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What about some sort of vegetable curry or stir fry over rice?

Or adding in some other poultry like Cornish game hen (SO good roasted in the oven).

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What about a vegetable lasagna? You can make it with eggplant or zucchini taking the place of the noodles. Here’s one I found by googling “pasta free lasagna recipe.”

You could also try switching up how you cook the chicken and fish. Like, you could try making chicken burgers with ground chicken. I’m a huge fan of fake burgers in general, like black bean or chickpea burgers. To make those, my Fiance and I will take a can of the beans, drain them, mash up half to 2/3 of them, add spices and an egg and some breadcrumbs (for binding), and then add in the remaining whole beans. Form into patties, and you can then broil them in the oven to cook them.

For the fish, what about something different like fish tacos?

It stinks that your Fiance is so picky, but there are a lot of things you can do with the two types of protein he will eat. And who knows, maybe if he gets used to your delicious cooking, he will be more open to eating some of the things he has previously avoided.

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I’m a picky eater, too, so I feel his pain. Here’s a lot of what my family does:

  • Tacos, burritos, enchiladas
  • Breakfast dinners (pancakes, eggs, sausage, hash browns)
  • Turkey
  • Vegetable dinners. Not every meal has to really have meat. We do a lot of just different types of veggies with baked beans, mashed potatoes, etc.
  • I eat a bunch of chicken, but I’m sure you’ve got that covered :). What you could do is make chicken parmesean for him but use the marinara to make spaghetti or something for him?
  • Realize that sometimes he just has to suck it up and eat what you want to.

The last one is the curse of the picky eater, and he has to know that eventually you’re going to get burnt out on chicken and fish, lol. Occasionally make something that you really like and tell him he to make himself a sandwich. It sounds harsh, but I’m sure that’s what his parents did to him, too. If he’s like me, at least, he realizes that not everyone will conform to his oddly selective menu choices and it won’t come as a shock :).


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What about turkey? Ground turkey is great in chili, soups, tacos, etc.

Does he eat salads? You can add all sorts of things to salads to make different meals (corn, beans, chicken, artichokes, cheese, peas, etc).

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How does he feel about mushrooms? What about grilled portabella steaks? Though most picky eaters I know don’t really go for mushrooms because of the texture…

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argh! I just typed out a super long response to you and when i hit submit i somehow got logged out and lost it. rage! lol. I don’t have the energy to retype… but I’ll summarize to say that I eat similarly to your guy in that I only eat chicken and turkey (no fish even!). I try to mix things up by getting creative with pizzas and using ground turkey like ground beef. I also like to use the meatless products like spicy black bean veggie burgers and italian herb chick’n patties (morningstar). I have some really good recipes posted online, most of which meet your requirements and are also pretty healthy. They are here: http://fifteenminuteplan.wordpress.com/recipes/

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I’m just like your Fiance, I only eat poultry and fish. My man goes a little crazy with our diet, but I try my best to mix things up as often as possible.

For quick easy chicken recipes I sometimes visit websites like Martha Stewart Recipes ( http://www.marthastewart.com/food )or Cooking with Campbells ( http://www.cookwithcampbells.ca/en-ca/Home.aspx )

One of our favourites is stuffed baked chicken breasts. You cut in the middle of each chicken breast and stuff it with cream cheese and herbs (we mix it up to add variety). My Fiance loves dilly chicken (add a tsp of lemon juice and cover the chicken breast in dill seasoning or whole dill).

We also make chicken divine often. It’s a casserole of cubed chicken breast, broccoli, and creamy curry sauce topped with bread crumbs and cheese. The sauce is made from 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, yellow curry powder (to taste, usually 1/4 cup), tbs of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of mayonaise. Precook chicken. Add chicken, broccoli, and sauce to baking pan. Top with bread crumbs and grated cheese. Baked for 35 mins.

For more cooking instruction feel free to message me. We don’t eat a lot of indian cuisine, but the creamy curry is a favourite among our friends!

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I too have a picky eater FI! He admits it though. Hehe

I wish I could help but Fiance will basically only eat red meat, pork, and pasta! So we have the opposite problem here. Sorry, I know it’s not much help, just saying I think I understand your frustration! All we eat is pork chops (plain, no seasoning), tacos, and spaghetti. He eats burgers all the time too but I don’t really like burgers that much.

Would your Fiance eat turkey tacos? We go back and forth sometimes I can get him to eat turkey tacos!

I know someone mentioned just sucking it up but for my Fiance that’s not an option. He can literally get sick from the thought of trying new things. He’s done it a few times but I don’t like to push it. He gets a lot of anxiety about going to parties where there is “new” food. What I do if I want something different is just tell him he’s on his own, probably once or twice a week I’ll make myself something and he eats his own thing.

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One of our favorite things to do is make personal mini pizzas or calzones, this way he can have his favorite toppings & I can have mine too. Most grocery stores sell fresh dough all you have to do is add some sauce (get creative and try bbq, alfredo, pesto , buffalo, etc) cheeses, & toppings! Lately I’ve gotten into a veggie pizza phase with green peppers, broccli, & sugar snap peas! Yum! Good luck!

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@TinyTina:  My husband can be picky, but he has become a lot better since moving in with me.  

What would happen if you ask him to cook and gave him parameters?  I mean, if you spend your time trying to find something that he will eat, he should be willing to do the same.  🙂  This kind of worked with my husband….who really doesn’t enjoy a lot of vegetables, spicy food, salad’s that aren’t caesar, etc.  When we moved in together, I started making some meals that we could individualize (like the idea of pizzas above- I don’t like most traditional types of meat on pizza, while he dislikes almost all veggies on his).  We make wraps a lot and I also try to make healthy versions of the food he insists on eating.

It sucks when you’re the one cooking and you’re bored with the food.  

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Maybe this book would help?

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SO is a bit picky but not quite as bad – he’ll do chicken, fish and beef, bacon and ham but not pork or lamb… and guess what my favourite meats are?

So I tend to cook for what he likes when we’re eating at home and save my pork and lamb fixes for when we’re eating out… occasionally though, like previous posters have recommended, I’ll make what I want to eat and tell him that he can eat that or do for himself. Seeing I’m the one that does all the cooking, he wouldn’t dare bite the hand that feeds him LOL

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Get chicken mince and make all the mince classics with that.  Maybe you’ll need to put in some diff herbs, but it’ll still work.

Get some rice based pasta and use that for pasta dishes.  

Paella?  Risottos?  Chicken curries?  Mexican food with chicken?  

Get onto http://www.healthyfood.co.nz and do some recipe searches ;D  Great site, even if NZ based.  Also, what about watching some cooking shows on FoodTV.co.nz (or your US equivalent) or on YouTube.

Maybe look up some vegetarian recipes?  get some legumes in there etc.  Give yourself something different.  

By peppers do you mean chili peppers or capsicums?

At the end of the day cook something without the stuff he hates in it.  If he doesn’t want to eat it then let him starve.  You made the effort, so he should make the effort.  Don’t let him get too picky on you – it’s how you have to deal with children.

Oh, and if he wants to make an issue, why don’t you share the cooking duties?  get him to cook sometimes.  If he’s no good then maybe he’ll be less picky in the future 😀

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