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I don’t know if it will be too warm for you to do this, but my husband also wore a patterned button-down shirt and put a solid-ish colored sweater on top so it didn’t look too busy. We kind of wore the same colors as you (pink sweater for me, dark blue jeans for him). We dressed for a park setting, but there was a large lake in the background of several photos, and it looked fine.

Not being able to tell what the real color of your dress is (lighting looks funky on my computer), I will say that we went with green as our additional color. I think yellow will stand out from the water. And for something more tame, I think the colors of the rug on your floor also go with your outfits, though then your husband might get a bit lost next to your bright color if he’s wearing all neutrals.

You can also search for color schemes on Google. There are entire websites dedicated to them, and you might get some inspiration there. But I don’t think you need to worry too much because you guys don’t have to be matchy-matcy, and ultimately, I say stick with what makes you feel comfortable. If that means your dress, then great. Engagement photos are one time you want to look comfortable, both because you’re paying a lot for them, and you don’t want to look ill at ease with your fiancé. Our engagement photo session was our first professional photo session as well, and having had it in a public place, I can tell you that my stress levels were a bit high. I wouldn’t want to also be feeling uncomfortable in a dress that I got just to match my husband.

Finally, I’m not sure how the brick looks around your area; sometimes it’s bright, sometimes it looks more worn, and the color varies. I Googled images of “pink dress brick wall,” and some of them really aren’t a problem. You could also ask your photographer what he/she recommends you wear, and if you’re not super-concerned about maintaining total fidelity of the images, you could ask if he/she would be willing to process images to enhance contrast with your dress. The photographer could always position you guys so that you’re not directly in front of a brick wall as well. And I think you’re right to stay from less busy outfits. If his shirt has a similar pattern to the brick walls, make sure it’s a different scale; one poor guy wore a grid shirt that wasn’t the color of the wall, but the similar sizing made him blend in with it a bit.

Good luck. I’m sure your photos will turn out great. 🙂

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