(Closed) Help! Should I postpone/cancel my wedding, 3 months away?

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Helper bee

He sounds like a typical 20 year old that has yet to learn about finances. This can definitly be a problem in your relationship. Maybe you should postpone the wedding until you have a financial plan… I think that is really the only responsible way to get married. Otherwise you are going to be supporting this guy and paying for his poor financial decisions for quite some time.

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I agree that you both should go to a financial planner.  Then, an expert can mediate this issue without shame or blame. Your fiance needs to understand the importance of responsible living.  If he wants to spend aimlessly, he is not ready to participate in the grind of a household, then I do not believe he is ready for marriage. And you should wait absolutely.  I do not believe age or incomplete education is an excuse; if anything it unmasks his habits (ppl who make more money can hide their bad habits more easily), so you are lucky in having the knowlege you do now.  My sis is still in school but is very conservative with her finances and understands deferred gratification. She hasn’t bought a single item of clothes in 2 years, and she walks 20 minutes each way to the grocery store to avoid car/gas.  She has applied for scholarships and envisions saving for what she wants in the future. Please be careful and make sure that he has zero debt. Yes, zero by the end of the month. You are responsible for his debt unless you have a prenuptial agreement. Be sensible, as much as you are loving.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t want to repeat what everyone else has been saying, so I just wanted to ask why you guys were wanting such a short engagement instead of a longer one? I obviously don’t know your Fiance so this is just my personal perception, but my little brother is 19, just a year younger than your Fiance, and he sounds a lot like him. My parents give him an allotted grocery/gas allowance each week, and they pay his rent and school tuition. Well, he takes that money and spends it as soon as it hits his account – buying concert tickets, going out to dinner, etc. After blowing a lot of his money in his first semester this year, he has started to realize that he needs, say…a part time job to supplement. It is really hard for someone around that age to be financially aware, especially since he doesn’t have to work to pay his bills/buy his food/etc. If my parents all of a sudden cut him off, he probably would figure it out FAST. I feel like a longer engagement period for the two of you might give you time to get settled and more comfortable with your financial situation…especially if he is planning on taking on all of his bills/tuition. It would be interesting to see how things went for him if he were to do that before you got married…

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Honey Beekeeper
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He sounds like most people I knew when they were 20–not ready for the real world.

That being said, marrying a woman IN the real world, with a grasp on life, could be a huge problem.

What’s the rush with the short engagement? I hate to put it this way, but what’s wrong with letting him grow up a little? He needs to grasp “life” a little bit.

Plus, is he still going to be taking money from his parents when he is married? Cuz if they’re paying for his tuition, usually that ceases when you get married. At least for me it would have, and for everybody I knew.

I think your concern is 100% legit. It’s not that you want a sugar daddy, but you want someone who will bring something financially responsible to the table. And let’s face it, his financial actions are really immature; he needs a reality check with the bills and everything. It’s something you don’t learn until you’re cut off if your parents are covering your bills for you (trust me, i was one of those kids. i used money from waiting tables to supplement small thingsd but i got $400 a month for food and room and they paid my tuition. I thought I knew, but I didn’t really know until i got out and had “real” bills and had a “real” budget, all on my own).

I wouldn’t want to marry someone who couldn’t pull their own weight. I have broken up with guys before for the fact that “love is great, but doesn’t pay the bills”. They still lived at home and had no financial footing in life. i started to feel like I’d end up taking care of them and they’d take advantage of me having the better job and paycheck. I felt like they thought “sweet, sugar momma!” ya know? Emotional support is one thing, but you have to be a tangibly responsibel person in my book, also. I don’t need to be provided for (do you want to be a Stay-At-Home Mom or something? Do you want to not work when you get married and be taken care of?) but I want to know my guy can take care of himself and contribute to the household. A hug and kiss and support are nice and all, but you can’t pay the bills with them. I’d work this out though, because you may resent him if you end up taking care of him too much–you’ll feel like you replaced his parents…you’ll nag…it’ll feel less like a relationship, more like a sibling thing where you’re always on his case.

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Bee Keeper

It sounds to me like you’ll be taking on more of a ‘parenting role’ with him than one of a wife/partner. From what you’ve described he’s used to someone taking care of him and has had no time to stand on his own and accept responsibility for his own actions. He needs time to grow up before he gets married and can prove he can handle all it entails. What happens if you get pregnant? How will he support a family then?

I’d wait on this marriage  if it were me.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I think you should definitely put off getting married until he is more stable in his money situation.  He needs to know how to handle money and be responsible before you get married.  I think he has some growing up to do, and it would be better if that growing up was done before your got married

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Helper bee
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@ Kelmac: I think your response is a little out of line. Your not taking the time to really realize what the poster is saying here. She has legitimate concers about spending; finances & responsibility. She never once stated she was looking for a “sugar daddy.” Just because your relationship is a bed of roses doesn’t mean that every one else in the world doesn’t have problems with money. Just because someone Loves you & Supports you emotionally doesn’t mean they can’t ruin you by spending every last dime you have.


I’ll agree with the posters before. If he’s only 20 that means that he still has quite a bit of growing up to do. Honestly; if he’s never had a job; I think I’d be leaning towards possibly extending the engagement a little longer. While I think Love and Committment is a huge part of marriage another small part of marriage is finances. You do have to be able to trust the person your with; not only with his money to help support himself but to trust him with access to your finaces as well. You need to know that he can handle the responsibilities of marriage and finances. It doesn’t matter who makes more money; what matters is that you are both on the same page as far as unneccesary spending. I think if you guys can have a real conversation about the future and spending and his expectations of you and your expectations of him that would help.


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Bumble bee

I think most of the posters here are right on target: he sounds like a great guy who needs some time to grow up. It’s completely fine if he doesn’t make as much money as you. It’s completely fine if you’re ahead of him careerwise. But it’s not fine to be financially irresponsible and blow through what money you do have rather than budgeting. 

I think your assessment of your situation is very realistic: you don’t need to break up with the man you love, but neither should you rush into marriage. Maybe postponing the wedding will be the catalyst he needs to start being more responsible. Honestly, if he goes from being supported by his parents to being supported by you, he’ll never have an opportunity to become financially independent. So let him get there first. Meanwhile, keep talking about finances. Make budgets, talk about how you want to handle your money now and in the future. I think you are so smart to have this concern now and you both will definitely be able to work through this issue. 

@Kelmac – as LacyLust noted, wanting your partner to be financially responsible is nothing like wanting him to be your “sugar daddy’ … I think that is a bit of an overreaction.

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Helper bee
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I totaly agree with Smyley…be careful, you may be taking on more of a parent role as opposed to wife. At this point, you two are not equally yoked, give him some time to mature!

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Bumble bee

It depends entirely on what you want out of life and marriage.

If you want your man to provide for you and be the leader of the household then yes absolutely you need to find a man that is financially stable and responsible and that you can trust to make good decisions, better ones than yours I guess.  So if that is what you want I think this guy is not the right guy for you, definitely not now and maybe not ever.

If however you love this guy enough to change what you want…

Marriage doesn’t have to involve the guy providing for you.  As an adult you could provide for yourself for the rest of your life.  (Though I’d advice keeping separate accounts till you can trust him with money.)  You can respect someone for a lot of different reasons, not just financial ones, I respect people for their strenght of character and compassion etc.  I don’t know anything about this guy but what you’ve written but it sounds like if you want to be with him you’ll probably have to have a more equal relationship than you’ve envisioned. 

I’m not sure you’ve thought the dynamics of what you’re suggesting all the way through.  You say you can’t imagine not working but if your husband is the leader of the household and he wants you to stay home with the kids? 

There’s also the fact that 20 is really young, he’s almost a teenager and you’re 29, an adult.  I’d give it some more time, he needs time to grow up. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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It sounds like he is a typical 20 year old.  My husband and I were really mature for our ages but that isn’t typically the case.  I think that you should wait until he graduates and gets a job and learns to live on his own before getting married.

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Busy bee
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tigereye21 I am sorry that I misunderstood your post. I am PM’ing you. And by no means did I mean that my marriage is a bed of roses.

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Honey bee
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Obviously we don’t know all the circumstances, but I wouldn’t marry a 20-year-old who still receives a spending allowance from his parents. (His age is not the deciding factor; there are a lot of young people who can take care of themselves.) That’s a person who is not independent enough yet to be a married man.

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