(Closed) [HELP] Please help me (a guy) get the perfect engagement ring.

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@jmt:  Based on your description of what she likes, the Tacori 2639 you posted looks perfect! I’d buy it today and never look back!

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@jmt:  Good for you on picking it out yourself. I’m recently engaged and my fiance (boyfriend of 3.5 years…like you!) designed my ring himself. I am so in love with it, moreso because he put so much effort into picking what he knew I would like. I’m sure she will love whatever you choose! Good luck! 🙂

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@jmt:  Congrats!  Be sure about her ring size, if I may add.  Don’t go by height.  Just see if you can sneak find her rs out.  Also if you can do a 2ct, go for it!  You know her a good deal, so go by what you and she have discussed or alluded to; forget your friends input; much of it may be biased or subjective.  

Tacoris are beautiful!  Does she suspect anything??  Exciting!! Good luck.  Let us know how it goes?

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Is there any way you can somehow confirm her ring size in advance? Like PPs said, just grabbing one of her rings won’t necessarily work. My right and left ring fingers happen to be the same size, but my other fingers are all different sizes–I have a ring I wear on my left middle finger that I can’t fit on my right middle finger (it’s weird). And my ring fingers are smaller than my other fingers.

Someone said that Tacori can’t be easily re-sized, so I’d be worried about not having her definite ring size. I know you want this to be a surprise for her, but I’m sure she has some inkling it’s coming (i.e. you’ve discussed getting married). And just because you get her finger measured doesn’t mean the proposal will happen tomorrow. It will take a little while to get the ring in, and then you can even hang on to it a bit if you really want to throw her off.

I know PPs are saying just grab a ring, but you have to be really careful to make sure that the ring does indeed fit that finger.

Just my 2 cents! Best of luck–the ring is really beautiful 🙂

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I totally agree with you about platinum vs. white gold. Beyond what you already mentioned, many women are allergic to nickel and white gold is usually made with nickel. Three of my friends have had to have their rings reset in platinum because they turned out to be allergic to white gold.

Also agree with you about Tacori. It’s nice to say you have a “designer” ring, but I’ve heard dubious reports about their quality vs the price, and you can get something just as (or more) beautiful for better value.

In terms of 1.75 carat diamonds, they weren’t all intended to become 2 carat diamonds and were cut by mistake. It all depends on the size of the rough the cutter is given. Not all pieces of rough fall nicely into 1 and 2 carat categories. Don’t worry about the carat size as much as you worry about the cut class. I can’t remember if it has been mentioned on this thread before, but you can use this tool: http://www.pricescope.com/tools/hca to calculate an estimate of how well cut the diamond is. Anything with a score under 2 is predicted to be a great performer. The size you’re looking at will be beautiful.

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@jmt:  Are you open to purchasing online or across country? Mine came from a custom place that has rave reviews. They will ship the stone for you to see before setting it. Note they have an 8 week turn around but everything is custom and they stand behind the product.

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@jmt:  I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Please listen to other posters and me when we say go to pricescope.com!! Seriously, they’re some of the best people to advise you about diamonds. Please please please do this!

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@jmt:  I’ll also mention, this is the store I got my ring from:


And they have an amazing YouTube channel with lots of diamond videos and information: http://www.youtube.com/user/DiamondInfoMan

They’re located on Long Island and they’re one of the top preferred vendors at the Pricescope forums. I would trust Jon with ANYTHING jewelry related. It might be worth contacting them, because I know they could get you something amazing. They’ll provide videos of anything you want, but you could also get a cheap last-minute deal on a plane ticket to fly out there and see if there’s anything you like.

They also carry a lot of amazing branded cuts that have proven light performance. http://goodoldgold.com/diamondSearch.php

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@jmt:  Aaaaaaaaaaand that sort of sales experience (unfortunately all too common) is why I buy online. Yikes, you’d think they could have listened to what you were saying. Not letting you see the diamond before you buy it? wtf?

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@jmt:  I think Costco is selling mostly IGI graded diamonds, and to be honest, I’ve never really thought their prices were a great deal.

I understand your concerns about buying online. Just to throw out one last plug for it, many of the “online” vendors recommended on Pricescope have brick and mortar stores, they just offer online business as well. Especially depending on the part of the country you live in, the local jewelry stores available will definitely charge you more and likely won’t be as knowlegable and give you the best quality stuff. I live in kind of a jewelry dead zone, and every store my fiance and I visited wanted to sell us crappy diamonds for double the price of what I could have gotten a good diamond for online.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, a $400 plane ticket to New York or California to visit one of these awesome vendors might be worth it to get a high-quality ring at good value.

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@jmt:  I’m so curious to know where you went! Was it one of those ‘we get diamonds directly from the middle east’ stores? Fiance and I went to one of those in the Carolinas and found them to be sooooo snooty and pushy.

I really wanted a halo e-ring before I tried any rings on, but then after I tried them on I enced up HATING them on my finger (I’m a size 4.5, btw)! Just because it has a halo doesn’t mean it will be even more sparkly, I actually think some halos can kind of swallow the diamond and create a kind of black hole so the light doesn’t bounce around as much, if that makes sense… I think I tried on both the round halo and cushion halo Tacori’s at the first store and they were almost *too much* bling. After that I realized I wanted something that really made the center diamond be the star of the show and gave up my love of halos.

Anyway, since I hear you’re kind of disappointed with Tacori I wanted to share that two of my friends have beautiful (very sparkly!) Scott Kay rings (this is one of them). I was also admiring a couple Verragio designs before I got engaged (here’s a pretty halo setting). Fiance and I ended up getting a beautiful platinum ring from a local jeweler that is almost identical to this Ritani design! I loooooooove it and we saved $2k off retail price. Also, since we went to a local place Fiance negotiated down the price of the diamond and setting… can’t do that online!

I’ll leave you with this thought: I actually had a *feeling* when I put on my ring at the store, like they show on those dress shows… I just knew it was meant to be mine! Haha, so maybe when you find the right ring for your girl you will just *know*

Good luck!!

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Sorry about your bad experience. I have a Tacori, but to be honest, I just fell in love with a particular setting and had to have it. I wasn’t necessarily expecting/wanting one and have seen so many gorgeous rings that are not necessarily name brand.

I know you’d rather buy in person, but the great thing about online is that they have a bigger inventory than stores carry, and you most likely won’t have the experience you had in a brick and mortar (The place I got my setting from, a small, local jewler (we wanted at least part of the ring to be local) was beyond a pain to work with (as is Tacori,incidentally, and they do tend to charge extra for modifications(mine is an emerald cut in a round setting and it cost an estra $350 to do)) but my DH loved James Allen enough that we just bought a pair of diamond earrings from them (also better quality than what most local jewlers carry). They have a 60 day return policy if you don’t like the stone once you get it, and DH used James Allen specifically because you can “see” what diamonds look like under a loupe online (since I have an emerald, clarity and color were important).For what it’s worth, you mentioned wanting a certain carat weight, and with a $15k budget, you’d likely be able to get something with better specs. 


I would also cheer for platinum. I have rings in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, and the only one that has held up beautifully over the years is my platinum ring. I love it!


Either way, congrats and be sure to show us once you find something that is just right!! 🙂 Good luck!




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I am glad to hear you are also over at PS. While I know you wanted to speak to “normal” people, not everyone over at PS is a jeweller/gemologist and many of the patrons have years of buying experience from online vendors.

Good Old Gold was mentioned earlier and can be reached at PS. I knew someone who was over the moon crazy about the ring she got from him. It might be well worth the time to sign up. 

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