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What about getting a hot plate for your office that you can warm up a bowl of soup/water for oatmeal? Otherwise salads with some form of protein are probably your best bet. They don’t have to be boring, just keep it interesting. I eat salads often but I always let myself have a little splurge in my salad to make it more enticing, like bacon crumbles, or some walnuts.  Or, maybe a cold potato salad (I make mine with vinegar and a little bit of oil, no mayo so it wouldn’t necessarily need refridgeration).  This isn’t the recipe I use (its written down and i havent been able to find it online) but its close: http://ciaochowlinda.blogspot.com/2009/06/moms-potato-salad.html I’d cut WAY down on the oil though, just use enough oil to cover the ptoatoes. Add lots of veggies and it will keep you fuller longer.

What about a grilled chicken pita? I make grilled chicken, mix it with cucumbers, tomatos, and kalamata olives and throw it in a pita. Usually i eat it hot but it would be good cold too. 

You don’t necessarily have to have a traditional “lunch” either. You could eat chopped up veggies with hummus or salsa and some nuts for protein. 

If you have a large appetite, i recommend keeping track of what you are eating, and especially measuring portion size. Definitely try eating 5 smaller meals a day instead of breakfast/lunch/dinner. Drink lots of water to keep you full. I used to have a much bigger appetite but the more weight I lost, the more my appetite shrunk. You just get used to eating so much food and then your body needs it. If you get used to eating less, your body will eat less. 

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No one has ever gotten fat on vegetables. So eat to your hears content.

Make a really large salad for lunch. There are sooo many kinds that you can keep in interesting. Just put a ice pack on top in your lunch bag

Get a really big bed of lettuce (cut small), red onion, cucumber, tomatoes Add some chicken cooked in red hot and a little light blue cheese dressing. Add som fiber one to the top for some crunch. (Its good!)

Or buy shredded (or make your own) cabbage and carrot and radish, can of drained tuna, green onion, and some light thai peanut dressing thinned with a bit of cider vinegar. Top with some fiber one.

Make some chicken salad with green yogurt (many options for flavors curry or grape and red onion etc) top on a large bed of butter lettuce

Salad options are endless.

If you bring your own ice pack options are endless

Also snacks, hummus and veggies,

plain yogurt portioned out in the morning and toss in some frozen fruit (the fruit will defrost and keep it cold at the same time)


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You’ll be fine with a salad at room temp for a few hours, even with meat in it!  I do it all the time and lived to tell the tale, haha.  If it really bothers you, look into an insulated lunch bag and pack your lunch inside with an ice pack.

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@MeganTacky2247:  Fruits like bananas and apples fill you up and don’t have to be put in the fridge.  I get these serving size caramel dip things for the apples and are good.  Also, the single serve peanut butter packages are good with saltine crackers or something.  That stuff also fills you up fast.  There are some good healthy granola bars out there too.  You could also buy a small cooler type lunch bag and a couple of those plastic ice things (sorry, I don’t know what they’re called) and that would keep things cold enough until lunch.  Hope something helps!

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If you can hold on and let yourself be hungry sometimes your appetite will get smaller. I promise. My appetite used to be huge, and while it’s tough while you’re hungry, your body will adjust after a period of time (differs by person, could be a couple weeks could be just a few days).

I had to learn how to be really philosophical about hunger. Hunger builds self-control. Don’t starve yourself, but control your portions and then donate a buck to charity–money you’d spend on food for yourself to feed someone else who’s hungry.

I know it’s brutal, but you can do it.

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A few quick tips for dealing with hunger.

-Eat smaller portion more often.

-Are you hungry or are you thirsty? Drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. If you’re still hungry, have a snack.

-Letting yourself go hungry can lead to binging, and it slows your metabolism. Keep healthy snacks around.

-Carb snacks (or anything with gluten in it) won’t satisfy your hunger, and will make you MORE hungry. Fruits, veggies, and Greek yogurt do the trick for me.

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Definitely make salads for yourself. Add boiled cut potatoes, beans, sardines, or meat or cheese to them. They’ll last, especially if you get an insulated lunch bag. Consider making it with fresh spinach instead of lettuce, it has more nutrients.

Also eat fruit, like everyone else suggested, and lots of nuts. I buy big bags of dried fruit and nuts at BJ’s and make trail mix and snack on that often.

You can also make sandwiches for yourself on whole wheat bread. Even if they have meat, they will last if they are in an insulated lunch bag. Use mustard instead of mayo on your sandwiches, and add veggies such as tomato slices inside. My mom used to make me green pepper sandwiches at school. You hollow out a green pepper and stuff it with pieces of meat, beans, feta cheese, and some spinach leaves. I loved it and it was so healthy!

Like everyone else said, if you can get a hot plate that’s even better. You can also make bean & vegetable soup and heat it up in that, it won’t go bad.

Hard-boiled eggs usually last a while. Where I come from we hard-boil them and paint them for Easter and then keep them out at room temperature for about a week, they’re still good after that. So you can pack a few of those with some carrot or celery sticks.

Good luck!

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@Minutiae: What she said about carbs/gluten is very true. Gluten/wheat satisfies in the moment but leaves you wanting more later, which often leads to the “I’m always hungry” dilemma.

I also agree with what everyone is saying about veggies/salads! Use a good oil (evoo) as the basis of the dressing and it will leave you satisfied and you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about (evoo is ridiculously good for you in its raw state).

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