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What I know.  Both CZ and moissanite simulate diamonds. A diamond is a natural one of a kind stone formed billions of years below the earth. Both CZ and moissanite are man made in a lab -both occur naturally in nature but only in tiny minute amounts. Thus they’re replicated artificially in a lab. 


CZ has a tendency to cloud and scratch over time but has the ability to more accurately mimic a D colorless flawless diamond’s scintillation. Asha CZ are coated to be more resistant to clouding/scratching.  Moissanite will not cloud, is very hard like a diamond, but has double refractive properties (diff than a diamond) and is very sparkly and durable. Color wise moissanite cannot mimic a D color diamond as even with the extra amora or forever brilliant treatment some pay extra for-it will only go as high as a near colorless (I or J -I think?)


Moissanite’s marketing has been phenomenal (as was CZ’s back in the day.) What’s not to love about a perfect sparkly cheaper man-made substitute to expensive high quality diamonds?

At this point in time, moissanite is quite a bit more expensive than CZ.  There is a patent on moissanite in effect until 2015 which limits who can produce it. CZ was pretty pricey initially back in the day too but the price came down as more and more came on the market. It is believed moissanites price will substantially drop as well, once the patent expires in 2015 and there is a surfeit of moissanite on the market.

Both CZ and moissanite will “pass” as a diamond to the average person especially if they are in an engagement type setting on one’s left hand and are not so big as to be unbelievable.

JTV.com seems to have some well priced moissanite.

Smile Hope this info is helpful to you.







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Well, I have a moissanite, so I’m biased. :p But I always caution, if you want something that looks and acts exactly like a diamond…get a diamond. You won’t be happy with a moissanite or asha because they are separate stones with their own unique properties. Yeah, moissanites look like diamonds, but they aren’t created to be diamond simulants and act/look exactly like diamonds. If you love them for what they are, you’ll be extremely happy. I never cared or dreamed of getting a diamond or having my now husband drop thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry (we paid down a chunk of the mortgage instead!). So I researched alternatives and came up with moissanite. I love the sparkle, I love the warmth…it has so much character and looks awesome in all kinds of lightings.


I’ve had my moissanite for a little over 2 years, and it’s still as lovely as the day I got it. It’s a 1ct equivalent cushion cut, enhanced (I think they call it forever brilliant now? I dunno) and a size 5.5 finger. We got it from moissaniteco and had a perfect experience. My wedding band has small diamonds in it and the two match up together perfectly fine as well.



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Asha looks more like a diamond than a moissy does. Moissy is its own stone and has its own visual properties, so it looks similar to a diamond, but not exactly the same, while asha (cz) is made specifically to look like a diamond. Moissy is a forever stone, though, just like a diamond, while cz will scratch or cloud overtime. Asha is high end cz, so it will last longer that regular cz, but still won’t last forever, and probably will need to be replaced After a few years. 


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@misspeanut:  But I always caution, if you want something that looks and acts exactly like a diamond…get a diamond.

This is excellent advice and this is really the biggest thing to consider. I looked at moissanite wanting a cheaper diamond basically. I ended up really disappointed because I didn’t care for the way moissanite looked, and would have constantly compared it to a diamond. If you want a diamond for less, don’t get moissanite because you won’t be happy. If you want a fairly white stone that sparkles and don’t mind the differences, you will probably like moissanite. The best thing you can do is order loose stones to see for yourself. 

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I personally think a CZ looks/behaves much more like a diamond than a moissy.  Moissys have strong doubling and lots of fire, plus they do not come in a colorless hue.  A CZ will not have that warm, yellow hue that moissanites, even enhanced ones, tend to have especially in the larger carat sizes.  Here is a video that compares CZ, moissanite, white sapphire, and diamond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aI97n_44Vg

I personally prefer moissanite because it looks different than a diamond, but is still a neutral colored stone.  If you want something that looks like a diamond, your best bet is a diamond.  If you’re trying to mimic the look of a diamond, a moissanite probably isn’t a good choice, there are much better diamond simulants.

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That depends completely on what you want. 

The most important question is:  Do you want something that looks as close as you can get to a diamond without paying for it?  If that’s yes then go the Asha route.  The diamond coated CZ is very white, and plays with light and sparkles almost exactly like a diamond.  Word of caution though, you will have to replace it every 5 or so years, and for me that would be a problem.

If the answer is no, or that you don’t care if it doesn’t look like a diamond than moissanite might be something to consider.  It will probably “pass” for a diamond if you want it to, but if you have it on your finger all day and see it in every imaginable light you’ll be able to tell the difference.  Or maybe not if you don’t know what diamonds look like in every light to start with.  I do though, the first time I was engaged I had a diamond ering and my moissy looks a lot different in certain lights-mostly florescent and natural light.  (Florescent gives it a rainbow burst and natural light makes it look like a ball of fire because it’s double refractive and there’s so much light)  In a dimly lit restaurant or bar though is when the super sparkles come out and everyone notices my ring. 

Moissy won’t cloud or scratch and will last a lifetime.  But if you want a diamond you’ll always be disappointed with the moissanite. 

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You could always go a totally different route and get a colored stone, though I’m a bit biased 🙂 I have a 1.65 carat black diamond and I’m completely in LOVE with it! It has its own unique sparkle, just like Fiance and me Smile

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Asha is more diamond like, but less durable.  It is also whiter.  Moissy has more body colour and is moodier, but more durable…as well as more fire and brilliance.  I like moissanite.  Actually, I love moissanit.  I have several, all hand picked from Schubach’s.


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If I wanted a big rock and didn’t want to spend a lot of money, I would get an enhanced Amora moissanite and try to keep it under 1.5 carats– in a heartbeat. The larger moissies tend to show more color and look less diamond-like… so if you want it to look bigger than 1.5 carats, then add a halo.


Ashas are whiter than moissies but they do not last a long time. I’ve read on the boards that an Asha will get scratched/cloudy within 1-5 years of normal use.


An enhanced moissy is approximately in the H-J range, I think, and they rank only second to diamonds in terms of hardness. I don’t have a moissy so someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Moissies will last a lifetime and beyond.


Here is a YouTube clip of a 20/20 news segment where even experienced jewelers thought that moissies were diamonds. Trust me, the average person will not be able to tell (as long as it’s a smaller moissy that was enhanced, as I mentioned earlier), the compliments will roll in and you will save thousands.









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@s2bmrscook:  your halo set black diamond is beautiful!  I love the mix of a classic, traditional setting, with a modern and unique black diamond!  🙂

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@jcent:  I’m still so in love with your new ring! You seriously have some of the nicest moissanite jewelry I’ve ever seen – all of your stones look awesome. I can’t wait until you set your blue pear moiss!

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@Lovewinz:  thank you so much! 

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@jcent:  that ring is gorgeous!

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If you want something which looks, smells, tastes, behaves, walks, talks and dances like a diamond get an ASHA.

I bet my house that you will be as happy as Larry with it and never regret your choice.

I will EAT my hat if anyone ever even thinks that it is not a diamond.

You will love it, your friends will love it, your Fiance will love it. There is nothing not to love:


  • The diamond coating means that your stone is harder (9.7 on MOHs) and stays clean like a diamond. the carbon molecules are closer together than raw CZ so the grease and dirt doesnt attract to the stone
  • Perfect cut
  • Choose your carat (whatever you prefer)
  • Choose your colour (white or warm its up to preference)
  • Perfect clarity
  • Price is reasonable
  • Choose your cut (you can even order them all to find your favorite and then send back the rejects for a refund)
  • Off the bat there are 1000’s of high quality settings available from a number of reputable jewellers, even Leon Merge is happy to work with Asha


  • Strong desire to purchase mulitple rings due to affordability 😛

Honestly, I have 2 Ashas, my e-ring and my wedding ring, more than 2 years old, both look exactly the same as the day slipped on my finger. I love my Ashas.

I get compliments on my wedding ring constantly (its the one I wear daily, e-ring is special occasions only). They are both drop dead stunning. It is true what they say… better than diamond.

These stones are the diamond equivilent of cultured pearls, they look exactly the same as a diamond.

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