Help! The Dress? How? What? When? Anomalie? Boutique? Potato Sack?

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    After reading through your text, I’m wondering if you now know what style you would feel comfortabel in?

    It seems as if you needed to do some more shopping to figure this out. If there’s no way you could travel to another place/boutique, then maybe go back to David’s Bridal? Just to see some other styles and maybe fabrics on you. So you know the names of the different textiles.

    Because if you’re going to order online you still need to know what you would feel good in.

    I don’t have any experience with Anomalie, but I know that I’m a bit of a perfeccionist and I would fear the result.

    And I would keep the dress you’ve already purchased until you have a new one and then try to sell it. This way you don’t loose anything and feel maybe a bit calmer.

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    I have no experience with Anomalie and I would be really nervous about ordering something that I hadn’t tried on myself.

    I think you should go back to any bridal boutique close by and try on as many styles as you can (different silhouettes, fabrics, etc). Bring someone with you who can take photos of you. Then you will be able to go back through those photos and get a really good idea of what looks good on you. Once you know what you are looking for, you will be able to find something you love much quicker.

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    There was a recent post about a bride’s experience with Anomalie. She ended up rejecting it and getting a different dress.

    I would post a photo of you in your existing dress (with your face blacked out of course) to get unbiased opinions.

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    Hey there, I think I am the most recent bride on here to use Anomalie as my experience with them began in July/August of this year and concluded in November. My dress did not at all turn out what I asked for, and going into the process I knew exactly what I was looking for fit and style-wise.

    To answer some of your questions:

    1. I used Anomalie in the last 6 months, My full review can be found in this thread: 

    2. Yes you get 100% back, but beware if you pay in funds other than USD you could potentially lose money on getting the refund since it is based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. I lost over $200 CDN this way. The full refund was pretty quick, within a week, but it took another week to get the refund for the method of shipping they wanted it sent back with which was about $300CDN out of pocket, but which was later reimbursed. I wouldn’t start the process until you know what you want since the first step of the process is creating your mood board and doing the design. 

    4. Due to the situation with my Anomalie dress I had to go dress hunting in November for a May wedding, I did find a dress and it will arrive (without a rush delivery fee) just over a month before my wedding. Since I am pretty close to exactly the sample size we know many alterations own;t be needed, but I was pre-warned that due to the tight timeline I will have to find shoes to make the dress the right length since the hemline is too intricate to be able to adjust it in that short of time period. Basically, if you know you have 6+ months after you move and before your wedding, you are safe to wait, anything less than 6 months and you will most likely have to pay rush fees to get your dress in time and the timeline will be quite tight.

    6. You will want to start alterations no less than a month before the wedding. Most brides need 2-3 appointments to get a dress altered to fit them perfectly.


    Bottom line with Anomalie from my opinion is this: The people at the Anomalie office are super nice and they do try their best to make everyone’s dreams come true. They are limited in selections of lace etc if you are looking for more unusual fabric/lace, but that is getting better as they grow. The issue you will see on all of their negative reviews is normally a breakdown at the dress manufacturing part. Whether this is a breakdown in language, or because they are altering existing patterns without appropriate experience to do that I don’t know. Maybe this is something that will get better over time. I do know that they use two different factories and from what I have discerned through talking to other brides it seems to matter which workshop yours goes to what the quality is. I’m guessing this is why some girls end up with gorgeous dresses they love and others end up like me. There will always be a big disconnect though since everyone you communicate with is in the US and all the production is being done in China so they aren’t actually physically seeing any more than you are and you definitely cannot tell everything from pictures. I didn’t find them any cheaper then getting from a boutique for what I personally was looking for, I think it’s only really cheaper if you are looking for a lot of beading or intricate work. My super simple lace only mermaid dress was just as much as the one I ordered from a tradiational bridal store.

    One other thing that has left me with a bad taste from the whole experience which I haven’t previously posted about is their desire for positive reviews. They push very hard for positive reviews, offering monetary and merchandise incentives to brides for doing it. They also push very hard against those who leave negative reviews, which I think may be why you don’t see very many. The ones that you will find on places like WeddingWire and reddit all have the same complaints as I do: poor workmanship, poor quality, looked nothing like the initial design. I received a call from the CEO for writing a negative review and while she was nice during the call, I really felt like there was an attempt to make me feel bad enough for writing a review about a “start-up” to take my review down. They also offered to compensate me for rush alterations on the dress I did order, and on the money I lost during the exchange rate issue with the refund, I did not take these offers as I felt like there were strings attached, though I want to be clear they never said there was, it was just this feeling I got during the conversation as she kept talking about how they would lose business due to my review, that it would affect people’s jobs etc. and was super emotional throughout the call. All in all, I came out of the Anomalie experience with a really unsettled feeling and a greater distrust of online startups, especially those with too good to be true reviews.


    Sorry for the novel, I can answer any more specific questions you have via DM if you like.


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    I’m plus size I was tempted to use anomalie and only did an annitial text message chat with them. They gave me very generic answers and some questions just ignored.  I just didn’t get a good vibe from all of it. Being a plus size bride there was no guidance in what would work. You have to know all the details and be able to look at something and know what needs to be adjusted. I know I’m not that person I need to see it fell it etc. There are some bad reviews but you have to look for them which I want to see the good and bad reviews it’s questionable when you see all good reviews. Some of the reviews even seemed staged like they hired someone and had unusually better quality dress made then others and really advertise it. At the time I hadn’t seen any dress I really liked from them. It seems like they turn out a few really good dresses and the rest are just ok. You need to know exactly what you want. I think it’s better if you have tried on a few different dresses and want to combine elements to create one dress. But I wouldn’t recommend blindly going in and making something. The more I talked to them the more I got a bad vibe from it all. I get it’s very appealing to plus size brides and they know that and try to take advantage of it but I feel like you will get better advice at plus size bridal store then through anomalie.   I would recommend calling some bridal stores that carry your size and make a trip and go dress shopping. I went to two stores that specialized in plus size dresses. I tried on everything aand all types of styles and what I had in mind I did not like in real life. You have to see dresses in person try them on to figure out exactly what you like. One store most of them were corset type dresses and I had a strapless bra and I hated everything. The other store put you in a bustier and just had better dresses with more structure built into them and it made a huge difference. I thought I loved sleeves but trying them on made me feel so hot I hated them. I thought I could ever do backless but I tried on dresses that look great. I know it’s a little harder to find dresses being plus size but they are out there. Even looking at Pinterest and seeing pictures of dresses is not the same as seeing one in person. Bottom line if you do decide to use them I highly recommend going to more stores to find dresses so you know exactly what you want. 

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    alyatx :  I don’t know about anything else you asked but Bridal Exclusive in Tigard (near Portland,  OR)has a massive selection in plus sizes, it is were I am getting my dress. Anyway, they do 2 hour appointments and have a decent selection under $1000.

    Hope that’s helpful.

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    I agree with the advice everyone else has given you.  Even if you go the Anomalie route you’re going to need to try some things on to decide what you like and what works well on your body.  Having read about people’s experience I am really glad I didn’t go that route since the production quality seems really inconsistent.  I think they REALLY oversell the quality of their dresses by implying that you’re getting as good of a dress as a much higher end designer dress.  But having looked at those dresses the quality of materials really is different, not to mention I think there is more skill that goes into the pattern making so the dresses just seem to fit and be more flattering overall.  (To me it’s most noticable with their plus sized brides..even with the pictures on their own website.  The dresses often look unflattering and don’t have proper support in the torso/chest.)

    Do you ever head back home to visit family?  Could you tack on some dress shopping (my boutique definitely shipped out of state) while you’re there?  Personality I think you can have a great dress shopping experience even without close friends/family near by. I did most of my shopping alone because I have body issues so it made me feel the most comfortable.  I also facetimed my mom, sister, and aunt with my final choices.  It actually worked out better because I didn’t have to worry about someone going rogue and picking something else for me to try on that wasn’t my style. 🙂

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     I used Anomalie and it was great and sometimes terrible. In the end, I got a dress that was perfect for me. It was often a very overwhelming experience. I am not a dressmaker and didn’t have the guidance of one. I worked with a 20 something year old woman with very little experience in fashion, so it felt odd trying to come up with a pattern with her. If you go with Anomalie, you have to know what you want. They will not help you with that. You also have to have flexibility about what you want because the fabric and lace they have available is always in flux. In the end I got a dress that was much more beautiful that I thought I could afford and it fit my body perfectly. I have a hard time saying whether it was worth it because it did cause so much stress and the woman I worked with rubbed me the wrong way every time we interacted. It was as if she was being helpful, but her tone was condescending, annoyed and a touch snotty. I was stressed every time I had to interact with her and will still not review them because I find interacting with the company stressful, even in hindsight. Feel free to message me with specific questions. I copied and pasted my reviews as the process was happening, so you can see my evolving opinion. Also, my sister is probably going to use them even after seeing my experience. She LOVED my dress and the quality was really really great!


    Old posts about the dress making with Anomalie

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    I am in the middle of the process with them and I would NOT do it again. My mom and I were talking last night and decided I need to buy a back-up dress because we are not confident that anomalie will get it right. It’s been very tough to communicate with them. Each time I get off the phone I’m relieved and think it’s going to improve, but then I see the next update on the dress or proof and realize that we are not on the same page. The dress they are making may be great, but it isn’t going to be the dress I envisioned. Also, I am not looking for a super complex design…so we’ll see. Wish me luck….



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    I have a good update! After many emails, phone calls, and frantic exchanges, I got a dress that far exceeded my expectations. It looks like a 6k or more dress and was only $1400. I do need some alterations, but that’s because wedding stress made me lose a little weight. All in all, it was tough and probably worth it (the stress was way more intense than I was ready for). I think if you are clear and set communication boundaries, you can make it a better experience than I had. They are a new company and I think its probable getting better and better.


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