(Closed) Help! My Puppy is Way More Attached to Me Than My FI

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I think that will be a great idea for him to go for walks with the puppy some quality time and playing will evevtually help out alot I m somewhat in the same boat when we first got our lil guy my SO was the main person the pup loved and always went too. But once I started giving the puppy alot of attention and trying to train him to sit, shake a paw and giving him treats lol when he does listen and obey things started to changed he gives us both the same attention it will work out πŸ™‚

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Its totally normal for dogs to bond with one person strongest. Typically, male dogs bond with female owners and vice versa.

I think your Fiance walking him alone is a good strategy. And you should always have him be the one to feed him.

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How about having your Fiance be the only one who feeds him. That way, the pup will grow to trust your Fiance and be excited when he comes home. Tell him not to be discouraged, I’m sure the dog will come around in time. 

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I got a pup, and it was just me and him for a year.

Theni  moved in with Darling Husband and my little doggy came too. fast forward 4 yrs and the little dog absolutly loves Darling Husband. because Darling Husband takes him for walks and plays games with him. I still take him for walks but im not as fun as Darling Husband. So little dog loves Darling Husband and will always hang out with him. He is the only one that feeds him snacks. I refuse to because i think they are full of salt and bad things..

Perhaps that is what you need to do.

Get your Fiance to be the only one who feeds him, and let them have play time alone. it will suck for a bit. but it does work. find a treat that the dog loves. ours loves jerky. he willl do anything for it.

Our little dog is still a sook and if he is hurt or tired he will come and lay with me so i can snuggle him, but he will hang out with Darling Husband all day. 

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My dog prefers my Fiance because I do all the things she hates (baths, clipping her nails, brushing her hair cleaning her ears, giving her medicine – basically all the stuff thats good for her lol).

He also gives her way more treats than I do.

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We have five pets, and they all seem to have at least a little preference for one of us over the other.  I raised one of the dogs from a puppy, and didn’t meet Darling Husband until the dog was 2 years old.  He cuddles with Darling Husband on the couch, but not with me.  He hides behind me if he gets scared.

Darling Husband was unemployed when we got our cat, so he was always at home when she was little.  She didn’t bond with me until Darling Husband started working again and I spent more time at home.

I think your puppy just needs more one-on-one time with your Darling Husband.

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Lots of people gave some good advice!  

One thing to note, though, is that chihuahuas are particularly known for bonding with just one person.  I had a chihuahua in middle school and high school, and he was my mom’s dog through and through.  Nothing anyone else did could change that.  Zorro (the dog) LOVED my mom, liked my dad, and merely tolerated me and my brother.  It didn’t matter how many treats or walks we gave him.  That’s just the way it was.

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sometimes dogs just choose a person.

i feed my dog every day, ive been the one to walk him every day and train him…and my fi never spends time with him (though we live together) but harold (my schnauzer) definitely prefers my fi. Hes great with me when we’re alone, but if we are all in the room together he’ll stay at fi’s feet and wont play with me. Its unfair!

@strawbabies:  actually my dog does hide behind me when he gets scared too (at the vets etc) its the one time he chooses me.

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@kkish3:  Does puppy like treats?  Have Fiance be the only one who ever gives puppy a treat.  Also, maybe Fiance could teach little puppy to “sit” to earm the treat, things like that to earn HIS (FI’s) affection and… treats!

ETA: my dog is very independent, but I found she loves to do a job (not that that is the case for your little one)- but my dog loves to fetch.  I would help Fiance find what little puppy likes to do with/ for him- and maybe just treats will work, or they can take a special walk, things like that.

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My fiance and I got our puppy about a year ago. At first he was partial to him, but then came around to me… I know it sounds crazy…. but you just need to find your niche with your pup. There will be things you give him and your Fiance doesnt and vice verca. In our case our puppy loves to cuddle with me and wont leave my side when my FI  leaves in the am for work- he literally will not get out of bed until I do. With my fiance Vicnce … Hunter- our dog, well they play like crazy…and when it comes to getting in trouble, Vince always catches him because he gets home from work before me, so hes playing alpha male. Just recently has hunger begun to obey Vince when it comes to the “Ive been a bad dog and I know it” moments.  So you just need to make sure he gets plenty of alone time with both of you. Make sure you include things dogs like— long walks together, hanging his head out the window when your driving,  switch who is doing the walking and correcting. That way the dog takes directon from both of you.  Now were stoked that Hunter is obeying and learning from both of us. We joke that he gets the loving and cuddling from me and the playful and training from him. A good balance is healthy for anyone– dogs included. Do what you can, when you can. Play off eachother and all will be good. Best of luck! 

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My pup is SUCH a momma’s boy… and Fiance hates it. He gets SO jealous (I don’t think he’s jealous of me, more jealous of the dog lol)… but my lil pupperoni was my dog first and lived with me for about a year before Fiance and I got our house… so it makes sense. Fiance plays with him, and is now the first one to walk him in the morning and before bed… so that helps alot. AND Fiance is the one to feed him, which also helped.

The only problem is that he doesn’t quite obey Fiance like he does me… sometimes I think he does it just to piss Fiance off lol, it’s kinda funny.

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