Help with baby items galore! What do I need?

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We have a highchair that straps to a regular table chair and it saves a lot of space. Definitely not necessary to get a stand alone highchair if you’re going minimalist. 

My son loved his rocker most of all. Similar to a bouncer but converts to a toddler rocking chair which helps with minimalism. We did use a swing sometimes, but just a tiny portable one that my SIL bought for us. Every baby is so different though. We never used a rock n play but other moms I know swear by them. Honestly if you have friends and family who have baby stuff they’re not using I would just borrow a few different baby holders until you figure out what LO actually likes. Then your in-laws can buy you a chair highchair. 

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We have a 4 month old and were on a budget with a small apartment so we didn’t buy everything to start with. We don’t have a rocknplay and never intended on buying a swing but were given a used one (half broken but still swings) at 1 month and it has been great. I wouldn’t spend a lot on a swing but they really are useful even though they take up space. We don’t have a high chair yet either but are looking at some that you can attach to our dining chairs so we can save space.

Bouncer- we bought the Bright starts Toucan Tango bouncer and it’s great. It was cheap and she loved to be rocked as a newborn. Now she just happily sits in the bouncer and watches the animals move. It has a vibrate setting (good when she had wind) and plays music if you want. 

Ubbi diaper pail- this was a splurge item really but it is so useful and means we don’t have to take the trash out as often which is good when you live in an apartment in Minnesota winter and the bins are outside down the road. You can also use any bin liner with it, unlike other diaper pails so you save money in the long term on those.

Cloud island baby mobile- I thought these were unnecessary decor but my Mother-In-Law bought us one and it has been fantastic. We use the white noise setting at night (30 minute timer) and she laughs at the mobile on its regular setting in the day. This was actually the first thing to make her smile and laugh.

Microwave bottle sterilizer, boon grass, munchkin dishwasher rack- all super useful and things we ran out to Target to get about 3 weeks in after I was sick of hand washing and sterilizing tiny bottle and pump parts. We were undecided on things like bottle warmers and fancy sterilizers and we have never needed them. Pretty much everything with the munchkin brand name has been good for us so far.

Baby box (free from baby box university)- yeah its basically a cardboard box but for the first 2 months she lived in it. We would put that inside her crib at night because she hated the big open empty space of her crib and the box just felt a little cozier and snug. Its also portable so she napped in it next to me in the living room sometimes. 

Halo sleepsack- so good and we had an easy transition out of swaddling with it by just wrapping around her belly with her arms out.

Graco click connect car seat and stroller- Not the fanciest on the market but for the price I love these and have no complaints.

Clothes- just get a ton of vest onesies and sleepsuits because your baby will live in them. We had so many cute dresses and things and she hardly wears them. Also get a ton of bibs. We use a new bib for every feed and the more you have, the less washing you need to do. 


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I think a basic bouncy seat is a good investment, it’s nice to have somewhere to pop baby that isn’t the floor and I used one with all three of my children.

i honestly wouldn’t bother with a high chair until much closer to six months, I really like the Ikea Antelop (cheap, not huge, easy to clean and good quality) or you could check out the Phil & Ted’s Lobster which is a seat that clips on to the dining table (we have one and have had a lot of use out of it plus have taken it travelling).

i wouldn’t bother with a swing or Rock and Play and the only expensive stuff I’d invest in are a good stroller, good car seat, good crib and some sort of carrier like an Ergo / Tula / Manduca etc and a stretchy wrap or ring sling for when baby is tiny.

i found that six of any item of clothing was heaps (onesies / pants / singlets / sleepers) and three swaddles was heaps.

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The swing/rocknplay thing is one of those things that everyone will give you different advice on cause all babies are different in this regard. Everyone told me I MUST get a rocknplay, it waas their most used item…well homegirl here hates the damn thing and we only ever use it to set her in right after a bath (it’s stored in the bathroom). Meanwhile the swing has been a lifesaver for us…when she gets super fussy we set her in there on a high speed and usually it will calm her down. Rocknplay does nothing.

Sorry this isn’t very helpful lol. I’d say get the swing, but again…many people I know, their babies didn’t give a shit about the swing, so you just never know!

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It will really depend on the baby.  Mine never really cared for the swing (didn’t hate it, didnt love it), and was ok with the rock ‘n play.  I never had a bouncer, or a rocking chair and didnt miss it.  Once he was more stable, he really likes the jumparoo, and I started using the high chair to sit in him instead of a floor seater, or bumbo, or stuff like that at about 6 weeks once he had enough neck strength (he was kinda floppy still at first, but just strap him in and he was glad to be seated instead of laying donw all the time).

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Check out the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. My mum bought it for our son for Christmas, and we bought him the attachments we wanted (skipped the baby attachment).

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Baby items are SOOOO subjective and what one person loves, another person hates. You will get answers all over the map. So many people said not to bother with a nursery or worry about getting one decorated because “you won’t use it”. We used our nursery all.the.time. from day one. We did most diaper changes there, we rocked in the chair, read books, it’s where I did most of my pumping because I could keep him entertained. We also don’t cosleep so he sleeps in his crib in his room.

We loved the Rock N Play – we got the auto version with the app so we can control it from our phone. Our baby loved it and most I know love it…although it’s totally possible that some might hate it.

Mammaroo – I had friends who loved it and friends who hated it. We went with it because it did all the things instead of having a giant swing. Our baby went through stages of liking it, then not liking it, and liking it again. 

Ironically of all the baby contraptions we have, the $20 Fischer-Price Bouncer was a huge hit. No lie, my baby is almost 11 months and still lays in this thing in the morning when he has a bottle. He’s in the stage where he wants to hold it himself, but just sitting on the floor he drops it or can’t lean back enough to get all the milk. He happily sits in his chair and drinks his bottle while I pump every morning.I origionally bought it for him to have somewhere to sit when we’re at the beach or on the boat but it quickly became a must use item at home. It was nice to have a place to put him if I was in the kitchen cooking or just whatever:


We have one of your standard big Graco High Chairs. We actually bought it before having a baby because all our friends had kids an we regularly host dinner and we had a place for the littles to sit. It definitely takes up a ton of room and isn’t exactly that great to look at. I think depending on the kind of table you have you could easily do the kind that attaches to a chair.

Baby won’t use a high chair for a while so honestly I’d probably get a Bumbo with a tray and go that route first. You can easily find them second hand at baby consignment, open box on amazon, or facebook marketplace.

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Our kids mostly preferred the cheap fisher price bouncy seat to a swing, but every kid is different. We also used our rock n play a lot because our kids had reflux and needed to sleep at an angle. We have both a clip on high chair for travel and a full bore high chair for everyday use. We went with Inglisina- it’s a suuuuper affordable brand and I love our high chair (and it folds up really well if you want to store it when you’re not using it). We used it regularly for our son until he was around 2/2.5 and now use it at least 3xs/day with our daughter. But, agree with other pp- you won’t need either of those for a while- whereas the swing and bouncy seat you can basically start using almost immediately. Congratulations! 

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We live in just under 700 sqft (with 2 bedrooms) so I hear you on the space is an issue front. For the high chair, we got a Gussie and Guss one that attaches to our table – since it has a high back, you’re able to use it a lot sooner than the others that attach to tables. We only used it for a little bit as DS started to prefer sitting on our chairs/bench at the table around 12 months. For the bouncer question – you don’t need all three but babies are/can be very picky so I recommend waiting until your little one is here. DS hated every contraption (including our bassinets vibration function) except for the mamaroo so I’m really happy we waited. I bought and sold a lot of things used online to help with the space constraint. My biggest thing after we got settled was not increasing the stuff we had but selling it first and then buying the next stage item (this also works if you want to store the items instead of sell). 

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Co-sleeper, maya wrap, stick blender

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You don’t NEED them all, but it is really nice to have a lot of places to conveniently and safely put down your baby.  The rock n play folds really easily (we often put ours behind our couch- took almost no space).  It was great for naps and probably the fastest/ most convenient way of quickly putting down the baby.  My baby starting likely the swing at about a month old, and in the evenings it was literally the only thing that would calm her down- it was a life saver.  We had the fischer price take-along swing- also very compact and was just amazing.  The bouncer my baby enjoyed playing in their but would never fall asleep in one.  It is the smallest of the 3 and was convenient to put in the bathroom so I could take a shower, but I’ve used the rock n play for that purpose too.  If I had to get rid of one the bouncer would absolutely be my preference.  

The high chair isn’t necessary until they are strong sitters and eating solids- about 6 months.  We bought the graco tablefit high chair because it folds so flat and you can convert it into a booster chair.  In reality we use it so much that we absolutely never fold it- but I still recommend it.  Kids are SO messy and pull things off tables- it is way better to start off in a high chair than a booster.  We recently converted the chair to a booster because she figured out how to take off the table part (at 17 months and master at stuff like that) and I miss how easy the high chair was!  

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milkandcookies :  we didn’t have a rock n’ play or a bouncer but that swing was a life saver. But I have friends with children who were the opposite and needed a bouncer but hated swings. Basically you want to find the soothing thing YOUR kid likes and ditch the rest. I recommend finding ones you can borrow or buy second-hand (everything for babies is machine washable so it’s not gross) so you can do some trial and error. 

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I’d suggest a convertible high chair with a tray that has an adjustable height OR a good amount of space for their legs in general.  The one we have isn’t adjustable and seems very tight for our skinny son.  We don’t use it often enough to really care, but that’s what I’d be looking for if I were to replace it.

The bouncer/vibrating chair was a literal life saver and we used it as long as he could fit in there.  That’s where I’d put my son while I showered, while I did dishes, cooked or whenever I needed to keep him safe while my hands were busy.  We didn’t use a rock n play at all.  We were given a semi broken Fisher Price swing and it was great for a few months but not long.  I’d say it’s a good idea to have one but put it away/get rid of it as soon as you aren’t using it anymore because they’re bulky.  My friend loaned us her Mamaroo and my son HATED it.


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