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Diet is where most weight loss comes from.  I usually find that I eat better if I have meals prepped in advance so I don’t come home and have to do a lot of work to be fed.

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RachelLee8787:  Try the 21 day fix by beachbody. I ordered mine without the shakeology because I dont like it(and it cost more). Its really great for me because it gives portion sizes and what you should be eating, which I really struggled with. And the workouts are easy enough to do daily, but still work you. I’m currently at a standstill with mine because of well, life- but I’m starting over tomorrow. Everyone that I know whose done it has had great results.

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I lost 50 lbs on Weight Watchers a few years ago. I swear by it. Following the program and drinking a lot of water did it for me. I really don’t enjoy exercise at all- all I did was 3-mile walks once or twice a week. I also walk a lot during my work day. Also, instead of sitting around at home after finishing work, I’d clean, walk around a mall, do anything to stay active. The weight came off pretty easily once I put my mind to it. I’m a boredom/stress eater and it took a lot of determination to stop that habit. I just reach for a bottle of water or an apple instead. And I second preparing meals in advance. Good luck! 

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RachelLee8787:  <br />Allo Sweetcheeks!


do you plan on CHANGING your diet for the next year to lose this weight? Give yourself a time frame! 6 Months is enough to see great changes.

If you don’t or will not change your diet be prepared to run your ass off 5 days a week and see minimal changes over long durations because it takes 20 minutes of 130+ heart rate levels to even get to your subcutaneous fat.  It would be maintaining more than anything, as whatever you eat especially if its the delicious bad stuff then it’ll just keep you at the same weight.

unfortunately diet is always appropriate for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. <br />If you would like to message back I can give you my nutrtional program that I used and it definately helped me lose weight and feel fan freakin tastic!

I even had a woman come up to me at the gym saying that I look fabulous and to keep it up….<br /><br />I was like OMG Thank you!!!!!!! Such a short proud feeling, it’s nice to see women complimenting and genuinely meaning it then seeing those slutty girls with full makeup who probably dont even know how to work a machine saying how i look fat when they think i cant hear…bitches. lol<br /><br />Good luck!<br /><br />

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MyFitnessPal – it’s a free app which tracks your calorie intake.  As one of the PPs said, losing weight is about diet; with MFP you tell it how much you want to lose per week and it sets your calorie goal accordingly.  With 30lb to lose I’d set it for a pound a week, maybe 1.5 but no more than that.  Weigh everything ing you eat (and measure liquids) and it works – I lost nearly 25 pounds using it 🙂

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And SPRINT. I cannot recommend it enough and it’s cheap to do. You want the weight to fall off fast? Then, try running at top speed (or almost top speed with your doctor’s blessing of course) for  few seconds in intervals of 4 or 5 3 times a week. Of couse you have to eat better as always, but sprinting melts off the weight and I would argue, faster than almost any other cardio.

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Hi! I’m new (ish) here too. Welcome! A couple things that seem to work. Limit sugar/carbs and eat mostly protiens, veggies and fats. (Pretty much south beach diet). I’m pretty thin but even I will drop weight when I eat like this. Also, work out but don’t kill yourself. Keep it fun so you want to go everyday. Don’t just do aerobic because weight lifting will actually increase your resting metabolism so you lose weight faster (plus it’s kinda easier than running lol). I also drink a lot of green tea and water. Finally, try to sleep a  good amount. I’m a little rusty on the science but I think it an adrenal (hormone) thing.

Before I met him, my fiance lost 100 lbs by working out every morning  (1 hr+) and eating grilled chicken and broccoli every day. Good luck!!! Keep us updated

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Also, make sure that you are really keeping track of your portions (a food scale might help with this).  Sometimes just eyeballing the food, you end up underestimating how much you are eating which can affect your weight loss results.

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I love weight watchers! It’s easy and it works. And you don’t have to outright ban anything.

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I started out at 164lbs (5’4 for reference). I am now down to 137.5lbs. I started this in February, so about 8.5 months ago. I had some struggles and gained weight in the middle of the year for various reasons. But I got back on track. I use MyFitnessPal every day. I log every single thing I eat. It helps  me be honest with what I am eating. I also work out 6 days a week. I usually walk for 45 minutes on a high incline treadmill. I am not a runner, but maybe someday I can get there! I am also a vegetarian, so I am a picky eater. I try to make smart decisions and cut calories when possible. I drink water or diet soda only, mostly water. I try to leave cheese off things when I can, to cut calories. I don’t use extra sauces for anything. I would seriously look into MyFitnessPal!

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cut out a bunch of things as a start, like PPs said.

-cut out sugar (in coffee, cereals, yogurt, pretty much anything) and do not drink juice (no exceptions) or soda (no exceptions, not even sugarfree). i use fruit as a natural sugar in my oats, yogurts, etc. it’s not as tasty but you get used to it).

-use skim milk in coffee (again, you get used to it) and in everything else, too. buy non-fat yogurts. ELIMINATE CHEESE! completely. if you go out and get a sandwich at subway. no cheese. makes a huge difference.

-i’ve never been one to cut out carbs (you need carbs to feel satisfied and break down other nutrients, like protein) but i always feel better (and stay thinner) when i eat whole wheat breads and pastas and substitute white rice with brown rice or quinoa.

-cut mayo and butter from your diet completely. cook with olive oil.

hope those little tips help! i agree also that weight watchers is great and teaches a lot of this stuff.

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Ok, so I’ll tell you what’s worked for me. A combination of diet and working out. I would recommend you join a gym and use the website. I looked under programs and chose jamie easons Live Fit program. It’s three months long and it’s amazing. In the program I’ve lost 15lbs but I haven’t been following the eating recommendation strictly (just eating healthy). I use to weigh about 175lbs and before the program I got down to 138lbs but the program gave me that extra push. I can’t believe I just ordered my wedding dress in a size 6! My wedding isn’t for another year and I plan on using this website for all my workouts.

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RachelLee8787:  Like what many others here have said, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. There is no way you can outrun a bad diet. 

My mum used to run a weight loss centre, and they went on the basis of eating five times a day, three meals and two snacks. At each meal you eat the equivalence if your palm in protein, your fist in carbs and your fist in vegetables. Snack on fruit, berries and vegetables,  or small portions of nuts and dried fruit/berries. Don’t drink lots of sugary drinks.  And exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week. 

When it comes to exercise, make sure that you mix weights and cardio. Cardio is brilliant for burning calories, but lifting weights will give you much better results, and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn even when just resting.

I’d also say try and keep track of your calorie intake and output with an app like Myfitnesspal or similar.

I don’t know what your diet is like now, but if you “undereat” by 3500 calories per week you will lose 1 pound per week. 

Most importantly though: be realistic and measure success in how you feel and look. Don’t overdo it or expect to lose 10 pounds in your first month. It took time to put the weight on and it will take time to get it off (God I sound like such a cliché lol). Don’t punish yourself, but don’t reward yourself with food. Invest in some new, nice gym clothes. Find an exercise you really like (I personally love zumba). Make this a lifestyle change and not a temporary fix.

Good luck! 

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I’d like to lose about 25-27 pounds by March.  It’s a really short time frame but I’m hoping since 20 of it was gained in the past 3 months post abdominal surgery I will be able to do it (and I’ve already lost 10 of the 30 I gained immediately following the surgery and 8 week bedrest).   I am doing Jenny Craig to get started.  I’m only on week 1 but it’s been really helpful.  A huge part of my overeating or failing to stick to my diet was getting coaxed into eating out by my fiance (“oh did you want to have that salad?  Or we could go out and get something together”) so having the pre-paid, basically ready to go meals means that it’s way easier for me to say “no”.  I’m also working constantly and barely have time to do meal prep so it’s really convenient to just have everything ready to go and planned ahead of time so there’s less room for waffling and mistakes.

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