(Closed) Help! New kitten is ignoring the litter box after I cleaned it!

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Sugar bee
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Cats can be very particular about their litter box and the type of litter they will use.  Even with all the alternative litters out there, most cats prefer clay.  If you don’t want to use clay litter, you can get multiple litter boxes and multiple litters to do a trial run and see which one she likes.  Cats can also be sensitive to smells, so she might not like the vinegar you cleaned the box with.

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Blushing bee
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@lampshade:  You should have half corn litter, half of the old litter you were using (I would say clean litter but whatever floats your boat). She isn’t using it because she doesn’t recognise it as a littler box, because it doesn’t smell like one anymore. Cats are picky. Give her praise when you sit her in the litter box, and if she looks like she’s going to go to the toilet (some cats scratch at the ground beforehand because they’re used to litterboxes) put her in the litter tray. 

I would wash the laundry and probably add some white vinegar to it to get the smell out. 

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Bumble bee
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my cats i adopted were use to this wood mulch stuff type litter and it didnt clump over the poop and hide it…. and it was weird… lol so we switched back to the clay stuff.. cats like to be private about their business they like to dig and hide it. does this stuff clump over like the other stuff? I think its very likely the cat does not like the litter… and or the smell of the vinegar and baking soda is bugging her. 

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Busy bee
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Yes, cats can be very particular about litter! You can try to gradually mix the litter types and she/he might come around, but they might not. My suggestion is if you find something they like stick with it. Otherwise it will confuse your kitty and you’ll end up with more accidents.

Vinegar and laundry detergent really help get out cat smells. Just put the normal amount of detergent in the washing machine and I just pour a bit from the bottle in there, then add my clothing. You might want to spray SHOUT or something similiar if there are any yellow spots from the pee. Also, sometimes I send the clothes through again with just detergent, because I’m not a fan of the vinegar smell.

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Buzzing bee
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my cat is SUPER particular about everything – we wanted to switch him from Purina One to a better cat food – we did the whole mixing thing and he would just not eat, at all. So fine, we go back to the Purina crap. Well, one day I accidently grabbed a different flavor at the store – wouldn’t eat it. He didn’t eat for DAYS.


We also tried an “alternative” litter, and yup, wouldn’t use it. So we stick to the bad for him cat food and the clay kitty litter. I try to class our cat up and he just won’t take it.

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Cats r very particular about their litter and sometimes the box it’s in. corn litter might be a hit un natural forbyour cat..i have had to go thru five different litter brands in the past with cats. some cats like sandy litter…sometimes those huge pellet ones…some like wood litter and the basic grey little pebble like litter. it’s all about trial and error.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My cat won’t touch that corn based litter. I’d just go back to the original kind you had.

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My cat loves that litter…all litter…give it to her…it’s like donuts for Homer Simpson.  Except she doesn’t eat it.  

But most cats are super, super, super picky.  Do as others have suggested and mix your new litter with old clay litter. 

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Bumble bee
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Cats can be super picky, it’s not unusual for them to reject a new litter. We used corn based litter and then World’s Best Cat Litter for years and one cat suddenly decided she didn’t like it anymore. We switched her to Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter to get her back to her box, and now use half Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract and half Dr. Elsey’s Precious. It is the most dust free clay litter we could find and is very low tracking.

Our new kitten only used clay litter at his rescue, so he is also on Dr. Elsey’s now. I would much prefer the corn litter, but our kitties just aren’t on the same page!

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Bumble bee
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@lampshade:  We use the silica gel litter, our cats won’t use anything else. They can be VERY picky about the litter used, trust me. Stick with what she likes to use. And cats can also be just as picky about their food, water, etc.

I used to have a cat that had gotten addicted to bottled water, but not the storebrand kind. She wanted MY bottles of Dasani water, and would literally get up on the bed or wherever I was, to try to grab the bottle from me. Then exH got her hooked on Fiji water. She’s a monster!

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Sugar bee
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LOL my boss just taught me that cats really do care about their litter type (and food type and water cleanliness and toy type…oh brother!)…I don’t have a cat but we’re thinking of getting one soonish and she told me to use Fresh Step, even though it’s more expensive it’s worth it. I haven’t looked it up to see what “more expensive” is exactly but I probably won’t start off with it if it’s really expensive. Unless my cat is picky like hers. It’ll be an interesting new experience for me when we get a cat haha

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