(Closed) Help with asha! anyone have an emerald cut large asha/betterthandiamond?

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@florencep:You only think it comes up before you get engaged. I’ve been engaged with my moissy stone since Nov and have only told about 3 people that it was moissy. I only said that because they said they never seen a diamond sparkle so much. I informed them it was a moissanite. One girl went on to order moissanite earrings. 
Other than that people say, “OMG CONGRATS!!! YOUR RING IS BEAUTIFUL!” and I simply say Thank you. They don’t need a 20 minute lecture about why I chose moissanite. ^_^

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@twinsugar I think it is really nice that he wants to get you the real thing.  If he is not comfortable with simulated stone, why not go with a differnet stone. Aquamarine topaz etc.  That way he won’t feel put off and you can get a different gem since yo udon’t like diamonds.  I have a feeling Saphire prices are up right now, lol thanks to prince william. but there are a lot of other beautiful stones.

@miss tattoo, Thanks for the info.  Before getting on this site, I didn’t even know that there were other options other than CZ.  I think everyone should get the ring they want.  I might need some moisy earings!!! 

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Well, for starters, I am really proud to see another lady who has happily embraced the idea of a non-diamond e-ring! I think it takes guts to admit that lots of women have been brainwashed by the diamond industry, and I love to see that another girl, who can afford a diamond no less, is willing to give it up to save money and to be practical. As for me, I am another lady here at the hive who has opted for a moissy and I currently have a 3ct. loose moissanite stone just waiting for my boyfriend to set into our “dream ring” setting & propose already! haha But I can say that Asha’s are beautiful! & they are definitely a value that warrants purchasing them. On the bright side, if an asha ever clouds you can simply buy another and have it reset without a hitch, and nobody will ever know that you switched the stone since Asha’s are virtually flawless and thus every stone you get from them will be identical as long as the cut is the same.

I could be wrong here, and I’m hoping the hive can either varify this point or prove me incorrect, but I thought that Asha’s also had a warranty againt clouding and chipping?

All in all, I vote go for the gusto! Don’t feel the need to defend your choice either. The love you and your future FI share is very real, and you should wear your beautiful large ring with your head held high. Obviously as a 3ct. moissy owner I know what it is like to LOVE large stones. And now that I owe the stone I am totally in love with my choice! Good luck! Go for Asha!

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This is the ring: Asha emerald cut with tapered baguette sides set in Palladium, 9×7 Krupp ring from the Betterthandiamond forums, lots of handshots and commentary about her purchase which she’s over the moon about. Sooooooo pretty


The hanshots will give you an idea of how it will look. Her hand size is 6.75 and it looks GORGEOUS, not ridiculous at all.

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Beautiful! Love the ring! I’m not a huge fan of the wedding band she picked for it, but thats JMO. I say go for it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hey, that looks pretty nice! I’ve heardt that Ashas shouldn’t cloud like regular CZ since they’re diamond coated.

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I have an Asha! 

I am in LOVE with it. We didn’t get it to ‘fool’ anyone, I just wanted an alternative to a diamond. Honestly, moissanite was an option for us, but it was just too expensive. I fell in love with Asha, and the way that they’re made. I think it’s pretty neat. 

And if you’re worried about people thinking it’s not a ‘real’ diamond, I have never ever ever been questioned on it. A lot of the women in my family have big rocks, and it took their husbands a long time to pay them off.

Get what you love, and if your Fiance can afford it, great!

Here’s a picture of my ring with my new band ๐Ÿ™‚

And alone..

I got mine on ashadiamonds.com…the whole ‘getting a setting first, then waiting to have it set’ thing just seemed like a hassle. You can get your setting in Palladium as an option, which is what we did. 

Do what makes you happy!!!


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good for you twinsugar, get what you want! whatever ring you want will be the perfect ring for you.

and diamonds are not necessarily forever. they can chip. mine has a chip in it, and it makes me wish I had a moissanite so I could easily replace it. but now I’m “stuck” with a chipped diamond.

remind your Fiance that a ring does not have to be a natural gemstone. choosing something else does not make it “fake”, it makes makes you economically sensible. maybe if you told him that you could put the money you save towards a house or car, that will change his mind!

as for moissanite having some unwanted color in it – I did hear some girls say that if you wanted to order a large moissanite, get it enhanced, which helps make it colorless. if you’re unsure, why not order one just to see if you like how it looks? I think you can return loose stones w/o having to pay a restocking fee. (you should clear that up with your salesman first). be sure you understand the return policy! maybe they even have some kind of maintenance program in case something happens.

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I have a 1 ct Asha (I also did my research on betterthandiamond.com). The setting is from Robbins Bros in Palladium. I love it!! It’s beautiful and WAYYYY less than a diamond would have been. I have to clean it every other day or so and it looks brand new ๐Ÿ™‚ Do what makes you happy!!


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Mommalita:  I don’t think this is true at all..sometimes people can’t afford it and work hard. When they get married they deserve to have the size they want and there is no one one the planet ghst said someone doesn’t love you unless it’s real. It’s 2015 And we have options now so people can have the ring, the car, the school for kids, and the family vacations. I’m a lucky one whose fiance was able to purchase a set from a divorcing friend but if he were to ask me I would def look into Moiss or CZ

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I don’t have any experience with Asha, however, they always look so beautiful! Get whatever you want, in however big you want it, and dont let anyone make you feel guilty about it. Rock that stone ๐Ÿ™‚

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Why not revive it?

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Have you considered buying the asha setting, upgrading to natural sidestones, and purchasing a loose diamond online from a reputable source?

Also…what if you picked a gemstone? There are some really beautiful stones out there.

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