(Closed) Help! To Moissanite or Not?

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Blushing bee
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While my ring isn’t moissanite, it is a red spinel.  Most people think that it is a ruby, and I generally don’t bother correcting them.

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My sister’s ring is moissanite. She only told myself and my mom that it wasn’t real. There’s no reason that anyone should ask, right? (Unless it looks too larger for your budget I guess…)

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Buzzing bee
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I have several girlfriends who have moissanite rings and earrings, and I have to say that the stones just look foggy to me.  Like really poor quality diamonds with a lot of inclusions.  There are other laboratory grown diamonds that are generally acknowledged to be better quality than moissanite, and in fact Fiance and I looked at a couple of yellow laboratory diamonds.  If you go to an actual diamond broker, they can generally order laboratory stones for you to compare, and I would really suggest you do that. 

Personally, if I didn’t want to spend the money on a diamond, I would go with a nice quality sapphire for the center stone.  You can get a lot more stone for your money, and it is a fairly hard stone so appropriate for everyday wear. You might also consider that a small diamond is something that you can trade up later, when money isn’t such a concern. 

You should really get what makes you (and your FI) happy.  If that is moissanite, there’s no problem with that.  But I would suggest that if you feel you have to lie to people about what is in your ring, you probably really aren’t happy with it.  Especially I think you shouldn’t feel like you have to lie to your family.  Whatever you decide, also decide to be proud of your decision! 

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Buzzing bee
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I wonder if they get cloudy over time?  I have one girlfriend (and she and her hubby have plenty of money) who has moissanite everything, and he just bought her a moissanite past, present, and future ring.  And while of course we say how fabulous it is, Fiance and I both think that they look like really poor quality, foggy diamonds.  They just don’t seem to actually throw light the way a diamond does.  Even the new ring is this way.  She loves them though – and tells everyone they are moissanite – and of course what is important is that she is happy with them.  So once again, its really a personal choice, and whatever makes you happy is the right choice!  I am sure she loves her moissanite just as much as I love my diamond, and for sure she has a lot more of it!

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I think Moissanite may be a feasible alternative, but i’m not quite sure if you would be happy with the result years down the road. Since you may still have a foggy look or slight color discoloration even with someof the best moissanite, that might be some of the things you might want to consider when thinking about your stone. I agree with Suzanno that when i see moissanite, it  looks like not as good quality diamond.

 i have heard of folks getting their ring with a cubic zirconia center stone, and upgrading a year or so late when they are able to more financially afford it. Case in point- Tacori rings, where the setting is fan-ta-stic, but some of the settings alone are quite pricey- the couple was able to get the setting she wanted, and a year later when they had more cash flow, they replaced her center stone with a diamond.

 another alternative is white sapphire? and if you are looking for diamond alternatives, i think this can definietly hold its own. 




good luck!  

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if cost is part of the issue, here’s another option: for less money, you can get amazing vintage/antique jewelry– my ring is an antique circa 1930, platinum with a .8 carat diamond, and was far less than the same ring would be new. i wanted an antique ring before i knew the price bonus- so unique and gorgeous.

 your also more likely to find antique rings with unique stones (saphires used to be very popular in engagement rings). 

more on my ring and a photo here:

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Buzzing bee
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If you are going to go with something like moissanite now, and upgrade later (for what are really sound financial reasons – your friends and family should be proud) I would totally tell anyone who asks, and not feel like you have to pretend its a diamond.  And not everyone will ask – and you don’t have to feel lik you need to walk around wearing a sign that says It’s Moissanite!!  If nothing else, it will give your family something else to ask about besides when you are going to gie them grandchildren! 

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Busy bee
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I do just want to mention, for people who love Tacori- they have a line of Diamonique on QVC with their settings- very affordable and gorgeous! 🙂

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Helper bee
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It is your day and your ring and you should have whatever you want!

Debt is never a good thing….it seems like it makes more sense to live within your means than to be paying down debts forever. Also, I would say that it comes down to what matters most to you and your FI; do you want a larger ring or do you want to pay for the wedding debt free, put a downpayment on a home, etc.?

My Fiance currently has all of his cash tied up in his house, which he will sell shortly before we get married and move into mine. We decided to get my band first (it is platinum, channel set with alternating diamonds and sapphires) and he will give me a larger ring for our wedding. That way, I can have what I want and he doesn’t have to get into any debt to pay for it(neither of us currently have debt aside from our homes). It’s also a bonus that I get a fun surprise on our wedding day!

Another option, if you don’t want moissanite, is to purchase your ring at a jeweler who has a program where you can upgrade your ring later(by trading in your original smaller stone).

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You asked a question about how does anyone feel who owns moissanite, and that you don’t want to lie to your family claiming it’s a diamond, and your scared if you tell them it’s not a diamond they will think of your Fiance as a cheapskate ,I just want to say that you are the one getting married. Period. I think it’s very sad how the notion of “it has to be a diamond” is so much ingrained in our brains. If you want a Moissanite then get one. I even notice with some of the above comments, people are posting a bunch of negatives about moissanite ( it’s cloudy, it has yellow tinge to it, it looks like a cheap diamond) trying to sway you to buy a diamond( buy a vintage ring, get a .8 diamond) this still shows how you have to have a diamond is still ingrained!!! Moissanite is a gemstone in its own right, stop comparing it to a diamond


The OP didn’t ask what’s the cons of a moissanite are, she asked if anyone  who owns moissanite ever had trouble having to tell there family it’s real, and is torn between buying a diamond, and not having money to pay for the wedding, or buying moissanite and still able to afford a wedding, and possible a house down the road. Now that I’m done ranting on to answering the question.

I have been where you have been PhillyMedGirl, I don’t have moissanite but I have 2 rings a White sapphire, and a Aquamarine. When My mother saw my engagement ring she went wild, saying my Darling Husband did so well!!! When I told her it was a white sapphire the happy dance immediatly stopped, and started in with the dreaded discussion. I told her this shouldn’t come as a surprise because she knew I didn’t want a diamond. Not because I didn’t like diamonds, but just like you I was thinking ahead about where that extra cash could go to benifit me and my Darling Husband down the road. So my advice is do whats best for you and your Fiance. Who knows they might be pissed, so what. It’s ultimately you and your Fiance decision, and that’s what matters.


GoodLuck, and I hope I’ve answered your question:)

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