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At this point the Doctor can not tell you what made the pap smear abnormal, that’s the purpose of the colposcopy (to identify the abnormality).  Your Doctor should have explained that to your more thoroughly though, and I would consider just finding a new Doctor all together.

I have had an abrnomal pap and it turned out to be nothing.  I know a lot of Bee’s here have as well.  Best of luck to you.

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@KateByDesign:  This. The pap only tells her that *something* is abnormal, but not *what* is abnormal. The colposcopy is necessary to determine that and the severity of the abnormality.


I had the same thing. I did the colp, biopsy and cryo treatment and have been normal for 1.5 years!

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Certainly in the UK you get told if you have CIN1, CIN2 or CIN3 cells. (3 is worst) I got referred for colposcooy last oct/nov (I was 27 at the time).  Its not as uncomfortable as I imagined but I did sleep in the afternoon (possibly due to the 3 weeks of sleepless worried nights I had had waiting). I wouldn’t delay, its not worth the worry…

As for the breast exam, was the gyno new?! Breasts do change with your cycle so you can have bumpy breasts at different times, maybe thats what they felt? Get to know your own breasts (there’s regular campaigns here), you’re the best judge of normal…

Good luck!

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@KateByDesign:  this.

@blushingbrooklynbride:  Definitely go through with it. Getting a second opinion is useless and will cost you a lot of money. I have had a colposcopy and it wasn’t anything too bad. I went to class an hour after it was done; my Dr. gave me some vicodin for the pain, but I never used it. I definitely am going to spare you the talk about going to the gyn for the first time at 29.


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She really does not know until she does a Colpo. Really. The pap tells her there are abnormal cells. She has to scrape some out of your cervix to find out is they are cancerous.

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@blushingbrooklynbride:  Yes get a second opinion.  From my experience, they wait for you to have an abnormal pap twice within a year before moving on to a colposcopy…not sure if that’s standard but that was my experience.

Regardless, I wouldn’t really take any medical advice you get on a board like this…I’d listen to your doctors.

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@blushingbrooklynbride:  I would definitely switch doctors because she doesn’t sound like she was answering your questions or being helpful. It’s scary getting those results! As PP’s have said, they can’t tell why or to what extent the abnormalities go. That’s what colpo’s are for.

I had to switch the doctor I was seeing because she told me I was “being a case” and she couldn’t talk to me. This was because I was so nervous & scared. I found a much better doctor who actually suggested that we wait on the LEEP to see if my body took care of things. And I’m so glad we didn’t go through with it because after a year, I got back to normal Paps.

Don’t worry, it’s common and usually not too big of a deal.

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I had an abnormal PAP once and they were able to tell me without further testing that it was from HPV, but was not any of the invasive types of HPV. They also did further STI testing and all came back negative. All my PAP tests since then came back normal. However, my current physician found it odd that I never had a second PAP following the first abnormal one until the following year.

My doctor has also always told me my breasts are still what she calls “lumpy bumpy” and said it’s common among younger women who have not had children yet. So they might feel “lumpy” I guess but it’s nothing for me to worry about unless I or she felt something unusual.

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@blushingbrooklynbride:  I had an ‘abnormal’ PAP a few years ago, Dr. freaked me out by saying that it might be HPV– it turned out to be nothing.


 Which was a good thing because Fiance and I are exclusive, and have only been together so HPV would have been a big problem for us.

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First, the 7 lumps she felt are likely normal fibrous tissue that feels lumpy. That’s why you have to get them checked every year. One exam doesn’t tell you much. It’s how the breasts change that can be useful. So you did your appropriate follow up and I wouldn’t worry about that.

Second, mostly, she probably doesn’t know exactly what’s going on with the Pap yet. It’s also harder to explain things over the phone and most people prefer to explain things in person. So I’d set up an appointment and make a list of questions for her. She may not be able to answer them all at the appointment (some will need the results of the colp) but she should be able to get them eventually. But sometimes the real, true answer is “I don’t know” and that’s because nobody knows. There’s a lot we don’t understand about the human body. We do the best that we can. 

So go in and have the procedure and then re-evaluate at that point. And try not to stress too much before the procedure because that doesn’t really help anything and everything will probably be just fine. 

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I had an abnormal pap before.  They waited for a second pap six months later before deciding the actual treatment (second was normal, so nothing further needed).  I’d get a second opinion in this situation.

As for the lumps — some people have naturally lumpy breast tissue, and these lumps can change based on where you are in your menstrual cycle.  It’s smart for you to have a benchmark mammogram, but just keep in mind in the future that lumps aren’t all bad – a lot of the times, they are just lumps (but all of the time, they warrant investigation, just in case).

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@ebarnes0:  I had a colpo the very first time I had an irregular pap and they followed up with another pap and colpo 6 months later.

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I am thinking she doesn’t have the greatest bedside manner or realizes how vague her answers sound… she should’ve just been very upfront and told you that the abnormal results tell her nothing other than it is abnormal and that at this point you require further testing to determine the cause… she also shouldn’t of said it is probably HPV or anything like that because now you are panicking!

You should schedule this appointment asap but before she begins make sure she answers all of your questions about what the results meant, why she needs to do this, everything.

My gyno was very informative and kept me very educated on what was going on, what each test was for, what the results would mean and where we’d go in even of an abnormality. She had a pamphlet ready for every possible question I may have so I could go over the information on my own time that would confirm everything she said.

If you get this done and still don’t trust her opinion then go for the second opinion and have them request to see the results from your tests, you don’t want to sit on a waiting list waiting for a new doctor when time could be of the essense. 

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@blushingbrooklynbride:  Ive had an abnormal pap. 6 months later it was normal. 98% of the time your body clears it on its own. Dont let them bully you into the colposcopy right away.

ETA: I suppose you could in theory have had this status for years though, as this is your first pap. I woud definately follow up.

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