Help! Minimalists- baby items 1 Would you want? 2 Could have done without?

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Busy bee
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I’m pretty minimalist myself with an 8 month old and here is my must haves list:

Baby Gear

Car seat/stoller combo – 1

Baby holder (swing or rocker) – 1 (pretty necessary to put baby down during the day when you need to pee or grab something in those early days)

Crib – 1 (mini cribs are great for small spaces)

*Bassinet – 1 (this may not be necessary if they get a mini crib that can fit in their bedroom)

Floor mat/baby gym – 1 (we started using this around 3 months when he wanted more entertainment during tummy time)

Highchair – 1 (best is one that can strap to a regular kitchen chair so it takes less space)

Baby carrier – 1 (we love the Boba structured carrier, but each baby is so different with these)

*Baskets for diapers/clothes/etc – (depends on her current storage space but it is so necessary to have something to sort diapers and clothes into)

*pack-n-play – 1 (necessary if traveling a lot, otherwise not)


Pump and milk storage bags – 1 (if planning to breastfeed)

Bottles – 8 (if exclusively bottle feeding, probably only need 4 if mixed breast and bottle)

Bottle brush – 1

Burp cloths – 8-10 (just plain cloth tri-fold diapers are best)

Soothers/pacifiers – 2


Warm, thick, fuzzy blankets – 3 (for cold climate)

Swaddles – 3-4 (Aden and Anias muslin ones are the BEST)

Crib sheets – 2


Sleepers (with feet) – 6-8 NB size and 8-10 0-3 month size

Sleepers (without feet) – 3-4 0-3 month size (LOVE the Burts Bees ones)

Long sleeve onesies – 6 NB size and 8-10 0-3 month size

Short sleeve onesies – 6-8 0-3 month size

Socks – 8-10 pairs (thick is best)

Pants – 3-4 NB size and 6-8 0-3 month size

Hats – 2-3 soft cotton hats, 1 really warm outdoor hat with mittens

Coats – 1 0-3 month size snowsuit/coat

Cute outfit – 1 (for pictures)


Teething ring – 1

Soft toys – 2-3

Rattle – 1

*toys for play mat (usually just some dangling toys that come with the gym are good)


Towels – 2

*washcloths – 6 (can use adult ones instead)

Baby soap (Aveeno had a good natural one)

Nail clippers – 1

Snot sucker – 1


That pretty much got us through 6 months, except for needing to buy more clothes at 4-5 months. At 7 months we started solids so added stuff like baby food containers, spoons, sippee cups, etc. And more age-appropriate toys as he grows. Also depending on her storage space and if she plans for more kids, I’d include a couple of clear totes on the registry to pack away too-small and too-big clothes. 

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Sugar bee
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Things we needed

zippered footie sleepers (cloud island ones from Target are the BEST!)- we didn’t put her in anything else until she was about 3 weeks old and just grown out of newborn size (and she still wore sleepers much of the time)

simple plastic baby bath

diaper pail that uses regular trash bags


pacifers (only get a couple and only newborns as babies can be picky!)

microwave sterilizer (really makes cleaning and sanitizing SO easy and the microwave one saves space)

rock n play/ swing (the swing was a LIFESAVER during my daughter’s “witching hour”)- we just had a simple portable fischer price battery one

lillebaby carrier- probably my favorite baby item ever- it has magic baby sleep dust

stroller- but if you baby wear you could certainly put this off for a while and save money buying used

car seat

Dr Brown bottles- these bottles were a lifesave for us parents and helped my daughter a TON

gerber pre-fold diapers- we used dispoable diapers but these make the best burp rags/ rags to dry off butts, clean up spit- I’m convinced it is impossible to have too many of these

Nose freda

Baby soap (LOVE california baby from target)

crib/ bassinet/ pack n play- helpful to have one in every level of the house you spend time in at the beginning

Fischer price seat me up chair was incredible useful (my daughter was the least fussy sitting up)

Fischer price piano mat- best toy ever!  My daughter loved it from a couple weeks for tummy time and still plays with the piano part at a year old- sometimes this toy was the only way we got to eat dinner!

You don’t need toys or teething stuff for at least 3 months when they start to be able to hold stuff

don’t need a baby moniter until sleep training/ sleepign through the night

don’t need a high chair until solid food eating at around 6 months (and really you could start with a bounce for a couple months before they are on tablefood)

Honestly though- with so many online delivery options you can always start with less and add as necessary 


Things we never used

Swaddles- we had a million and she hated them all-only liked simple halo sleepsacks

bobby pillow-was useful the first couple of weeks while I was recovering from birth then never used again- probably not worth the money

cutesy onesies and bibs- we had sooooo many and the onesies were rarely weather approriate when she fit them

too many bottles or pacifiers (no need for anything other than newborn sized nipples until you know what they like)- babies can be picky so buy more when you know what they like

snap sleep n plays- who ever thought of those so didn’t have any kids

baby shoes


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Busy bee
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 browneyedgirl007 :  Yeah, we use the pack-n-play in our spare room for diaper changes at the moment as well. Definitely don’t need a changing table or anything. Getting a foldable waterproof mat that you can put on the floor or bed for changes is nice too. 

I do cloth diapers so I do laundry every other day anyway, so that was a big enough clothes stash for me. I’d say it lasted us about 2-3 full days with a few extra, so if you wanted a weeks’ worth I’d double it at least. We live in Canada and baby was born in February, but I never needed to layer him for those first few months. When we did go outside he’d be in a footie, hat, extra socks, and then in his carseat with a couple of warm blankets.

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Bumble bee
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We are fairly minimalist ourselves right now since money is tight. We didnt buy anything extra really.  I found swaddles and zippered footie onesies to be lifesavers. Oh and dr browns bottles or whatever that brand is. Our baby has gas issues 🙁

We had purchased a convertible crib because we didnt want to have to buy her a bed later. Sometimes I almost wish we didn’t because once we put the pack and play down that we had been given we realised we could’ve used that for awhile instead. But both are really awesome. I think her baby bath seat is the other luxury thing we got from family that we love. I know we could put her in the sink but she kept sliding so I prefer to put her in the tub seat. Other than that we just got the stroller/car seat combo and a baby carrier that my husband uses to carry her across his front while we are out when we don’t feel like messing with the stroller. 

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Blushing bee

Commenting to follow 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Not a minimalist by any means but have a 4 month old. I’ll leave out obvious stuff like the car seat/stroller cause I assume big items like that you’ll already be getting. 

Items that were a life saver:

-Rock N Play (our baby slept in this the first two months before transitioning to her crib at her pediatricians recommendation as she came out a roller and would roll and press her face against anything that didn’t cradle her in one spot like the rock n play. Not recommended for safe sleep but it was a life saver those first two months. Also great to have a place to sit her down during the day for naps and bathroom breaks. Also, ours was small and didn’t take much space) 

-Swing (still uses this at 4 months)

– Love To Dream Arms Up Sleeper Sacks (our baby hated to be swaddled and liked to have her arms up by her face – I would wait until baby is here to get any swaddles/sleep sacks until you see what kind of baby you have)

– A nice bathing tub (with hammock for smaller babies)

– Changing pad (we just lay her changing pad on the couch or bed for diaper changes) 

– Hatch Baby Rest (its a sound machine/night-light, the sound helped her to form a sleep association so now when she hears that sound she knows it’s time for her “big sleep” and not a nap. The light is great because you can control the brightness, I keep ours on at a certain level for when I need to get up at night and tend to her so I don’t have to turn on a lamp and wake her all the way up. It’s bright enough I can see her clearly but dim enough not to wake her)

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Bumble bee
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adding practical things I didn’t see but maybe just missed: 

-good thermometer 

-humidifier (no need for a fancy baby one) 

-infant medication 

areas to def minimize: clothes, bottles (unless she is planning to formula feed I’d wait on those. I never ended up using them as my daughter refused bottles), too many infant or age specific toys. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I am really enjoying this thread, lots of good info!

OP, since this is for your friend’s baby, have you asked her what types of baby stuff she actually wants? Does your friend have a registry?

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Sugar bee

Do NOT get her any blankets. Unless you are the only person who will buy her anything for the baby. She will be swimming in blankets. And, in our case, we were done with them by about 6 months other than using one or two very occasionally. Come to think of it, I have an entire dresser drawer of nothing but baby blankets….

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Sugar bee

Also, know that (if she is in the US) she can return items to certain stores without a receipt for store credit up to a certain amount. Which will be handy, in case she receives a bunch of items she doesn’t want or need. For example, you can return something like $100 a year to Target without a receipt and get a gift card in return. 

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