Help this idiot who chopped her hair off grow it back!

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You do not need to get regular trims to make your hair grow. That is empirically false. 

-Stop using heat (air dry, no flat irons)

-Wear protective styles (buns, braids)


Get a cut before your wedding to tidy up the ends/colour it the way you want. With such a short (relatively) amount of time you will want to maximize your length. Going for regular trims cuts off half to all and sometimes more of any growth you’ve made. Not worth it IMO.

I grew my hair to butt length and now keep it between waist – hip length. 

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I’m not convinced anything really helps your hair grow faster, other than making sure it’s healthy. Take the vitamins, use good quality products, etc. I understand your fear about your stylist getting a little scissor happy, because I used to worry about that too and put off getting my hair cut for way too long, but trust me, your hair will grow much better when it’s healthy and you don’t have a bunch of damaged ends weighing it down (plus, they just look bad). If you think about it, by getting your hair trimmed regularly you’re actually preserving more length, and it will feel less like having to get your hair “chopped off” everytime you get it cut. My hairstylist gave me a good tip that I still follow: When you get out of the shower and the ends of your hair are dry while the rest is still wet, you know it’s time for a haircut. 

When I was desperate for my hair to grow, I would give myself nightly scalp massages because I read that it’s good for stimulating the hair follicles. Not sure if it actually worked or it just had a placebo effect though. On a positive note, though, it sounds like your hair is longer than mine was when I decided to chop it off. Try growing your hair out from a bob (a few inches above the shoulders). 🙂


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These won’t help your hair grow faster, but they’ll help eliminate breakage making it *seem* like it’s growing faster: 

– Switch to silk pillowcases to avoid breakage 

– Put your hair in a loose braid while you sleep to avoid breakage 

– Use good quality shampoo/conditioner, avoid heat styling when possible, and always use a heat protectant product in your hair when you do heat-style 

– Trim every 8 weeks. I know it seems counterproductive, but by eliminating broken ends you’ll actually preserve more of the length — in that if you wait longer, you’ll eventually need to chop off more to get to the healthy part. E.g. once a split end starts, the breakage continues to travel up the hair shaft, so cutting the split ends early will allow you to save more length than if you wait longer between cuts. Be sure to ask for a “dusting” only so they know not to take too much off. If you really don’t trust a stylist to do it, at least go through your ends every once in a while and trim split ends with a pair of sharp scissors designed for hair. There are good youtube tutorials on how to do this effectively. 

– Eat well and take a multivitamin. Getting enough healthy fats is also important to your skin/hair/nail health, but they’re usually not included in standard hair/skin/nail supplements, so you might want to consider taking something like Udo’s Oil additionally. 

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NikkiBee18 :  take a supplement for hair, skin and nails. I used to take  a hair/skin/nail supplement to help my weak splitting nails. I had to stop  taking them because my already fast growing hair was growing two inches a month on them and I was spending too much money at the hairdressers because of my roots!! My nails and skin improved greatly but the sacrifice of having to do my hair every three weeks wasn’t worth it in the long run. For your wedding fab hair nails and skin will be so great!! 😊

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I wouldn’t worry about trims unless you feel the ends are getting damaged/split. The only time my hair has needed regular trims is when it had a lot of processing on it, and was already on the verge of being frizzy. My normal hair doesn’t need regular trims. I’m not sure if there’s anything that truly makes it grow faster. Healthier, yes, but faster.. I’m a bit doubtful about that. Luckily, you still have 6 months to go, so if you don’t go heavy on trims I think you will be alright. 

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The only reasons trims are good is because the split ends could potentially break very high over time. Ive found that a good practice is to tell hairstylist half of what you actually want ex; you want a 1inch cut – tell them you want half an inch cut

The safest way is to cut your own hair via youtube videos

For growing – when you condition your hair move your head past your heart bending down and try to massage your head for about 2 to 5 minutes – this stimulates blood circulation and boosts growth

Take biotin tablets for healthier hair 


Also hair grows about 1/2 inch a month

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NikkiBee18 :  wash it less, yes. I get greasy too, but batiste dry shampoo has been a life saver for me! 

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NikkiBee18 :  

Biotin, biotin, biotin.  Before Synthroid made my hair fall out, biotin gave me more length and faster growth than I’d ever had in my life.  I take 10,000 mcg daily and just started hair vitamins along with evening primrose oil.  My research suggests that I need to add ferritin, my level was on the low end of normal at my last blood panel and that can affect hair growth.  Do be careful if you supplement with iron, too much can be dangerous to your heart.

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Moisturize your hair as often as possible with natural single ingredient oil (that’s what’s worked best for my thin hair). Biotin supplements. No heat. 

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NikkiBee18 :  reply I used a brand called QSilica. I don’t know if its available in the USA but any thing with a reasonable about  of silica should work.

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tiffjewel27 :  

I just started wearing extensions since the Synthroid fiasco.  My stylist advised me to avoid clip ins as they will damage your hair.  Also, the back combing some people do to get better grab for the clip is very damaging also.

She strongly recommended a halo type extension instead, which is what I just got.  They won’t do any damage to your natural hair and are really easy to put in.  Less than five minutes.

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