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Honey bee
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Short coated does not necessarily mean a dog won’t shed – our 2 pugs are short haired and shed like you wouldn’t believe!  Something curly haired with poodle like fur will shed a lot less than other dogs.  

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Honey bee
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They shed like crazy but they are the sweetest most eager to please dogs you will find. Our dog was a rescue (retired puppy mill breeder) and had lost her den instinct. As in she had no problem sleeping in her own feces because she had been kept in a cage so small that that was her only option for the majority of her life. She was house trained in about a week because she realized that we liked it when she went outside instead of in the apartment.

Ours is 19lbs which is breed standard. She loves living in an apartment and sleeps most of the day. She enjoys short walks when the weather is nice, but is fine with no walks for months at a time (she dislikes snow and asks to go back inside as soon as she’s done).

The breed has a great reputation with apartments because of their size and temperament.

Our dog also does not bark unless absolutely necessary (altho some cavies bark a little more, most don’t bark much). She prefers under the breath sighs and tapping you to get your attention.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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A poodle mix might be a good option?

Don’t get a corgi. lol.


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Busy bee
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Ive got a dobe right now. She is the light of my life. Absolutely amazing breed, but very misunderstood.

im looking into rescuing a racing greyhound. they seem to have similar temperments to dobe’s, without the stigma. They are also low-shed.

ive been living in Ireland for a few years now and the racing industry there is quite tragic for these poor dogs. Alot of them dont make it to retirement :(. My dream would be to adopt one and bring it back to canada with me when i finally move back.

italian grehounds are also alot of fun and have a great temperment, but its hard to find a breeder, so id say there would be very few in the recues and shelters.

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Bumble bee
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How about a Shiba Inu?


He’s about 26 lbs. And he’s overweight. He’s overall a pretty good dog. He likes his walks, but isn’t too too typer.  

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Busy bee
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@sugarcube:  I am absolutely pitt-bull biased.  I think they’re amazing dogs and all of the neg stereotypes about them are complete ignorance and lack of training.  However, if you really want to help a dog who most desparately needs a home – ask your shelter who needs the most help! Also – most importantly- thank you for adopting instead of buying!!!!

if shedding/dander is an issue, Nature’s Miracle makes dog shampoos that diminish dander and shedding – I have:


and it totally works! I have a mild allergy and Fiance definitely has an allergy. We give our dogs (a pitt bull and a puggle) a bath once a week with this and we’re both ok!  The puggle sheds like crazy! Allie, our pittie, hardly sheds

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@sugarcube:  I love my border collie lab rescue.  He weighs between 55 and 60 pounds but it doesn’t seem like it because he’s all legs and he’s such a snuggler that he seems smaller than he is.

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Bumble bee

Check out Petfinder and see what breeds are common in your area. Research their temperments, etc and make sure you stick to a training plan.

ETA: If you’re renting still I’d avoid commonly banned breeds – such a terrible practice but exists and it is a lot harder to find a new home when you have a dog that is discriminated against.


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Bumble bee
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How about a greyhound?  They’re lazy as hell and very loving dogs.  My best friend has adopted 2 over the past several years.


ETA…I adopted a puggle (pug/beagle mix) and she’s not high activity  and very loving.  However, she has major allergies.  In fact, both my puggles have allergies but her’s are really, really bad.  Make sure you check the breeds of the mix for any problems.  I knew what I was getting into with her because I already had an allergic dog.  πŸ™‚


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Buzzing bee
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A cockapoo (cocker spaniel-poodle mix) might be good for you. My girl doesn’t shed at all, the only hair that comes off her was clearly shed by the cats and ended up stuck in her coat. She’s energetic when we play with her and take her outside, but very chill inside the house, so she has no trouble going with the flow. They’re known to be intelligent and well-tempered dogs. Grooming was originally tough, but I got pet hair clippers to use at home, and now it’s easy peasy. Way better than having another shedding animal.

Size will depend on the poodle parent. My cockapoo probably came from a toy poodle, because she’s only 15 lbs, but a miniature poodle will probably produce a cockapoo more along the lines or 25-35 lbs.

I originally wanted a Cavalier, but I found my girl in a shelter and I feel very lucky that she’s such a good friendly dog and gets along so well with my other animals. 

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Busy bee
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We tried searching using breed specifications (we were very open to numerous breeds, really anything that was not toy to small in size and not traditionally known as SUPER high energy) but we weren’t able to find a good match. We eventually figured out how to describe personality and energy-level and were introduced to our 1st dog. So my suggestion is to just start meeting dogs and see what clicks!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@sugarcube:  Your rottie is beautiful!


But yeah, short hair doesnt mean low shedding. I have a JRT and he covers everything he touches with hair.

I’d say a poodle or a poodle mix is your best bet. They dont shed (the mixes may shed lightly.) Plus they’re adorable and highly trainable.

A lesser known breed is a Tibetan Terrier. I think the average size is about 35-45lbs, but they’re not very tall. They require grooming, but they are SO sweet. And the shedding is very minimal. But they arent very common, so I dont know how easy it’d be to find one.

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@sugarcube:  Your vicious rottie is SO adorable! She has the sweetest eyes! <3

I have two English Bulldogs. If you want a lazy dog, look no further, lol! They are short haired and shed about as much as a typical rottie. Females are usually 40-45 pounds, males 55-60. This is my male, at his usual Sunday morning post. πŸ™‚ Some people find them ugly, but I think they’re so ugly, they’re cute! Plus, they have amazing personalities. 

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