(Closed) HELP! To Spray Tan or not to Spray Tan!!?!

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I wouldn’t bother with one of those DIY spray tan booths.  I’ve tried them before and wound up streaky (and dark on your joints).

When my best friend got married she had AWFUL farmer’s tan- totally obvious in her strapless dress.

I made her an appointment at a salon that did air brush spray tans.  She went about 2 days before the wedding.

The woman worked wonders- there was no sign of the farmer’s tan afterwards.

My friend did her’s right before the wedding with no trial- she was desperate (and a procrastinator).  If you have time, I would suggest giving it a try ahead of time (several weeks ahead) so if it doesn’t work or you don’t like the results, there is time for it to fade.

I think she paid $50 at a salon- she only did her face, neck, shoulders, upper back (ie only the areas that would show when she was in her dress).  A full body (if you want to be bathing suit ready for your honeymoon) would probably be more.

Good luck!

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I spray tan on occasion, and my concern for you is it may rub off on your wedding dress.  Sometimes the color can transfer to fabric if you sweat.  Otherwise, I know I always feel a teensy bit sexier when I have a little color!  🙂  Why don’t you try it now – let your tan dry completely, then put on white clothing and make sure it doesn’t stain.  Also, they make pre-tanning lotions that help the color to spread evenly and avoid streaking.  Good luck!

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I would not do mystic tan type booths….they are more likely to look bad & rub off…I am getting a "custom" airbrush tan…usually if you do it at least one day in advance it should not rub off…I am also fair, so I’m doing a test run this week

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I have had a few experiences and both times sweat made my shirts all crappy. I know it sounds awful, but two times in a regular tanning bed may do the trick.

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Definitely do not do mystic.  I did 2 years ago before singing at a friend’s wedding and it did make me look a bit orangey but also wasn’t totally even and I got some bi-colored toes out of it (wore cute high heel sandals and my toes looked funky).

Do the air brush.  That’s what I’d do.  And ask the person doing the air brush to give you additional tips.  Only go to the best salon for this.  It could turn out great…or otherwise if you just go to anybody.  Hair, nails, and makeup and appearance (tan) if you’re in a white gown is something you have to splurge on. 

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Do it at a salon where a woman applies it. Make your first appointment 12-14 days before the wedding, then assess your response to it. If your skin responds nicely, consider doing another one  8 to 9 days out, and again 4-5 days before the wedding, just to prevent rub-off onto your dress.

I hate to say to go to a tanning salon, but my dermatologist tells me that it’s better to do that (with sunscreen) than to just go out into the sun while on vacation. So, I maintain a low-grade tan before weddings and vacations (think spf 30, 12 minutes in a 20 minute bed) and I’ve got olive skin, so if you’re pale,

I’d say 8 minutes, spf 30 (15 days out)

10 minutes, spf 30 (12 days out)

10 minutes, spf 30 (10 days out)

12 minutes spf 30 (7 days out)

12 minutes, spf 30 (4 days out)

 If you’re willing to do the tanning bed (and especially if you’re going somewhere tropical for your honeymoon).

 I’m not suggesting that you fake bake, but I’m just saying that that is what my (board certified) dermatologist recommended.  

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Im VERY pale.  I did a spray tan at 3 different places to test it out.  I was orange, streaky and smelled like a zoo.  Plus, even 2 days later it rubbed off on my white sheets.  And it only lasted for about a week.

I did go to a tanning bed, however, and came out looking "glowey" instead of tan/red.  It was very natural looking.  It was the stand up beds.

Rock the pale skin girl!


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I did mystic for my Bach party and it looked AMAZING. My g/f who is quite pale did it as well and was glowing. You have enough time to try it out now (it lasts for 7-10 days) to see how you like it. just be careful with your wrists and the blocking lotion, maybe ask the salon attendant to do it for you.

 Have fun!

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I am also very very pale and I have tried all the tanning options out there …

Mystic Tan – NOT recommended!  It did not look natural at all.

Jergens and Oil of Olay tanning moisturizer is great but it can be hard to get an even application and sometimes it can be darker on elbows and knees – I think its great for some color but not perfect enough for your wedding day when you want to look flawless (on people who are already tannish this looks much better than on really pale skin cause the color is so noticable)

Airbrush tan – this is a great option.  Make sure the person spraying you is a professional.  They can get a perfectly even application and if you want to be fancy they can even contour the tan to make you look more toned.  Make sure you let it completely dry and I recommend to do it 3 days before your wedding day.  Test out the place you are thinking of using asap. I highly highly recommend this.

Professional Tanning Application – I went to Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and for $100 they exfoliated my skin and then applied the tanning lotion to me and let one side completely dry and then did the other (sort of like a massage) they gave me exfoliating gloves to use if there were any darker areas this would rub it off.  It looked natural, was a great relaxing spa visit and stayed very well.  I highly highly recommend this!

If you are concerned about areas like your knees and elbows being darker it is a good idea to use a body scrub/ exfoliant before you have any tanner applied.   I learned this the hard way but be aware that if you are getting a pedicure before your wedding many salons use an exfoliating rub on your legs before they moisturize them – this can rub off the tan 🙁



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just make sure you don’t use a sugar based exfoliant….my lady recommends the st ives apricot scrub

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@Jess03—-wished I would have caught you in time for your wedding.  Halsted Beach Tanning in Boystown is the *BEST* airbrush tan in Chicago.  As a former tanorexic, I have tried every single self-tanner made.  Airbrush by far is my favorite.  Mystic is okay in a pinch.  Bliss does offer "scrub and color," though I found the color too pale.  Hope the big day went well!!

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@kenziegirl: Did you apply a specific sunscreen?? Or just any old stuff?? Also, how did it turn out and how long did the tan last?? We’re going to Jamaica for 4 days… would it last through the wedding and honeymoon?

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