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If she’s still not toilet trained you need to go right back to basics. When I was training mine I took them out every 3/4 hour. If they did something they got praise and a treat. If they didnt they went back into their crate and I tried again 15 mins later. My two boys were trained within three weeks and my girl was trained within two. 

You CAN do it but you need to start over completely!

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@Lana_Rose:  Oh no! I’m not that mean haha. 


This is what I’ve done with my three:


Take out to the toilet – if she does a wee/poo, squeal like mad, loads of cuddles and a treat. Bring her back inside and play for half hour to hour. If she does’t do anything then put her back in her crate and try again half hour later. 


That way, she’ll learn to associate going to the toilet in the right place when asked gets her praise, treats and playtime. 


It took mine between two and three weeks to get the hang of it at 9 weeks old – so with an older put I reckon you could halve that time span! 


ETA. You do feel like you’re up and down A LOT, but its a quick way to teach them and its worth it in the long run. 

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Please don’t keep her in her crate all day if you are at home! That won’t train her but it will be unkind.

Instead, go back to basics. Forget this business about how long they can hold out x months of their age because, like humans, puppies and dogs vary. Some dogs can hold on forever, others can’t It has no bearing on age although it is true to say that puppies have much smaller bladders so need more frequent bathroom breaks. 

Treat her like a little, untrained pup. That means outside every 45 minutes at most. Find a non-embarassing command word – like nobody wants to stand in the garden calling “go tinkle!” do they? – and when she performs, give her absolutely over the top praise. 45 minutes later, take her out again. And again….

All dogs can be housetrained. Even older ones. It just takes longer sometimes. I had to retrain my cocker spaniel who I “inherited” when my friend’s elderly father died. Because of his lack of mobility, my friend’s father had encouraged the dog to pee on the laminated kitchen floor if it took too long for him to let the dog out in the garden. So I had to reverse this. Still only took a week of intensive training and my cocker spaniel was 6 years old at the time.


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It takes some dogs longer than others!  Growing up one of our dogs was basically housetrained at 9 weeks, while our other two were a whole different story – one of them took about a year.  Certain dogs will take longer than others, smaller dogs tend to not be able to hold it as long as bigger dogs, and certain breeds are more stubborn.  Hey, even kids potty train at different ages!

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I was taking my pup out every 20 mins- half hour when we first started house training him. But then, we started doing that when he was eight weeks old so he HAD to go that often. My schedule went as follows:

Get him out of crate in morning, take outside.

Feed breakfast, take outside.

Take outside 20 mins later.

Play for 15 mins, take outside.

Play for 15 mins, take outside.

Crate an hour, take outside.

Repearted 3-4 times a day, and let him out 2-3 times at night.

It took a couple weeks, but he is now housetrained.

Be super diligent at watching for signs that he has to go to the bathroom- sniffing, that “hunchback walk” (or is that just my dog? He kind of scrunches his back up and starts lifting his hind legs extra high when he’s starting to look for somewhere to poo). Anytime you even THINK you see signs for this, take him outside and tell him, “go to the bathroom.” When he does, praise, treats, and lots of love. He’ll eventually get it but right now, you may be asking for too much especially if your dog doesn’t understand the concept.

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She needs to go out way more often IMO, especially a tiny dog like that. Heck my adult dogs go out at least that much…

Go back to the basics. You need to keep an eye on her at all times – she’s had too much freedom too soon. Use a babygate to keep her in the room with you, or even leash her to your belt or chair if you’re working. She should not be able to sneak off and go elsewhere in the house without you noticing immediately. If you can’t watch her, put her in her crate or get an xpen.

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My puppy took forever to house train.  Shes super smart and caught on to other training so fasst, but for whatever reason she didnt understand how to ask to go out until she was about 8 months old.  Then one day it just clicked.  Shes 14 months old and still has an accident per month, but its usually because we missed her signals.  Just stick with it and shell catch on eventually.  I would also take her out at least 6 times a day just because shes young.

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@Steampunkbride:  I wish I had thought of a code word to teach my dog when she was in training. Now whenever I have to take her for a quick one, it’s kind of embarrassing to be practically begging her to “Go pee pee!!” in a really excited voice.

@Lana_Rose:  Your puppy is definitely still very trainable. My dog didn’t live with me full time until she was 5 years old, and before that she had never been really potty trained. There were some accidents, but with a lot of patience and consistency, she got the hang of it. I love the idea of a babygate to keep her in the room with you while you work. Good luck!

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Saw a pic on another thread where you posted a piC saying she’s a jug.  The 2 dogs I mentioned earlier were pugs, and every pug owner I’ve ever talked to has had a hell of a time house training their dogs.  It seems to be pretty common with them, so don’t beat yourself up about it!

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What kind of a dog is she?  I’ve had 2 shih tzus and they both took forever to be trained.  We were patient with them and let them out often, tried treat training when they went outside and for 1 it eventually clicked, the other was harder.  For the shih tzu I have now we resorted to pee pads.  He seemed to know right away what to use it for and every week we would move the pad a little closer to the back door until we managed to move it outside.  Once it was outside and he was used to going out there we took it away all together and he was great.  If he’d be in the house for long periods alone we left one out for him for a few months and eventually took that away too and he was fine.

I know other people who’ve used bells.  They’d put a bell at the backdoor at the dog’s height and whenever they’d put the dog out they’d ring it so eventually the dog learns to ring the bell when they want out.  That seemed really confusing to me so we didn’t go that route.

You’re dog will get it, unfortunately, some dogs just take longer than others.  You and your SO just have to be patient even on the really rough days.  Good luck.


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