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    Don’t worry yet. If you are using an app, those dates are set and stone. It may change as time goes on due to when you get your period over the next couple of months. My wedding was in November. When I looked in June it showed me to O on my wedding day. When the time came though, it was days later. No need to worry this early.

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    I would lean towards birth control pills. Meet with your doctor, talk with them about the spotting, and they can help choose the best pill to prevent that.

    My perspective is that those chemicals are already IN your body, and an IUD seems a lot more invasive.

    To each her own, but the birth control seems the safest and easiest to wean off of when you wish to as well.

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    mrsfiddlesticks:  agreed. OP, it definitely can shift between now and your wedding.

    And, for the record, AF arrived the morning after our wedding and hung out throughout the honeymoon. Ideal? Nope. Survivable? Certainly.

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    What about just delaying your period with Norethisterone? You’d have to continue using whatever contraceptives you’re using now bc it’s not a birth control but it can be used to delay period for a max of like 15 days I think. 

    ETA: agree with PP its likely to change by May but if you find by April it doesnt your doctor can prescribe the norethisterone and you would start a few days before your expected period and continue through your honeymoon. Just another option!!

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    Talk to your doctor. If you’re wanting an IUD anyway, think about getting in to do that. Honestly, I had spotting the first couple weeks after mine was inserted and virtually nothing since then (it’s been 8 months total). You’d likely be fine by May.

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    I feel your pain, I was worried about this too as it looked like my period would fall on the wedding day. Mine have always been unbelievably regular…32 days, no variation…but heavy and the first day was always unpleasant. I decided to go ahead and get on birth control and it’s been very helpful. Even though I did have a little spotting when I skipped, I just had a very light weight pantyliner in all day and forgot it was even there.

    IUDs and Depo always seem to have a rough transition period from what I hear from girlfriends, so I don’t think I’d want to have to worry about complications with those, with all the other planning going on. Not to mention there are plenty of documented cases of women gaining a ton of weight on the shot and that’s not something most brides want to have to worry about when they have a dress to fit into. I’m not saying it WOULD happen, but there’s definitely a chance.

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    i would NOT get a depo shot no matter what.  Research it first if thats what you do.  I have heard some very troubling stories about the side-effects from friends

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    Lyssie:  Do not wait on this… yes, it may change by a few days but if you want to be SURE and control this you have to act now. BCP take 3 months to regulate and be able to skip a period.

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    +1 on saying no to Depo. That stuff screwed my body up like crazy. I took it for about 9 months. AFter I stopped, took 14 months fo rmy period to come and once it did I was getting it twice a month for 3 months after. Best bet is pills. I used Junel 1/20 for 18 months. My period came back the next month with no issues.

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    I would advise to get the Nuvaring if possible. I get a period every 3rd month to reduce spotting in between. Just change it every 4 weeks for the first two months and the 3rd month take it out on the 3rd week to get your period and then put a new one in. Repeat process. Do NOT get the IUD! It will cause cramps, mood swings and spotting. I took it out after a year. 

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    not sure if youre interested in this, but i took a PLAN B pill (OTC) i bled for a week or 2 after, and then my period didn’t come back for 2 months ….Everybody’s body is different, but it worked for me.

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    I am really having a hard time understanding why so many people think you should take medication rather than letting yoru body do it’s natural thing.  Sure it’s not ideal timing and you may have to be extra vigilant about yoru dress, but as others pointed out, the likelihood that your prediction is spot on is probably slim.  Do you really want to take medications with potential bad side effects just so you can have sex on your honeymoon?  You’ve got your entire life for that!

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    5 months out, anything can happen.  i stopped BCP 3 months before my wedding. my cycle was regular right off the pill.  AF showed up the day before my wedding day.  and my 2nd days is always heaviest flow.

    i imagined it being a disaster, but thankfully it really wasn’t that bad.  besides having to go to the bathroom and change a tampon, i didn’t bother me at all.

    and didn’t i have the best girl friends who helped me hold my dress while i went to bathroom to change that tampon. 

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    I would also get on the “no” train for the depo shot – I got one a long time ago and I bled for like 4 weeks and gained 15 lbs in less than a month (with no change to my diet). I’m pretty slender, I’m around 5’7″ and my comfortable weight is about 120, so going up to 135 in the matter of a few weeks was not fun, especially coupled with the mood swings I had as well.

    If you are interested in the IUD I would explore that more. I ended up getting a plastic Mirena IUD in 2007 and loved it so much that I got another one in 2012 when the first one “expired”. I spotted for a few weeks (never really any breakthrough bleeding) and then was not really having true periods after that at all. It probably took around 6 months for monthly spotting to stop completely, but I was only spotting every month, not having a true period (definitely like a pantyliners worth or so – no need for an actual tampon). That said, different people react differently to them, so if you are going to do it, I would do it now just in case you have issues – it gives you plenty of time to get it removed and switch back to BC before May, but I think you’d love it (I’ve had several friends get one in the last year and all love it as well). I definitely think 4-5 months is plenty of time for your body to adjust to the IUD. I’m not suggesting you do this just for the period issue, but if you were considering one anyway then I would at least explore it more.

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