What to say to a jeweler after 3 setting fixes in 7 months – Advice Needed!!

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Ok I am confused. 

Are we talking 3 jewelers ? 

As in the who made it

One who set it

And one who looked at it?

Who gas been doing the tightenings? Was it resized? 

Often certain settings should not be resized as it compromises rhem. They must be cast in your exact size. 

I think we need a little more info . Regardless, whoever sold you the setting, or who sized it, should be where you go to address it. 

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Sugar bee
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I’m assuming you have a Tacori setting, sold to you by the jeweler you keep going back to for tightening. I agree with you that this is a big issue. You could lose your diamond, which would be terrible. 

I would do three things:

1) get a written opinion of the issues with the setting from your local jeweler. Get a second opinion confirming it if you can.

2) Contact Tacori directly with your concerns.

3) Simultaneously, go to the jeweler you bought the ring from and tell him being back three times within 7 months is unacceptable, and you’ve had the opinion of another jeweler (or two) that says the setting itself is not well made. Tell him you’d like to replace it with a new setting of the same kind to see if the problems keep happening. 

Then see how all this plays out. 

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Sugar bee

I was always under the impression that Tacori are high quality settings.  Granted, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person (at least not that I know of), but the bees who have Tacori rings have been very pleased with the quality.  Pretty sure Tacori is also pretty picky about who they will let sell & service their settings.  (I’m assuming you’re being reasonably gentle on your jewelry.)

It sounds like you’ve mentioned 3 jewelers involved?  Is the one who is servicing the ring an authorized Tacori dealer/service partner?  It sounds like you’re not having the ring serviced by the same jeweler who sold you the ring? 

I hate to say it, but I’m wondering if maybe you were sold a counterfeit item?  Having to have prongs tightened 3 times in less than a year is not normal.

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What type of setting do you have? 

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Busy bee

Don’t mess with this jeweler anymore. I’d go directly to Tacori and I’d also post my dilemma on Pricescope. 

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ewags :  I can totally empathize, I’ve had to have my setting repaired twice in around 10 months and I’m frustrated… 3 times in 6?? That’s unacceptable craftsmanship. I would definitely be going straight to whoever you need to go to to get the ring replaced. There must be something structurally wrong with it.

I’m debating on what to do with mine, as we spent probably too much on the setting being made and not sure how I would fix it/change it. 

Good luck!

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Having seen Tacori settings from friends I have liked what I have seen. They’ve been around for a while. I would contact them directly. I’m not clear if your main diamond got loose or if it was a side diamond.

Often our wedding rings are the first ring we wear daily in our lives. It was for me. They will get banged around more, but still. I think Tacori needs to know what’s happening.

Can you post a picture or pictures of your ring? The setting style is one that may be causing the problem.

For example shared prongs (first picture) can be a weaker way to hold in your side diamonds. Also ‘U’ set style settings (second picture)  with their tiny prongs don’t always hold up to the daily wear bangs.

As far as how good your jeweler is. I think the jury is out without more information.

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Sugar bee

Find out if Jeweler #2 is an authorized Tacori retail partner or not.  You may have voided your warranty if he isn’t and if he did any work on the ring.  (I remember another bee whose well-meaning boyfriend purchased her ring directly from Tacori but then let a jewler in the mall set the stone, and they butchered it.) 

At this point, I’d go directly to Tacori.

Also, to clear up some confusion, it sounds like the ring was purcased from Jeweler Vic, is a Tacori setting, and Vic set the stone(s)?

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Bee Keeper

I would definitely tell the jeweler to send it back. Contact Tacori first and let them know of the problem. Given the price, there’s no excuse for shoddy workmanship on a Tacori. You don’t need a stone that size falling out because the setting was made poorly.

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I had a Tacori engagement ring from a previous engagement, and I am pretty sure the warranty card states that only Tacori can work on the ring. I don’t think it can be sized or altered at all by any other jeweler or it voids their warranty. It should be pretty easy to find out, look at the warranty info that the ring came with. If it didn’t come with one, that would be a huge red flag. Their craftsmanship is amazing, it sounds like the jeweler messed up your ring! Good luck!!

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Given that it’s the center stone that is loosening, I am inclined to think the seats for the stone were not properly cut, making very easy for the diamond to loosen.  Do you have any issues with things snagging in the prongs?  

The way the head is designed with all of the open space below it is very odd to me.  I am assuming it was done to allow more light to pass through the diamond to increase sparkle but it makes the center more vulnerable.  Given this design element, the tall setting, and that the setting is 18k (more malleable than 14k), it isn’t ENTIRELY outside of the realm of possibilities that it’s loosening on its own through daily wear and tear.  

Bottom line?  Have Tacori take a look at it and see if there is a defect either in the setting itself or in the workmanship.

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