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ok to be quite honest, I didn’t look at all the pages… but I did look at the first 20! lol. It looks just fine. There was only 1 pic that I saw (you were sitting with your BMs and everyone was laughing) that I would prob leave out… it was a cute shot.. but the mustaches were like in one of your BMs teeth.. made it look strange.. I would prob sub that pic for one similar… 

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I looked at every page. Overall it looks great! Personally it felt as though there were so many pictures per page that it was a bit distracting though. You had SO MANY great photos, but you probably could cut back a bit and still be able to tell the story of your day. It’s your album though, and if you would be sad to cut any of the pictures just leave them. It’s a great record of your wedding, and it looks like it was a great time!

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@Mrs.SplatterPaint:  you asked for picky so here goes πŸ™‚

9-10 make b&w pics seem more ‘on purpose’ and less random – maybe do the whole spread in b&w since it’s more about the emotion than the color?

11-12 top left photo is a bit unflattering – no one smiling or ‘nice’ expressions, do you have something to replace it with?

Also with the B&W – consider either skipping it, or doing 3 pics on 11 as b&w – like make the bottom left b&w, move the ring pic to the right, make it b&w, and make the top left b&w so it alternates down the page

13-14 shot of Darling Husband and Bridesmaid or Best Man cuts off their sides quite a bit – some of the other ones (you and one of the BM’s have the top of their heads chopped a bit

15-16 switch jumping (b&w) shot with the one next to it (DH and ringbearer I think?) I love that jumping shot and want it bigger, lol!

17-18 that kissing/leaning shot of you two on 18 is gorgeous, I would make it it’s own 1/2 page. 
Possibly throw another b&w pic in for balance on 18 – maybe the bottom left or top right? (both on page 18)

19-20 looks a bit cluttered, maybe focus on your 3-4 faves and cut some?

29-30 love πŸ™‚

some of the family shots and reception pages get a bit cluttered – maybe change up the layouts, delete a few or stick pages in between that are less picture-full and break it up.

Also consider one or two more pages like 29-30 – those full spread shots or 1/2 page full spread are really great to look at – maybe one of your whole bridal party?


These are all just suggestions, feel free to do whatever you would like πŸ™‚ Overall though, I really like your album and think it looks really good πŸ™‚

I also did adorama ones for my parents at Christmas – I can send you the link if you’d like to look at it. At least then if you hate the style, you know to ignore my suggestions πŸ™‚

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I’m trying to be critical here because you asked, but if you disagree then just ignore my comment!

Do you really need the Timmies shot and two different photos of the back of your dress being done up on your getting ready pages? I’d rather see the 4th photo on the 3rd page bigger, the one with your BMs and their drinks.

I like the photo on pg 5, but the rest of them on the next page all seem excessive. All similar angles, upshots, and they don’t show the text on your hanger or details of your dress any more clearly. The top right hand corner of pg 6 is just not a very good shot, all blown out, but I like that it shows the skirt a bit more.

Pg 9, the order of the top 2 shots don’t work for me. I do storyboarding for films and things, the information doesn’t read right the way it’s presented, I didn’t know what I was looking at right away. I would switch the photos so that your shot was before his. I would also flip your photo horizontally so that it looked like you were going towards him and coming up from behind.

I like the top left hand shot on pg 10 more than the one on the bottom right of pg 9, I would remove it and replace it with the one from pg 10. His expression doesn’t change on those bottom two shots and the pg 10 one looks warmer and more natural. Love the other shots on pg 10, but not so much the thumbs up one.

Pg 11, why so miserable in that first shot? The B&W looks out of place, if you have it in colour I would use it in colour.

Pg 12, like the first mustache one, not so much the second. LOVE the laughing one.

Pg 13-14, great, leave as is.

Pg 16, wish I’d seen this one first, before seeing them on your bridal party. I would get rid of both of the mustache shots on pg 12 and put the laughing one after this shot. Maybe give the laughing mustache shot with your bridal party and the mustache shot with your Darling Husband and his party each a half page.

Pg 18, LOVE the big make-y out-y shot with your Darling Husband. Make it bigger. Bottom right hand corner of pg 18, I’m not feeling it.

I like the feel and variety of content of the shots on pg 19 much much better than the ones on pg 20. 20 sort of falls flat due to the repetition – all smooching and we’ve already seen the mustaches.

Pg 21 and I am really glad to see the shots of the invitations – beautiful, for one, new subject matter very welcome by this point.

Pg 23-24, I adore that you got shots of so many VIPs walking to their seats, all beautiful shots!

Top right hand corner of pg 26, I don’t like it. The photo beneath it is gorgeous and it shows that same moment. Can you find another shot of your Darling Husband waiting for you to put on the top half of the page? Or, can you use that same photo you have of him and simply not crop it the way it is there?

First pic on pg 27 is so similar to the shot I didn’t like on the previous pg and it is much more flattering. Since you have this one in I would definitely cut that other one.

The big shot on pg 28 is nice in that you have some emotional guest reactions, but the biggest thing in that shot is your BM’s bare arm. I would cut it for that reason.

Pg 29-30, love it. Hope the fold in the book doesn’t eat the kiss part. Could you make it slightly off center for the book printing? I would much rather have some of the fireplace get eaten than your heads and your husband is already leaning towards your side anyway. Feels like a natural edit.

First shot on 33, can’t tell what the blue stuff is, probably not big enough. Pg 34, your family shots are gorgeous. Love your cardigan.

Pg 43 – your father daughter dance with the big spinny skirt! Make it bigger!! Like the layout of the page with the cascading line between the photo edges. Use that layout for another page.

Bottom left hand corner of pg 44 – wtf? Is that the groom dancing with his mother? A little bizarre!

Pg 47-48 these pages are so busy, I really want some of them to be bigger. The eye needs some room to rest. I’m sure there are some details in there I would want to be able to see, also.

Pg 49-50 LOVE LOVE LOVE. Leave it. Great shot on 50 btw!!


Overall cute album! Your wedding was beautiful. I wish you would condense the first 20 pages. Those shots don’t all need to be there, and the rest of the album is just so dense.

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The beginning seems a little out of order to me.  I would put the dress shots and the detail shots before the pics of you getting dressed.  It seemed odd to see you in the dress and then go back to the dress on the hanger.

Also, I think you should vary some of the picture sizes in pages 33-36. I know the formal pics aren’t always the thing you most want to look at, but it may be more visually interesting to mix it up a little.

Otherwise I like it! It looks like you had a blast!

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Every change you made was for the best IMO! It’s looking really good! If you feel like changing anything else I think it’s just minor tweaks for your own personal preference at this point. Really glad I could help! I loved looking at your album.

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I think the changes you made are great! I love that b&w first look, and some of the changes you made to the reception pics and pages of you and your husband. There were some really neat things I didn’t notice the first time around.

Some of those reception shots are really great and they completely got lost on me in the previous version, nice job!

My teeniest suggestion is that shot with the full skirt dancing with your dad – I would mess with that to get the whole dress on the page, unless of course, that’s the photo and part of the dress isn’t in it. It’s such a fun shot, and you could probably fairly easily shorten the two pics below it.

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I think the white background you have behind the pictures is a bit plain. Adorama has lots of background options, they even have a white lace background which will add a bit of texture if you really want white

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I think it looks awesome. How much are you paying for this? 

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@hopefloats:  Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my memory is going. Looked up the order confirmed email, they were $109.95 each.

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First off – you are gorgeous!!!!

Ok, here is what I thought –

Pg. 2 – The spaces in between photos are not consistent.

Pg. 8 – see above comment.

Pg. 15 – there is a weird line in the upper right corner!? below the picture

Pg. 27 – see above comment, same place?

Pg. 39 – see above comment

Pg. 42 – line again below picture on top right corner

Pg. 47 – line below bottom right picture



Other than that, it looks great! It’s awesome you are getting 50 pages, holy cow! I disagree with a PP that said you have two many pictures on a page sometimes, I think the white borders between them makes it fine. Some of those pages are a little plain though, but if your ok with that, then it’s all good.


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