(Closed) HELP new to drinking and hate the taste!

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I’ve been drinking for 5 years and I hate the taste of the majority of alcohol! There are definitely drinks that I love, there’s no problem with disliking the taste of  certain drinks. My advice is never waste stomach space or taste buds on drinks you don’t like jsut to be drinking. My pickiness sometimes leaves me sober, but that’s okay!

Go out to restaurants/bars and try new drinks! Go out with girlfriends and ask everyone to order a different drink and ask to try them all. 

Go to the grocery stores that you can make your own 6 pack and mix and match ciders and beers to find ones you like.

You should try:

-Leinenkugels (Their summer shandy or berryweiss or other fruity beers are really yummy)

-Bud light lime (A super light summery beer with lime in it)


-Hard Cider

-Moscato (Super duper sweet wine)

-Reisling (super crisp and yummy wine, a little more appropriate to drink in public versus moscato)



-Malibu and pineapple juice

-Dirty Shirley (A shirley temple/kiddie cocktail with vodka in it!)

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Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice is the best! You can’t even taste alcohol. It’s my go-to summer drink.

ETA: I also really like ciders, here in Canada we have Okanagan ciders and they are so tasty, flavors like cherry, peach, pear, apple, pineapple.

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I don’t enjoy any alcoholic drinks really… I feel as if either you like it or you dont!

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The taste curve for time it takes to acclimate to hoppy sour bitter tastes and learn to like them reminds me of the same thing for coffee. It’s a personal thing how much you generally like sour/bitter and I think it has something to do with when you were introduced to those flavors as a child. In the US kids don’t get fed a lot of sour or fermented foods so generally it takes longer for our tongues to get used to bitterness and sourness in food. I can remember not loving coffee’s taste when I first started drinking it, but much like drinking beer I got used to it because it became a social habit. I still don’t like super hoppy beers (ex IPAs) which are unfortunately very popular and often on tap in my area. If you’re looking to change up a cider taste or go for a higher ABV I like a cider with a shot of fireball whiskey.

A tom collins is nice too — it’s like adult lemonade without the sickliness of mike’s hard. enjoy!

also someone made a point about going out vs. buying a bottle if you might not like it: you can always buy nips if you want to try something different then get a bottle if you like it. also there are some cool apps that take a list of the liquor/mixers you have already around your home and give you suggestions for mixed drinks.

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Mix Malibu Coconut Rum w/ cranberry and pineapple juice.

Try Bailey’s by itself (on the rocks).

For wine’s, try a Pinot Noir and a Riesling.

Also, try a moscato – I’m curious to see what you’ll think about it.

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I’m not sure if anyone has suggested any of these yet but..

Amaretto Sour/Amaretto Stone Sour are good, plus they aren’t a high alcohol percentage, and easy to make on your own. Amaretto Sour is Sweet & Sour and Amaretto.. You add orange juice to make a stone sour (makes it less sour tasting).

Sex on the Beach – Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice (or you can replace vodka with Captian for a “Sex with the Captian”)

White Russian – Kahlua, Vodka, Heavy cream (or milk if you dont have heavy cream, just wont be as creamy!)

Those are just a few of my go to drinks if Im just wanting to have something that tastes good and none of them are very strong (unless you intentionally make them strong)

Also try some Moscato wines.. Cupcake Moscato/Moscato di Asti are great..And Stefano Farina Italia Moscato di Asti are my favs! 



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Another sweet-drink lover here! Beer is really an acquired taste, I liken it to coffee, some people love it and others can’t stand it. I don’t like the hoppy beer flavor, myself, but if you’re looking to venture there I would recommend Ginger Beers (Jamacian and Cabbies are good!), Apple & Pear Ciders (try Woodchuck and Strongbow, stay away from Crispin, super yuck)  and Fruit Lambics. Some Fruit Beers are good, but they will have a bit of a hoppy taste.

Margaritas and mojitos are good, made with tequila. Daiquiris and most anything made with rum I like, rum & coke for example. Moscato is an excellent sweet wine. I find the taste of bourbon repulsive, most of the time, it is just too strong of a flavor. 

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I don’t like the taste of alcohol either. If I do mixed drinks then I usually go for a margarita or something fruity. Tequila is my liquor of choice. Just do shots maybe? That gets the job done, lol.

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I drank wine for the longest time before I went to anything different. It’s sweeter and doesn’t have as bad as a taste as other alcohol. But if you really hate it that much, then don’t drink! 

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I hate the taste of alcohol,  always have. On the (very) rare occasion that I decide to drink, I have rum in some kind of juice mix. Captain’s Bounty was the name given to this drink. I only like alcohol when it’s heavily disguised.

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futuremrss17:  Whew, I wouldn’t call a White Russian “not very strong”! A drink that’s a little over 2/3rds straight alcohol can sneak up on you, dessert or not. I can recommend the lighter, college freshman version: chocolate milk with a splash of Kahlua.

OP, I second the suggestion of a Tom Collins, that’s my persional favorite–‘well’ gin (or vodka if you want a Dimitri Collins) is fine, but I bet you’ll notice that higher quality liquor is smoother and makes for easier drinking and more subtle flavors.

In terms of beer, hard cider is becoming more widely available and so is an easy go-to order at a beer garden or taphouse. Saisons are pale, fruity summer beers with a lot of carbonation and you would probably enjoy them. I’m not a beer drinker but Point Ballast Grapefruit Sculpin is seriously delicious, especially with a hot slice of pizza. 

Mimosas (orange juice and sparkling wine) and peach bellinis (peach puree and sparkling wine) are a bit easier to order at restaurants vs bars, but they’re both delicious drinks.

I also like a Salty Dog–vodka and grapefruit juice with a salt rim on the glass. The salt compliments the sourness and bitterness in the citrus like it does in a margarita. Same drink without salt is a good ol’ Greyhound. 

Lastly, Rickeys are a truly underappreciated old school cocktail. Half a lime, a little simple syrup if you like it sweet, seltzer, and a dose of either gin or bourbon (gin is a natural pairing but bourbon really comes through in flavor). The half a lime is squeezed and then dropped in so you get those nice oils from the peel in addition to the juice. Super refreshing.

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kimflutist:  Sounds like you just don’t like alcohol. Not worth trying to make yourself like it; you’ll be more productive without it anyway. If you’re looking for something to get into, maybe coffees or teas will interest you more. Don’t let anyone make you feel like this is a flaw or needs to change.

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amandajane4949:  ok I can’t tell if you’re kidding haha but to anyone who may consider this:

Do not put alcohol in your butt. It’s considered very dangerous because you can’t throw it up when you have too much. No idea who started this trend

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Imo most people don’t like alcohol at first. That is why they start with sweet and fruity, white zin wine, rum and coke, vodka mixed heavily with fruit juice or red bull. alcohol is kind of an acquired taste.

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kimflutist:  It’s simple, I’m you genuinely just don’t like drinking, don’t drink? Hahaha I understand you want to explore but it seems so silly to me that you were worried enough to make a thread about it! And trust me, no one in their right mind thinks you’re gonna be an alcoholic fir wanting to try alcoholic beverages with your Darling Husband, if they did they’re obviously batshit crazy and should not be listened to. Don’t worry about the lectures 🙂

Anyways, to actually answer your question: all throughout college I worked as a waitress and bartender so if I were serving and you listed the above ingredients for things you liked, you I’d suggest sweeter drinks like the following (also am providing recipes, don’t worry 😉 ):

1. Brandy Alexander:

1 oz (1 part) Fresh cream, 1 oz (1 part) Cognac, 1 oz (1 part) Crème de cacao

Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Sprinkle with fresh ground nutmeg.
Served: Straight up; without ice
Standard garnish: Grated nutmeg
Drinkware: Cocktail glass

2. A Day At The Beach

1 oz coconut rum
1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
4 oz orange juice
1/2 oz grenadine syrup

Shake rum, amaretto, and orange juice in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a highball glass over ice. Add grenadine and garnish with a pineapple wedge and a strawberry

Serve in highball glass over ice

3. Bahama Mama

3/4 ounce (20ml) white rum
3/4 ounce (20ml) añejo rum
3/4 ounce (20ml) Myer’s dark rum
1/2 ounce (15ml) coconut rum
3 ounces (90ml) unsweetened pineapple juice
2 ounces (60ml) fresh-squeezed OJ
1 teaspoon (5ml) grenadine
dash of Angostura bitters
Maraschino cherry for garnish
Orange slice for garnish


Combine all but garnish, shake with ice, strain into hurricane glass & garnish.

4. (Personal Recipe made for our first Bee’s “virtual ladies night”) Beetini

1 ounce amaretto

1.5 ounces vanilla vodka

rest champange

5. Toasted Almond

2 ounces amaretto
2 ounces Kahlua
2 ounces cream

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Pour in all the ingredients, and shake well. Strain the mixture into a highball glass.


And as some other bees mentioned you can always try wine, something sweeter like a moscato is what I’d recommend and rum and diet coke or vodka are my go to mix drinks, I also love Cabernet but it’s super bitter so I don’t think you’d like it haha

Hope this helped some!


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