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Helper bee
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I think hiring a day of coordinator would be a great idea to deal with this problem.

Your venue coordinator’s manager seems to be on your side and agreed that you had been provided with incorrect information – perhaps that’s a good starting point to go directly to her and say that you really love the venue and want to come to a solution where you can still keep your wedding there and give them the business (why are they trying to get rid of your business?  This is weird.  They should just be trying to correct their mistake.)  A possible solution is to a) insist on a new contract with the details clarified that you need to know and b) be assigned a new venue coordinator.  Perhaps the manager can become your primary contact at the venue.

Also, I don’t know if the $250 charge for the rehearsal is normal or not, but you might want to check and see it’s higher because it’s a holiday and a busy date.  See if you could hold the rehearsal on the 3rd instead and see if that affects the price.

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i don’ tthink the $250 extra for the reheasal is normal.  i do think that’s it’s a great idea to hire a coordinator to relieve you of dealing with that woman.  at least you have choices when it comes to coordinators and you can choose one that you have a great relationship with.  just prep your coord about the lady and hope that she’s got a lot of patience!

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Your contract should be as detailed as you want it to be.  What kinds of things are you worried about?  Put it in there.  You definitely want the time that your other vendors (rentals, flowers) can get in the room, as well as your start and end time.  If they are providing the food, you want the approx time that will be served. You want to include whatever they are providing- tables, chairs, etc.  I think if that is your dream place, stick with it and make yourself more comfortable by putting it all in writing.  Also, maybe you can befriend the manager so that you can call her when your contact is being rediculous.

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If you LOVE the venue, I’d say stick w/ it since the boss-lady seems to be more on it. Hire a coordinator of your own and let him/her deal. They’ll have more experience than you and no problem coming down like a hammer if they have to. I don’t think I’d keep the venue unless you get a coordinator; that woman would drive you too nuts. If you have some time, maybe you could call some coordinators and see if they’ve dealt with the site before. (Say, "I’m considering hiring a coordinator, and I’d like to know if you’ve worked with my venue before, and what your experiences have been.")

Get as much detail in the contract as possible: all fees, all requirements (if you have to provide insurance, if you have to remove trash, etc.) and the dates/hours that you have the venue, including set-up and break-down, and whether you can deliver things to the site ahead of time and/or clear them out later. (Like can you bring stuff w/ you at rehearsal and leave it there ’til the ceremony/reception.) Also get the specifics on what comes with the venue (set up, staff, etc.) and if you’re having it on a larger property, what parts of it are included in your rental.

As far as the rehearsal fee, it’s not unheard of. My venue did have a fee noted in the contract for rehearsal. (This is really bad — I have a horrible way of handling money; I hate dealing with it, so I tend to pay and forget about it — but I can’t remember if they actually did charge me or not, and I can’t remember what the charge was.) I guess it is b/c whether you require any stuff or not, you’re taking up the space, and they can’t have another function while you’re there.  Maybe you could rehearse 2 days ahead, and see if they could give you a lower fee in that case?

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If you had a possible second option, with much better customer services, i would consider taking the deposit.  Seriously, unless you can hire someone else to deal with it, it might just stress you out.    Fyi I booked my April 2008 wedding in Feb 2007, and was never treated with the attitude that someone else’s wedding was more important than mine.   Second option is to talk to manager, thank her for her help and ask if she minds that you deal with her directly, if you continue to have problems getting timely responses from her staff. 

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I’ve been in customer service 11 years and would NEVER think to ttreat any customer the way you are! I am so sorry for this – here’s my help on your questions. 



1) is it weird that the rehearsal costs $250 on TOP OF the ceremony cost? We’re not asking for chairs, etc…

no not really, since the rehersal is landing on a holiday, they may be wanting to compensate for money they could be making by renting it out otherwise – know what I mean?

2) Since i’ve had issues with the details, attitudes, and overall experience, should i take the offer to get my deposit back and go on the hunt with only 10 months to go? 

I would request a new person to be helping you, even if they only have one wedding person I would DEMAND that someone else help you. Her attitude is horrible and should never be unable to help you, or making commetns about what you can or can’t afford. You could possibly explain to her what you’re feeling but I don’t think that she will care much.

If they refuse to give you someone new I would start looking for a new place, and let them know IF you find one you want your deposit back but as it was their mistake in the first place they should be willing to hold that offer for you for as long as it takes.

Lastly, repost them to the BBB (www.bbb.com) you can also check on there to find out if they have any other complaints or issues. Make sure they know if you don’t sue them you will be reporting them, it’s also good leverage to ge tthem to give you what you want (i.e. new wedding consultant) No business wants to be reported or get bad word of mouth

3) Should I just spend the extra money and hire a coordinator to deal with this vendor since it’s been a mess and I’m just really concerned?

It’s that womans job to do what she’s doing, if she can’t keep up they need to hire somene else or another one. If you can afford a coordinator go for it – but if not, don’t stress your budget becuase some woman is a you-know-what….


GOOD LUCK! Keep us updated!!!! 

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