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She’s probably in heat. And she won’t stop until it’s over or until she’s spayed. Cats in heat are seriously the most annoying animals on the planet. And I love cats, but I can’t handle it when they’re in heat.

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Yeah I agree she is probably in heat and wants to go out to fulfill her “needs”. She should, hopefully, relax after she is spayed. A male cat could have also sprayed the front door and she is smelling that. So you might want to get some enzymatic cleaner for that if you want. Otherwise you might just have to stick it out for now.

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Oh yeah, she’s in heat.  The best way to redirect her right now is to shower her with affection.  Seriously, snuggle with her.  When they are in heat, they love, love, love attention/affection.  Our female foster cat would crouch down and “march” in place with her back legs when we gave her the least bit of attention when she was in heat.  

Fortunately, it only lasts a few days.  Also, be extremely careful entering and leaving your place, because a female cat in heat can be unbelieveably determined to sneak out to find a tom.  Also, cats can be spayed in heat, though if her appointment is next week, she will probably be out of it by then.

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Do you have any other rooms in the house that are away from the door or at least away from you?  Your cat is either in heat or just really wants to go outside.  Either way, when my cats are annoying the crap out of me, I put them in the office for a while until they chill out.  It’s their time out room.

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Spayed cats do the same thing. My dad is an animal trainer. Animals are wonderful but don’t learn the same as humans. Sorry, but snuggling is NOT going to fix it.

You need to have her learn to associate standing by the door and meowing like crazy with something negative. For example, EVERY single time she does it, you or Fiance need to say a loud stern NO! and spray her with water from one of those bottles with squirty nozzles. If she actually likes water (some cats do) then add some apple cider vinegar to it, or instead throw something that will make a loud noise NEXT to her (not at her). In order for this to work you have to pick a tactic and be very very consistant. EVERY SINGLE time you catch her, you must do it. You will get so sick of doing it, but it will work with time. She will associate her annoying meowing by the door with water sprays or a startling noise. She will learn that every time she does that, there will be a reaction, and will stop.

I love my cat, he is like our son, but unlike our other sweet girl, he is very very naughty sometimes. For example, I used similar tactics to get him to stop clawing our couch. Sprayed him every time! When he scratched at the wicker box we got him, we would give him kisses and talk in a high pitched tone.

My cat knows what kisses are and he loves them. My cat also KNOWS when he’s doing something wrong. I raise my voice and say a stern NO! and point at him, and he stops in his tracks. I also keep a spray bottle in sight, when he’s being extra bad (attacking our other kitty) all I have to do is pretend to reach for it and he will back off.

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My kitten (about the same age as yours) has only been interested in going out the door the one time she’s been in heat so far – it becomes an obsession for them to try and find a male. If she wasn’t acting like this before the past week, it’s likely related to her being in heat. There’s really not much that can be done to stop kitties in heat from some of their more annoying behaviour, but PPs are right in that if you love on her a lot and give her lots of attention, she might calm down a bit.

If she keeps up the behaviour after she’s been spayed and it bothers you, definitely be very consistent with your negative reinforcement. Find a method that works for you and for her – my cat for some odd reason loves the water bottle, even sprayed in the direction of her face, so I have found certain noises that will bother her enough to redirect her behaviour.

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