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Just remember, this stage is temporary.

But how well you do during this stage dictates how hard or easy the dog is to handle in the future.

It gets better, I promise! It’s just a time of adjustment.

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Puppies are a lot of work!  This is just a phase.  Be sure to take him to obedience training as soon as he’s old enough to help correct any undesirable behaviors.  And I think the blizzarding stopped!  At least it did in Northwest Reno

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We got a lab/retriever mix puppy last week. He turned 8 weeks on Tuesday. He was SUPER bad about whining whenever we were out of eye sight from him. He cried ALLLLLLLLL night in his kennel. I was worried to the point where I’d ask ANYONE with any kind of puppy experience to reassure me that I was doing the right thing. I felt like a horrible mom

 I can honestly tell you, he is SO much better and it’s only been a week and a few days. The hardest part is teaching a ‘pack’ animal that it is okay to be alone some times. I promise he will get better, it will just take a little bit!

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It is just a phase but you HAVE to be consistent with the training. Just remember while they are puppies and you just got them, they were just taken from their mom and a feeling of total security into another completely unknown situation. They were surrounded by the other puppies and now they are not so there is going to be a period of transition for them with feeling lonely. So yes they may not like to be alone for a period of time. I never met a puppy that didn’t cry the entire first night in a crate. It is all part of the process but as soon as  you break that training and let him sleep with you, well you just dug yourself a bigger hole. We have a 4 year old chocolate lab and a 5 mth old yellow lab. We got them both at 6 weeks and it was really hard the first couple of months. We never did the puppy pads but please know accidents do and will happen and potty training does take some time. I know it is no fun on carpet and such and we all want a clean, smell free home but that is the price we pay with puppies. It is an adjustment and a phase and it will get better if you are consitent, I promise.

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You’ve already gotten all of the “be consistent, he’s just a baby” advice, so I’ll give you a little something different. We had to use the puppy pads at first as well — they make this spray that you can spray on them that draws the puppy to them. Reward like CRAZY when he uses them. Even if you have to pick him up and sit him on it when he tries to go potty – do it. The spray can also be used outside; you can spray around the area you want him to potty at consistently. Again, rewards and praise! Something our trainer said was “give little treats, something they have to take a long time to chew like a bone will cause them to forget why they are being rewarded in the first place.” We got beggin’ strips and cut them into tiny bite-sized pieces.

Good luck and it will all work out – promise! I have two that just turned two and I still love them dearly. :p I’m sure he’s adorable, so crate training may be hard for both of you, but if it’s what you’re planning on doing then by all means be consistent. We personally only use crates for when we leave the house, but I know a lot of people crate train at night. Ours just use their beds.

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Puppies are a ton of work for awhile – sleepless nights, cleaning up – it’s like a baby!  Praise him when he pees on the pad, invest in a bottle of Bitter Apple for furniture legs & catch some sleep when you can!

It may take a few months, but it is all worth it in the end 🙂  Hang in there!

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Along with being consistent, remember that whining and crying is an undesirable behavior and that by picking him up while he’s whining teaches him, “When I whine, I get what I want!” Just wait till the second he quits, even if it’s for a second, and then pick him up/ pet him/etc. Be consistent with that and he’ll start to realize that being quiet is the way to get what he wants Smile

Puppyhood is tough…I remember when our family terrier was a little one, he was TERRIBLE. My mom and I would cry about it every night! They make up for it by being so adorable.

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Puppies are great but so much work.  Our baby just turned 3 and we just recently replaced all of our carpet and flooring…so that tells you how hard potty training was for us!  Our problem was we were on an inconsistent schedule with her.  It’s like a baby, they NEED a schedule and structure!  Rewards are great, don’t punish if you don’t catch them in the act.  Stay consistent and patient.  He WILL cry.  It will break your heart but you’ll be glad you were tough on them at a young age.  Our dog is well behaved now (after we hired a dog trainer and got serious with her) and we both said we’ll never get a puppy again!  Good luck!

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Puppies are exhausting but it’s only temporary.

When I’d hear puppy cries I’d just pat them and tell then ‘oh, you’re fine’, and continue on with whatever I was doing.  They’ll eventually just follow you around if you don’t give into them – or if he’s staying behind just give him a treat to follow you, better to keep an eye on him at this point.  Once the weather clears up a little outdoor exercise is probably what this guy really needs too, a good long rumble around to get out his little energy.  My mom swears by wrapping up a ticking clock in a towel and letting the puppy snuggle with it at night as a way to calm them down.  I’ve never tried it but it might work.  Also get him some good toys to chew on, when you see him gnawing on something bad switch it out for something he can chew on.  The repetition needed is exhausting but it will work out.

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Yup, we had the same reaction when we got ours, both my husband and I were thinking “WHAT have we gotten ourselves into!?!?!?” but eight months later, I can definitely say that it’s really only the first month or two that’s super-hard!

It gets easier and easier but like others have said, don’t reinforce bad habits, only reward good ones and be prepared for lots of accidents (we took up all our rugs when we got ours and had to move everything off the floor/above her reach) but it’s SO worth it! I love our little munchkin more than anything!

And it is excellent training for a baby!!

Can we see a pic or two please?!?!? I LOVE PUPPIES and love puppy pictures!! Good luck, hang in there and try to enjoy the puppy stage bc they grow out of it sooooo fast!

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Do not keep the crate by you at night – you need to put it somewhere where you wont hear the whining.

For the next couple of weeks you need to set an alarm on your phone to get up and let the puppy out once or twice a night.  Once the puppy knows that you’re not in earsight he’ll stop whining.  And when he knows you’re going to be letting him out eventually, he’ll be a lot better.

If you want to nip the lap time in the bud, you’d better do it now.  My dog is sitting in my lap now and has done so since a puppy, but I love it, so that’s a different story.  

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PLease post of picture of your little guy!!!  I love english bulldogs and think they may be one of the cutest breeds!  I would love to oooh and awww over him!!

I have 2 9 month olf shar pei puppies.  They are a handful, but the joy they bring is wonderful!  Enjoy that little guy!

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So another thing I thought of with being stuck inside and a whiney puppy.  I used to carry a couple balls in my pocket so when I’d go around the house doing stuff I’d just throw them for the pup to  chase.  Some pups won’t chase them into a different room so I’d basically just throw the ball next to them but it usually led the puppy attacking and playing with the ball for a bit. 

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It really helps to make the crate feel like home and not a punishment. We did keep ours by our bed at first, and put sweaty old t-shirts and socks in there, along with toys that he couldn’t choke on or chew up. He cried a bit at first but calmed down because we were right by him. It needs to be a retreat for the puppy, so let him feel comfy in there. He might cry at first but he’ll get used to it so later, the crate will be useful for you. Our dog now goes in his crate of his own free will, and if we’re going out, we ask him to go in his crate and he does quite happily. Do not make it an unhappy, stressful place!

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