(Closed) HELP! My dog just ate some pork bones

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If he’s already ate them, he should be ok.  He might have some poop issues or an upset tummy if hes not used to eating people food.  The danger with cooked bones is they tend to splinter.  This means when the dog is chewing them, a splinter can break off that becomes lodged in the throat and causes choking.  If they’re already down though, the biggest problem will probably be upset tummy that should pass in 12-24 hours.

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The only thing you can do now is wait, but I would monitor him fairly closely.

As PP said, the only concern is splintering, this goes for ALL COOKED bones. Beef and Pork raw bones are fine but they get brittle when they are cooked.

So as long as he ate them slowly and chewed well he should not have any problems.

If you notice any change in him (puking, diarrhea, constipation) in the next 48 hours it may be cause for concern and I would take him to the vet!

But he will probably be just fine!!!!

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Any cooked bone can splinter and cause trouble, since the calcium in it has been degraded by heat and any other element such as acids in sauces,  and not to panic you at all, the canine digestive tract is an amazing thing, I would imagine you’ll see some bone fragments in stool, if puppy retches it’s going to be boney too…I would always recommend that you trust your judgement, it’s your dog, if you see anything different in any behavior, any retching of foam or blood and it’s definately vet time, you might want to anyway just to make sure there’s nothing causing any trouble.

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Feed him something soft like bread to protect his stomach from the sharp edges of the bones. Watch for vomiting and diarrhea. 

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If it just happened you can feed your dog a slice or two of bread (depending on size of the dog) and that can help cushion/protect their stomach. Since the bones were cooked watch for blood in the stool over the next few days, distended stomach, blood in vomit, etc. Your dog will probably be fine though. My dog has eaten glass before and been ok (although I was a nervous wreck). Dog’s digestive systems have a way of orienting sharp things so that they move through their systems and don’t cause problems, but it’s still good to keep an eye on stools and how your dog seems to be doing (activity level, etc).

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everyone else has advised you well. The only help I can provide is get one of those trashcans with a top that looks like a space helmet. This is what I use to keep my dogs out the trash. 

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I agree with everything people said above.  A friend gave my dog a cooked porterhouse bone before we realized they shouldn’t eat cooked bones.  He was fine except for bathroom issues 2 days later.  (He ended up having an accident in his crate, he’s 1.5 yrs old & has never had an issue).  Once it worked his way out of his system he was fine.  Just keep an eye on his poop for the next few days.  We gave him chicken, rice & puree pumpkin to help get his stomach back to normal. 

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pinkshoes :  My 10pound dog ate 2 bones from rib crib, they did splinter. She’s been throwing up feels warm. She has pooped and drinking water. The poop was all white and hard, bone marrow. I’m worried sick and it 2:30am is there anyway to know if ones stuck? 

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honeybee1999 :  This so much.  We had to add a WINDOW LATCH onto the front of our trash can, because oneof our dogs figured out how to open it, and then when we tried taping it shut with packing tape, she would pull that off and open it up anyway.  Locking window latch ended up being the answer.  But I can’t imagine a can without a lid!  We’d have trash all over, constantly!

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