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Unisom and B12! Google it!

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Definitely get some meds. Zofran does wonders.

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I can relate to you!!  I had horrible morning sickness and at my worst was throwing up between 3-10 times morning, noon, and evening (and in between).  Night has always been the worst for me.  Now that I’m 15 weeks, things have gotten much better, and I’ve only thrown up about 1 time this week, but I still feel nausea when I get hungry.  (It’s a weird mix of feeling super hungry and about to vomit all at once.)

I have made it through without meds, but perhaps I should have gotten medicated; perhaps it was unnecessary suffering. 

Here’s what I have learned (sounds like you’ve been trying a lot of it already) –

don’t get too hungry – just having an empty stomach may make me dry heave, ugh!

Try things with ginger in them; it helps a *little bit*

Try lemonade – that really settles my stomach for some reason

Protien helps (pork, chicken, limited amounts of tuna, salmon)

Waking up at 4:00am, eating something (yogurt and museli for me) and going back to sleep helps me not to vomit first thing in morning

Eat what appeals (sounds like you’ve been doing this)

Don’t mix hot & cold (e.g., hot food with cold drink)

Drink a sports recovery dirnk (e.g., gatorade, powerade) if you’ve been vomiting – to help with electorlyte replacement


Hope this helps!  You will get through it, and it’s worth it!



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Take unisom before bed.. Otherwise zofran and eating whatever you can. 

Maybe you should actually let yourself throw up, too.

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I found that Jolly Ranchers and Dum Dum lollipops also helped (went through so many I was worried I’d have cavities), especially when I was in the car.

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swimcat14:  I posted something about this on the June thread, but it’s worth saying again…mouthwash has been a godsend to get rid of the horrible aftertaste of EVERYTHING and I’ve been drinking my body weight in lemon and ginger tea. I literally swish some mouthwash after I eat or drink anything, and you can get non mint flavours. I had hyperemesis during my pregnancy with Dear Daughter and Zofran kept me alive but the constipation from it was just awful. Made me really weigh up what days to take it on. So far I’ve only been throwing up first thing in the morning before I get to do any of these things so I think it’s working? It has ramped up a but in the last few days though, probably because I’m in the middle of the 7th week 🙁 

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I had awful all day “morning sickness” from week 5 to 26 and the only thing that helped for me was meds. I got Diclectine (think it’s called Diclegis in the US) prescribed around week 12 and I literally cried of relief both when I got the prescription and when I checked out the meds. It was a lifesaver. Sure, it made me VERY tired, but at least I got back the will to live. 

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swimcat14:  try lemon (lots of it) in your water. Sanpelligrino lemon water has been a godsend for me. That and popsicles.

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swimcat14:  If you take Unisom at night (it might make you tired)- after you’ve taken it a few nights, it still might help during the day– but yes, Uni and B12.  

Lemons, peppermint (Altoids)…..rice helped me!

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I feel you. I was the same as you (except actually vomiting) all day for weeks. I lost more than 10% of my body weight during both of my prgnancies. I found that none of the tricks that people usually pass on worked for me (saltines, ginger, sea bands, etc.). Even B6 + Unisom didn’t really help — I’d throw that stuff up, too.

My point is, unfortunately NOTHING helped me except time. By about 16 weeks I felt better in both pregnancies. I know that seems like forever, but it will come. I’d also ask your OB about drugs.

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I feel your pain. I had all-day nausea until around 17 weeks. What worked for me:

Lots of sleep. I mean like 10-12 hours a night. This made a big difference.

Strawberries. Random, but I went through pints and pints of them. I think they were the perfect amount of tartness without being too sour to turn my stomach.

Mexican food. Sounds crazy, but I think a plate of fully loaded nachos or some tacos are the perfect mix of carbs, protein, veggies, and dairy. I also read that beans might be the perfect food for battling morning sickness. I always felt better after eating some.

Liquids–however you can get them. For some reason, I was turned off of plain water, but could stomach iced tea with lots of ice and ice water with lots of ice and lemon. Also I felt best if I didn’t try to drink while I ate.

Throwing up. Giving in (vs. fighting) the urge to vomit was a big turning point for me. I did get to the point where I was carrying around a ziplock bag in my purse and throwing up 2-3 times a day (sometimes in public), but that was way better than fighting the urge all day.

I never took Zofran. My midwife said that she wouldn’t recommend a medicine that strong unless I was vomiting 10 times a day or getting dehydrated. 

Best of luck! It DOES get better. Those were the worst days, but I’ve felt awesome basically my entire second and third trimester. (I’m 30 weeks now.)

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I am with all the ladies that suggested zofran. It’s safe for baby and really helps. I am 8 weeks 3 days and have had it since 5 weeks too. U I wouldnt say it completely stops the all day sick feeling, but it takes the edge off for me at least. If I didnt take it, I would throw up 6-7 times a day where as when I take it I am down to 1 or 2 times in just the morning.

Hang in there! I know how you feel. My eye is just on thr prize. LOL

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swimcat14:  I am 9 weeks pregnant now and have suffered with severe “morning sickness” since I was about 6 weeks pregnant. Seabands helped some initially but now I take Diclegus. I tried Zofran but I like Diclegus much better. Hope you get some relief soon.

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When I was 9 weeks the all day morning sickness kicked in and went away by the middle of week 10.  I couldn’t take it. I bought some ginger chews at the grocery store & they immediately worked for me. I would suck on one for at least half an hour if not more. It is low in sugar, but the ginger taste is strong.  I hope you feel better soon. 

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