(Closed) HELP: Not comfortable having daughter with in-laws

posted 7 years ago in Parenting
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    Don’t bring the baby over to be watched by the in-laws.  They’re clearly not capable of watching after her properly.  I wouldn’t trust them to keep her safe from the dog.  

    Hell, I’d not be having her visit them at all if they care so little about her safety and well being.  Plan your own Christmas at home.  

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    Dogs and babies can be a bad mix, even with a dog who is calm and chill. I love dogs but there is no way my baby and a dog who has bitten someone would be on the same floor. I agree, tell your in laws unless the dog is locked elsewhere, you and you baby aren’t coming. A small dog can do serious damage to a little kid before anyone can stop them. 

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    I would tell them the dog needs to be blocked off in the kitchen for at least part of the time, or you aren’t coming. I’m a total dog lover but it’s not safe to have a baby and an unpredictable dog together.

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    I have a friend who, for many years, had a dog that she absolutely adored.  After she had children, the dog became the best friend of the older child.  Unfortunately, not once, but twice, the dog attacked the younger child, biting him in the face. After the second attack, much to the great heartbreak of both the older child and the mother, the family made the painful choice to have the dog euthanized.

    I personally would never trust anywhere near a defenseless baby any dog that has already proven that it will bite or attack.  I am SO on your side regarding this. 

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    I adore dogs, but NO dog should EVER bite a human being.

    That is simply not safe. And a bite that gives your Father-In-Law 6 stitches could very well do MUCH more damage to your precious baby. He/She could be killed, or suffer lifelong disfiguration.

    Your SIL needs to get a grip- in no world is her dog more important than your baby. A dog can be left home alone for a few hours and be just fine. A baby simply cannot.

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    Dogs can be unpredictable, especially if they are not raised around little children. My daughter has been snapped at by 3 dogs already, thankfully though they were good dogs and didn’t bite her just snapped as a warning but I’m not OK with this. And with each of the dogs, I make sure they are the ones put away when she goes over there. Ask them next time why your child has to be caged like a dog and why the dog gets to roam free like a kid and see what they say.


    They seem pretty careless. Despite if they think you are over reacting she is YOUR CHILD and you have every right to be protective, thats what parents are for.


    I love dogs but if one of our dogs did that to anyone at all I would get rid of it. I would never take that chance with my child.


    In my town just recently there was a dog attack on a one year old. Apparently the dog had never done anything like it before. A mother was walking her daughter down the street when the dog attacked the little girl with a vengeance out of no where. The mother pried the dog off the girl and he came back and attacked her face. The girl was in critical condition and had to be air lifted to a hospital and was there over a month. The dog never touched the mom though.


    I’m not trying to scare you but if a dog has an aggressive bone in his body I would keep my child far away

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    That is insane.  My brother and SIL had the same issue with SIL’s brother (he had a dog that bit him in the ear and caused some serious damage!).  Her brother and the dog live at SIL’s parents’ house.  When the first baby came along they agreed with my brother & SIL and locked the dog up and, even 6 years and another baby later, they STILL do this.

    If they refuse to do anything about the dog and thereby chose the dog over the baby, I just wouldn’t go there.  Let them know that you’d love to be able to see them, but you just don’t feel it is safe for your child and have them let you know if they ever see things clearly!

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    They’re out of their minds! Stick to your guns on this one!

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    The SIL brought the dog over to your Father-In-Law an MIL’s house? Tell her to leave the damn dog at home or else your family isn’t coming over.

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    My family had a really sweet dog, but he would get nervous and aggressive around strangers. Eventually he snapped at someone and we had to put him down. It was really sad and wasn’t really his fault, but it was what we had to keep everyone safe. Frown

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    Who prioritizes a dog over their grandchild?  There is no reason that dog can’t just stay at your sister in law’s house.  My step mother had a vicious little jerk of a dog and I would not go visit if that dog was not caged up.  There is no way I would put a baby anywhere near a dog that had bitten someone.  Stand your ground.  It is their loss if they are choosing the dog over your child.

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    Ok, I’ve avoided this on the Bee because I know how people get very defensive about dogs. Having said that, my nephew (7 years old) recently got his face ripped open by a pit bull adopted by his grandfather. He almost lost vision in one eye and has had multiple corrective surgeries. I know there are no bad dogs, only bad owners, but whatever. If a dog is known to bite a child should be nowhere near them. Period, end of story.

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    @lilone4403:  Dog person here (I have no kids and do dog rescue) and let me tell you, my dog isn’t getting NEAR any of those screaming, smelly, unpredictable little humans. 

    It is ridiculous that this family puts dogs and kid in danger.

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