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Blushing bee

I know that this is quite an old thread but the those bees who got their bling from moissaniteco did you get your’s enhanced?? We are looking at a 6mm round and I’m unsure as to whether to get it enhance or not. How was the colour tinge on you e-rings that weren’t enhanced?

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@dreamingofbling: I have a 6.5 round solitaire purchased from MoissaniteCo. I did not have it enhanced for a few reasons. I had read in a few places that it voids the warranty from Charles and Colvard (the co that actually makes the gemstone) protecting against discoloration. I also read that anything 1 carat or under has decent clarity and doesn’t really need enhancement. That being said, my stone reflects the weather, which I absolutely love. On rainy, cloudy days, it almost has this steely color to it. I do notice a faint yellow in certain lighting but no different than you see in certain diamonds (I am not familiar with all the color codes so bear with me). I actually may only see some yellowness because I am looking for it to be honest. But, in certain lighting it sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen which I love. I love my moissy, love dealing with moissco and plan on purchasing my eternity ring from them. Hope my rambling on and on helps somehow! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I can’t wait to post my moissy!!!!

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I had already owned my ring for 6 months before I read about enhancement. It’s true that my moissanite ring kind of pops the colors it is surrounded by– sometimes a bit gray or faint faint blue/green. I don’t mind either. It has more fire than any diamond I’ve ever seen, and I think if it was super white it might look too good to be true. Most days it looks quite white- and wait til you see your ring in certain lights, like restaurant and bar lights. Sparkle overload ๐Ÿ™‚

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@dreamingofbling:I have a moissanite e-ring. It’s one carat round brilliant enhanced. I’m not sure what the people who siad that moissanite was cloudy were talking about–a friend of mine who didn’t know it wasn’t a diamond remarked on its “amazing clarity.” It’s so clear (when it’s clean!) that you could almost count the facets.

If you’re looking for something that will “fool” your parents (like I was, I wanted to make the right financial decision but they are old-fashioned, and I didn’t want them to think less of FI), I think moissanite is a good choice. It usually looks quite convincing. There ARE some lights in which it looks odd–there are these recessed cam lights at my office that are like spotlights, and they make it look RIDICULOUSLY shiny, and it was pretty obvious under those that it wasn’t a diamond. But in the sunlight, on most cloudy days, under flourescent lights and under most incandescents, it looks great and i love the sparkle. Here’s a picture


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@robbie: Finally uploading a couple of photos of the moissanite.  I had it enhanced and I think it looked better when I first got it – now after having it reset by a local vendor, I’m not sure the enhancement has held.  MoissaniteCo always mentions that you should have them reset it, but it wasn’t feasible for me as I don’t live in the same country, they didn’t have the right bezel setting I wanted, and the shipping costs were getting stupid.  Only occasionally am I sort of surprized at the fire and sparkle, and sometimes I think the color could look a little more white.

Overall I’m still happy with my moissanite.  The first photo is in a bezel setting I had redone locally, and the second photo is of the original from MoissaniteCo in the prong setting.  If I were to do it all again, I would have made the following decisions: 1) to just buy the enhanced stone from MoissaniteCo and have the setting done locally to begin with to have a better understanding of the setting and 2) I would have gone smaller. Yes, smaller.  The 2 carat is a little too flashy with the bezel setting, since bezel does tend to make the overall stone look larger. 

In a couple of years, the patent that Charles & Colvard has on moissanites will be up for grabs, and I am pretty sure that will mean we’ll start seeing moissanite a lot more.  It will be interesting to how the powers that be in the diamond industry react to that. I am still on the fence about diamonds personally, and own diamond stud earrings that were close to the total cost of my moissanite engagement ring when it was all said and done.  Most recently, I’ve been intrigued by the OECs, or Old European Cut diamonds found in vintage collections.  You can buy those loose online as well, they reflect light much differently than a brilliant, and you don’t have to carry as much guilt around about participating in the marketign madness. 

As for the photos, photo 1 is the bezel setting I had reset locally, and photo 2 is of the original “Tiffany” inspired prong setting from MoissaniteCo.  I originally chose Palladium for the prong setting as I do have some random allergies and it appealed to me.  The local jeweler could not reuse it, and we reset in white gold which I think is too soft and will get banged around a lot.  I will likely reset again at some point in platinum, or go for changing the shiny appearance of the current gold setting to more of a brushed look.  It’s still a work in progress due to my general interest in jewelry design, but I’m very happy to wear this little sucker on my finger every day and think about the wise choice I made with the moissanite!

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Thanks for updating with photos. I am currently trying to write a review about moissanite and this thread has been helpful. I have to agree with a previous poster, that although this thread is “old” it actually is VERY useful. When I was searching for information about moissanite and diamonds this thread came up in Google.

I will say although it has been clarified from posts above, moissanite is NOT a fake diamond. Tradition and media has “pushed” diamonds on us. If you want a sapphire, ruby, emerald, moissanite, or whatever engagement ring- go for it! I think it is rediculous to think “you have to have” a diamond engagement ring.

Moissanite is such a rare mineral, which is why it has to be made in a lab now. However, moissanite does exist in a natural form. It is only considered a substitute because people have been conditioned to think diamonds are the way to go. It could be viewed that diamonds are a substitute for moissanite since moissanite is a rare form. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love diamonds. However, from a educational standpoint, diamonds are “not that special”. Do some research to see how diamonds are found and how diamonds are made into rings. Your opinions might change a bit.

What is special is WHO gives it to you. The media and tradition has pushed that diamonds are a girls bestfriend. Diamonds are not some unique, rare mineral.

For those of you think moissanite can be cloudy…well it is no different than diamonds being dull. It is about the quality you purchase.

Anyways, sorry for the ramble. Hope this helps

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@robbie: Hi! Your ring looks great! Love the new setting! Before you change it to platinum, I would research and read about it. I have read that over time it gets a dull grey color rather than shiny. Also, the jeweler I went to recently told me that most of his customers that get platinum engagement rings often come back withtin a year to change it to 18k white gold. Either way, best of luck!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I also have a moissanite and I LOVE it.  I was looking for something that will “fool” others (I wanted to make the right financial decision but I didn’t want them to think less of FI), and I think moissanite is a good choice for us.  I got to work with Sharon @ Moissanite Bridal.com to come up with the design (2.32ct).  She was GREAT to work with. 

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@Almost Mrs. Boudreaux:  


I totally agree with you – I also own a round brilliant 1 ct. Moissy – and I was a woman who absolutely loved diamonds, and still do.  In my life, I’ve owned several nice diamnods – one was almost a 1 1/2 ct. G VS – so I’ve had quality diamonds in the past.  Having said all that — if I had plenty of money, I’d go for the diamond.  BUT — I want to stress here that one reason I LOVE diamonds is for the fire, brillance, the bling.  Otherwise, I would be as well served by a hunk of faceted glass in a setting – just a clear stone in other words.  To me, the whole reason to love a diamond is that fire and rainbow of sparkles.  That is what makes it a beautiful stone to me.  So….for that reason, and also due to finances at this time, a Moissy was a good choice for me – it does have that fire and throws the rainbows I love so well.  


There are some Moissy that are more colorless than others – the brightest (untreated) are in 1 ct. size or lower, and round cut.  But, even in that size, one stone is not equal to another – shop around.  In my case, my Moissy is bright white – and any greenish yellow undertones are almost non-noticeable.  I’ve seen Moissy though that are bottle greenish or yellowish so shop around.  


Again, I would love to own a real diamond again, and some day hope to – but for now, my Moissy suits me fine, the fire truly is amazing.  I’m sure it wouldn’t fool a good jeweler or even a person with an especially good eye due to the amazing fire – but…the average person?  Yep, fools them every time.  Not that I ever tell them it is a real diamond, I say nothing at all and simply accept their compliments.  


So, best advice to ANYONE really is shop around for yourself.  Look for yourself – see what is out there and decide on your OWN what you want.  That is what I did – and for me, it is a good choice.  Good luck to anyone considering a Moissy purchase.  

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Moissanite was never meant to be a replacement or fill in for a diamond. It is not a synthetic diamond. But how utterly amazing to say my engagement ring is a piece of a meteor that fell to earth? Read into the whole process of the moissanite and you may just find yourself desiring that. I know that is what my fiance and I have done. The shine is brighter than a diamond at highest clarity. It is a little softer, but it has my vote. 


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@Kate6531:  I always tell people the meteor story if they are asking about moissanite ๐Ÿ™‚ “I wear a space rock!” is a great conversation starter even outside of my circle of scientific/engineering friends. It is so rare that it is lab created part of the story is fantastic in the evironmental circles too ๐Ÿ™‚ Love my rock!

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My wife have 2 moissanite rings and one earring. The first was bought at moissanite.com. It looks nice but a bit foggy. Another ring and the earring was baught from venuscube, very nice and shinning. Is there any simple way to distinguish it from real diamond? Some said diamond will burn at 800C. But I don’t think any one will take this risk

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Ok, maybe my sisters and mom have good moissanite, but I got an H vs1 round brilliant diamond from Tiffany and i really don’t see much difference in my diamond and their moissy’s. Now, my one sis and mom have smaller moissy’s, but i have a .88 diamond and my other sis has a 1 ct round moissy. It’s a bit warmer, but only when I really concentrate on both stones next to each other. She’s never had anyone question if it’s a real diamond. And she’s had it 8 yrs. Still looks new. And she doesn’t have the forever brilliant either. She has one of the earlier batches. 

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