(Closed) help! my mother begs me not to marry!

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My mother also is against me getting married but for different reasons (too young, should experience life/other men first etc). I don’t live at home anymore either, so it is a little different to your situation.

It sounds like she is dependent on you for support, especially if she is having difficulties with your dad. I would suggest involving a trusted friend of hers (or her sibling/parent) who can aid you in supporting and reassuring your mother that things will be alright.

It really isn’t your responsibility to deal with her issues, especially if it is causing you stress which may trigger your depression or anxiety. You cannot help her unless you are healthy yourself.

It may be worth spending time away from home for a week or so with a support network of friends and family around your mother to help her with your brothers if needed so that she can realise life will go on without you.

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momokch:  She sounds incredibly abusive and taking your money is insane!

I’m so glad you’re getting married and leaving 🙂 Please don’t let her stop you..

March is not that far away.. hang in there!

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Wow that’s an awful situation to be in. Your mother sounds toxic and self absored. I know your parents are having problems but she’s acting like a big child expecting you to carry the can for her responsibilities.  Your 6 year old brother is her responsibility, she chose to have him. You’re a young adult carving out your future and whilst I would never suggest you turn your back against your mother you really cannot allow ger to guilt you into putting your life on hold to be at her beck and call.

if you do not continue with your plans you will only look back and harbour more resentment against your mother. She needs tough love and I guarntee she will learn to stand on her own two feet when you stop enabling her. and this whole black magic thing is such a wicked thing to wish upon a child.

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your mother sound like a difficult person but she’s still your mother. in my religion they say that your heaven lays at the her feet. this means that the way you treat her and the way she thinks about you are very important.

that said, you should keep your relationship with your Fiance (and his money as well!!) private and separated from her.

and remember to pray to god to prevent black magic/evil eye/bad intentions to ruin your relationship and your life.

I think she is scared. Her relationship with her husband is really bad (according to you), you are planning on moving away, her other little son is only 6 and this brings anyone a lot of stress! have you considered maybe suggesting her and your brother to move to the same town as you? it would be good for you to have your mother nearby. I pray to god that you one day you have kids (if you so wish) and it would be helpful to have her there.

think about it, talk to your Fiance, ask his opinion, talk to her, get to understand EXACTLY what bothers her

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She’s manipulating you. She does emotional blackmail to you. She is NOT your responsability. She’s an adult who can take care of herself. She’s playing victim, she is not a victim, so don’t fall for it. She is used to be taken care of like a child by either her spouse or children. You’re the child, you’re not supposed to have this responsibility. I bet she’s one of those parents who had children so she wouldn’t be alone. Even if you were 40 she would still ask you to give up to your life and happiness in order for her to keep hers. Hang in there until March and leave that toxic environment as soon as you can. She’s stealing your energy and makes you miserable and she doesn’t care, all she cares about is herself. I’m sorry you have to go through this, but I’m glad you have your Fiance standing by you. 

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momokch:  I want you to tell me EXACTLY why you are not calling you Fiance, telling him whats up then tell him you are getting on a plane/in your car/on a train and coming to live with him now?

I sort of did that. It was because I lost my job and thought it was stupid to find a temp job for 6 months, which would have fallen into our original time frame for moving in together. That was a year ago and we have never been happier. It was weird and I left the place I had lived for 5 years. My family was there. HECK! I owned a home. Still did it. Still happier.

Moved 4 1/2 hours away. Just packed and left. Found a job a month later and it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

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I don’t understand, why cant you leave now? Just pack a bag and leave in the middle of the night if you have to. I would also cut off all contact with them and get myself into counseling ASAP, so your baggage doesn’t overwhelm you and hurt your marriage

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Wow. I have a feeling there is a good reason your parents are heading for divorce and you are only hearing one (toxic narcissistic’ s) side of it.

I’m glad you are leaving. Good for you!

How is your mother taking your money?  I mean don’t let her take it? Maybe pay her some rent or a portion of the bills until you leave but I would never allow someone else access to my accounts. 

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momokch:  She sounds abusive and toxic.  You need to leave that situation quickly.  If you’re marrying in March it assume you were going to move then anyway.  Just move now.  Even if it’s packing your things and mailing them to Fiance just move in with a friend.  Sleep on a couch or something.  Parents are not suppose to be this dependent on a child.  You were not born with a job to take care of her.  Get out for your own mental health.

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