(Closed) Help! my puppy is trying to escape!

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When you approach the door, have her back up and tell her to sit and stay (even if you are planning on taking her out).  Then come up with a command to have her exit the door.  

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Try to find something to distract her….a treat or something.  We fill our dog’s Kong with some sort of treat right before we leave.  This way he is preoccupied and doesn’t care that we are leaving.

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@missyjane77: I agree, a treat is far more persuasive than a spanking. Or you could start kennel training. i have to do it with my dogs as they love to eat crazy things if I leave them out. My boxer downed 90 protein pills that belonged to my roommate! Luckily it didn’t hurt her, just my wallet. 40 bucks, ouch!

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we had this problem with my lab mix when she was younger…. you just have to teach her the stay command… tell her to sit and stay… and do it in the same spot eveytime b4 you leave the house… if she doesnt stay then dont open the door…. shell get it eventually

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Try leaving a leash on her while she is loose in the house, so she is easier to grab when you need to.  Then refuse to EVER open the door while she is close to it, whether she is going out with you or not.  Like caszos said, have her sit (although stay can be tricky-be sure to release her from stay or she won’t understand what it means!)  Spend time walking to the door but not going out, so she doesn’t always associate you walking towards the door with you leaving, even if there is nothing else near the door worth walking to.  Good luck-she’ll learn 🙂

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Can you get a safety gate for the door?  One that you step over and keeps her inside?  Otherwise- start working hard on sit and stay.  Do it at randowm times to build up her patience and awareness of the command.  Then, PRACTICE moving toward the door until you can successfully “escape.”

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Helper bee

When I take my dog out, I tell him to back up, sit down, and wait.  Then when I open the door, he has to wait until I say “Okay” to go outside.  My FI’s dog is crazy and has never really been trained so he’s a different story, but Fiance uses an invisible fence for him, so he isn’t going anywhere!


Also to teach her to sit and stay when you are leaving without her, I would initially have someone else hold her leash and stand behind her.  YOU give the command to sit and stay.  Then walk out the door.  If she gets up, the person with the leash gives her a little snap and YOU make her do the same thing over.  Repeat until she gets good at it.  Then over time, remove the second person and leash.  She is a puppy, so it may take her a while to be consistent with this, but if YOU are consistent, then she will get it eventually.  This is similar to how our training classes taught my puppy to stay when we went through them.  BTW- when you are teaching this, give treats for EVERYTHING she does right at first and then gradually wean the treats off.


Also, if you are like me and don’t leave a collar on your dog while sshe is inside, you can have your puppy microchipped, so that if he does get away and someone takes to her a vet or somewhere, they can scan it and call you or your vet.  If you leave a collar on her, then make sure there is a tag with her name and your phone number on it.

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Can you try teaching her “stay”?

My dogs would both run thru neighbors yards if they got loose out front (which is very dangerous as we live on a busy road). I can’t take either of them out without a leash. But since they both know “stay” anytime I’m getting ready to go outside I tell them to “stay” a couple feet away from the door and that gives me time to get out without them running.

Another option would be to have your husband outside to catch her, then take her out the door and stay inside with treats. So she learns that when she comes to the door she gets treats.

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I’ll agree with others that crate training is a Godsend!  But there will be times you just want to go check the mail or take the trash out…..Good luck to you!

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Eeek! You just reminded me of a very scary moment I had with my Shih Tzu, Chloe, when she was a wee little one. 

She had never tried to ‘escape’ before so I was not prepared for when she decided to dash out the door and run like a maniac onto a VERY busy street! Thankfully, I had a few neighbors outside who helped me run into the street and slow the traffic down.  Finally I was able to catch up to Chloe and grab her.  Lesson learned!

From that day on I began to teach her to ‘STAY’ at a specific point a good distance from the door in my hallway.  After a few days of doing this she finally learned not to pass that certain point and now she’s a good little girl…

…until…my sister had a very similiar scary moment recently with Chloe when she somehow got herself OUT of her HARNESS!! My sis was bringing her to the vet and as soon as my sister walked her to the door of the vets office Chloe stopped in her tracks and somehow got loose from the harness and RAN..onto a street.  Again, thankfully my sister was able to catch up to her, but now we have to be careful to check that her harness is on correctly.  And now the next time we bring her to the vet we are carrying her in lol

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