the dreaded “do you need a time out?” and they immediately shape up even though we haven’t done it in years, lol.

Be careful if you use the bitter apple spray. It doesn’t always come off after washing your hands. Learned that the hard way after making tacos for dinner. >.>;

I would not recommend a dog park or “forced” exercise (running/very long walks or hikes) at that age. I’d wait until at least 6 months for the dog park, and a year for running or excessive hiking/running to allow the bones and joints to grow appropriately.

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allinoelle:  I’m having the same problem as OP… but yelping is the worst thing to do in my puppys case. Everytime she gets me, I say ow very loudly (bc it really does really hurt) and that sends her into a crazy massive barking trip and then she pees everywhere. Ughh. I have no idea what I’m doingwith this puppy. Haha

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I feel that you’re confusing two behaviours here. One is chewing things, which needs to be redirected so she chews the right things (ie toys). The other is nipping – ie baby biting – which needs to be stopped ASAP. I’ve found the spray bottle works well, as does ignoring. But remember this is normal puppy behaviour, she needs to learn that it is unacceptable, but you don’t need to panic about it yet. 

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