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We have the exact same problem. I’ve pretty much gotten used to it and hardly notice it anymore, but my husband is really bothered by it. As much as he wants to say something to them, I won’t let him because I feel lile its kind of crazy to tell someone not to walk around their own apartment.

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Oh man, that’s definitely one thing I’m looking forward to once we get an actual house… no more connected neighbors!  I would try to hold off for another weekend since the noise hasn’t been ongoing for the year that you’ve lived there, BUT you definitely have a right to put in a noise complaint if it’s going on between 4:30-5am.  It’s just unreasonable to be making that much noise at those hours.

If it makes you feel any better, we hear our neighbor’s Keurig machine EVERY time they make a drink in the morning and the evening.  It’s a low droning buzz and they probably have no idea we hear it.  Fiance and I finally figured out it was a Keurig machine after we visited a bed and breakfast that had one for guests to use.  The second the machine started our coffee, we looked at each other and were like, “THAT’S what we keep hearing!”  LOL

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I can see how it’s annoying, but at the same time, they aren’t ridiculous hours to be up.  Being up at 7 on the weekends isn’t exactly abnormal, and 4:30 is actually when I get up, so I’m now thinking that my neighbors below me might hate me, too!  I think if you had grounds to complain, it would be from the noises at 4:30, but I think you may just have to deal with your early-rising neighbors on the weekends.  Hopefully you’ll adjust and be able to sleep through it!

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@totheislnds:  Oh my gosh!  I had this problem.  I will never again live on the first floor.  The neighbors upstairs would walk/ stomp loudly and the floorboards were unbelievably loud.  As a neighbor, I walk softly at night, and these people didn’t get it.  It was impossible to relax or sleep.  All night, the guy above our bedroom was talking- talking (on computer or his phone?) and it drove me nuts!  We had to move!

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Get a broom and bang on the ceiling. That always worked in DH’s old apartment. His neighbors were so loud and their kids thought it was funny we could hear them.

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I would say something to someone in the office. That would not fly with me at all. I have a neighbor who is up at 4am every morning walking around outside and it makes the dogs go insane. Only problem is she is deaf so I KNOW she has no idea how loud she is so I say nothing plus her yard backs up to my fence so I can’t stop her. In your case living in an apartment I think you would be right to mention how loud they are being. 

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Oh MAN!  My neighbour does this too, and for some reason, he wears hard-soled  shoes when he does it!  He works from home, and I suspect (maybe?)  that he’s pacing while on business calls?  Hence what sounds like dress shoes?  Just like you, we’ve been wracking our brains for a year and a half trying to figure out HOW THE HECK someone can walk around so much in an 800sq foot condo!  We’ve never drummed up the courage to say anything though, because as a previous poster pointed out, how do you tell someone not to walk around?  Plus, we figure that it gives us a free pass to make noise too.  If they ever complain, we can come back with “well we’ve been listening to you walk around in circles for 10 hours a day since we moved in so…”

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Good for you for understanding that some noise is part of apartment living. For the noise that’s too loud or at unreasonable times, you could talk to management. It’s possible that your neighbors don’t have any idea how loud it is for you. We’re on the top floor of our apartment building, so we don’t have upstairs neighbors, so we have no idea if our downstairs neighbors can hear us walking around or whatever.

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We had this problem in our first apartment when new neighbors moved in above us and I worked from home. It was so loud and my light fixture would shake at times. I finally made Fiance go up and talk to them. They told him the kids were playing video games and fighting over Play Station, which would explain the shakeing of the celing. However, they did not get better and then we made a formal complaint where we learned they were problem tenants in many ways. I know how annoying this situation can be but would suggest you bring it to their attention before making a formal complaint. If they are not aware of it, they may appriciate you giving them a heads up before escalating the issue. I would also disagree with a PP that 4:30 is not an appropriate time to wake up and when people do wake up at such hours, they should be considerate of others. Also, check if your building has any sort of noise rules, where I live now, we are expected to be mostly quiet from like 8pm to 7am and on Sunday (no loud music, consturction, etc). My husband made the mistake of hammering a shelf on Sunday and after only 2 nails, a neighbor was at our door making him stop.  

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I feel your pain, I had this problem too. When my new upstairs neighbors moved in they removed alll of the rugs/carpeting and suddenly I could hear every single movement. I could not figure out how my neighbors managed to make so much noise or why they were walking around so much in their apartment. It sounded like they were playing jacks, or bowling. Since it seems like a relatively new problem, maybe they had carpeting before and recently removed it? I would try talking to them and see if they would consider putting rugs in the highly trafficked areas. Also check your lease, since I know that many leases in NYC state that a certain percentage of hardwood floors must be covered with carpeting.

We eventually talked to our neighbors, and they were really nice about it but it didn’t change anything. They did feel terrible, but it turns out they were already making huge efforts to be quiet since they had the same problem with their neighbors upstairs. They didn’t wear shoes inside, tried to walk with a light step etc, but it turns our that our building just had terrible insulation. They only thing that could have helped was if they put  down rugs, but one of them had allergies and wasn’t willing to do that. Good luck, I know how frustrating it is. I eventually moved, and will never live in a non top floor apartment ever again.

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