(Closed) Help!! Photographer trying to charge more AFTER the wedding?!

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@leahlou:  What does it say in your written contract? I would redirect her to the contract both you and she agreed to and signed. I would also remind her that you didn’t agree to have her stay longer. It was her mistake that she underestimated travel. 


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Whether she’s able to charge you any extra or not should be set out clearly in the contract you both signed.  What does the contract say about this?

I do think that if her paid time was from 1-9pm then she should have just packed up and left at 9, even if the wedding was still going.  Unless the contract lets her stay for longer if the event runs late and charge for the extra time, she stayed an extra hour voluntarily.  If I worked in a retail store and I decided to hang around for an extra hour after my shift finished without being asked to do so, I definitely wouldn’t expect to be getting paid for it.

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To be honest I would just pay her to get the whole thing settled. Do I think you have to no, but $150 in the scheme of things isn’t that bad and you did get more coverage. Once you have the pictures in hand I would let her know that what she did was unprofessional and write it up in reviews.

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@ieatunicorns:  +1

hate to say it but fighting the $150 isnt gonna get you your pictures. after reviewing the contract like everyone else said just suck it up and pay the money to get your pics. then completely flame her in reviews and on BBB if you choose.

im sure it states somewhere in your contract however about how much it costs for extra coverage and she was probably trying to be slick and get one over because you technically *allowed* her to stay. she could flip it and say that you knew what time it was as well and did not tell her to stop taking photos indirectly signing on for the extra fee. but for her to shrug it off as “no big deal” seems like she took advantage.  

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@leahlou:  I can see both sides of this, and while I think she’s nickel and diming you and acting in a way that I never would with my own business, Im also bearing in mind that we’re only reading one side of this story. What do you mean she “mentioned the time in passing” around when she was scheduled to leave? How exactly did that conversation go? It seems to me you might have somehow given her the impression you wanted her to stay without saying it directly, otherwise why would she even come up to you to let you know what time it was unless she was planning on leaving and something stopped her? I’m not suggesting you did this but Ive had brides get sh*t-faced by the end of their wedding night and ask me to stay only to completely forget the entire conversation the next day. So depending on how much you had to drink (if any) your sober photographer might remember the exact conversation better than you do.

It sounds like this might just be a simple miscommunication. Now if you really didn’t mean for her to stay and don’t want to pay for the extra time why don’t you just tell her you’re not paying the $150 and she can keep any photos taken after 9pm as you are not willing to pay for them. Now if you still want those images from the end of the night you shouldn’t EXPECT them for free. 

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@leahlou:  Agreed with pps- I’d pay the $150 get your pics and be done with her.  It’s crappy that she is refusing to give you pics until you pay, and crappy that she is charging you extra without discussing it first. I’d be upset about it, but you don’t want $150 to come in the way of getting your pics! You can always leave negative reviews/your exprience with her on different wedding websites so others know what to expect as well. Sorry you have to deal with this:(

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@leahlou:  Does it suck, yeah, it sounds like she’s totally trying to geto one over on you. However, like someone else mentioned I have on occasion have brides who (in the bustle of everything, or being drunk) have forgotten they to asked me to stay. I’ve also had a bride, recently, that got upset when my time was up and no one had done any dancing yet – she wanted more reception photos. Sorry folks, not my fault you miscalculated your timeline. 

What do you mean she mentioned the time in passing at 9:15? Did she come to you at 9:15 and comment that it was past her contracted time? What was your response? If you didn’t flat out say “okay, thank you such much for everything, have a great night” she probably thought you wanted her to stay. 

At this point, I would say that $150 is not worth not getting your wedding photos. My suggest would be to keep things civil, pay her and get your photos, and if you feel strongly that she was in the wrong you can reflect that in your review. As a photographer, I’m very sensative to what gets left in a review that will always be out there. I think you shoud at least try to talk to her about the issue first to see if you can resolve it.

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I would just pay it and be done. Some things aren’t worth fighting, and you want to get those pictures!

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Unless you had in writing that the extra 4 miles was ok, it was probably in the contract that only up to a certain distance is included.  Even though she SAID “don’t worry about it”, that doesn’t really count anymore, it’ll come down to what was signed.  At this point, I’d just pay the $150, get my pictures, then write up your honest experience and review on websites.  (Then again I paid 3k the same package without engagement pictures so 1k or 1150 still sounds really good).

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@leahlou:  I wouldn’t just pay her without at least a conversation.  That’s like you making a purchase for an item online, then the company calling you up, telling you that you aren’t getting a refund AND you need to pay XX more for them to ship it.

She know she has the upper hand here because she has something sacred to you- but I personally think it’s bullsh*t that any vendor thinks they can pull something like that.  If you didn’t ask her to stay- then i don’t know why you should have to pay.  I might consider paying her the mileage- but not without at least reminding her of the email/conversation that you seem to have had pre-wedding.


You might end up not having a choice- depending on the contract.  But I wouldn’t just give in immediately.  

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@leahlou:  Wow. How tacky of her. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. I am a MUA and I can tell you from the vendor end of things, that is incredibly unprofessional. Hope you get it figured out and keep us updated.

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@leahlou:  oh, no offense but I definitely would have taken “if you NEED to leave that’s fine” (especially if there were important events left that wouldnt be photographed if I left then) as “please stay if you can but I understand if you can’t.” It sounds like a miscommunication. What about the option I suggested earlier? If you want the extra photos taken after 9pm you should pay for them, if not I don’t see how she would have any grounds to hold the eight hours worth of photos you already paid for hostage.

And just for the record, so you don’t think I’m totally on her side. I stay extra time ALL. THE. TIME. Almost every wedding and would never try to charge unless I actually try to leave and the couple explicitly ASKs for more time and that’s only because I usually stay an extra half hour before I try to leave anyway so after that its pushing it.

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@leahlou:  You didn’t ask her to stay so that is a little unfair and kinda shady. But she did and $150 for an extra hour (she left at 10 then?) really isn’t a big deal. That price is actually REALLY good total. In my area that would be at least $3000 for all that. 

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